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stats Email List Growth Trends Report [PDF]

Email is consistently one of the highest converting marketing channels available. But what strategies and tactics are marketers using to increase the number of those receiving their email? [...] [more] 
ascend2.com    Listbuilding, Study

tactics Bulletproof HTML Email Buttons - A New Line-height Based Approach

In this article I am going to put to the test the basic bulletproof button techniques, and also introduce a couple of new ideas I had during the testing process. Email buttons are hard to test, because passing visual tests like Litmus or Email on Acid are not enough. It is fundamental as well to click those buttons to confirm that they are bulletproof indeed. I have done that cumbersome work for you, and I share the results in short animations, so you have a reliable proof. [...] [more]
edmdesigner.com    Design

discussion A Curated Look at 134 Email Marketing Predictions

For the second year, we have collected and curated email marketing predictions. So what’s changed in 2017? Data analysis tops the chart and knocks automation out of the top 4. The top 4 categories for 2017 are data analysis, emails and ESPs, content and segmentation. This year data analysis includes artificial intelligence and bots with nearly half (15 of 33) of the category predictions dominated by AI and bots. The other big winners this year are email design and improved ESP platforms followed by [...] [more]
indiemark.com    Trend

discussion Email Design Trends for 2017 [GFX]

It’s that time of the year when every email users’ inbox is flooded with diverse offers and greetings. Some are plain text wishes and some are extravagant pieces of art, you are proud to have received. Taking a leaf out of the fresh set of emails gracing our inbox, Monks have come forth with the Email Design Trends that are set to revolutionize the email industry in 2017. [...] [more]
emailmonks.com    Gallery, Design, Trend

discussion Astro is an AI-powered email client with big dreams

If there’s one source of technological frustration at work, it’s email. Getting a job done often still relies on sending chains of messages back and forth to the extent that it would be nice to have an assistant to help deal with it all. That’s the idea behind Astro, a new app that applies artificial intelligence to email in an attempt to make life easier for its users. Its marquee feature is Astrobot, a chatbot powered by machine learning that’s designed to keep users abreast of what’s important in [...] [more]
pcworld.com    Intelligence, Social, Trend

tactics How to streamline your email testing process with Litmus

Testing and troubleshooting are critical steps for every marketer sending high-quality email campaigns. However, it’s also incredibly time consuming. 67% of email marketers spend more than one hour on testing and troubleshooting for each campaign they send, according to our State of Email Production research. Especially in busy email seasons, this can add up—and every minute you save testing your campaigns can make a big difference. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Test

discussion Sophie’s top email designs for February [GFX]

Stand out email campaigns from the past month. 1. Billetto. SL: 3 events for a good laugh. Chosen for: + The feedback module in this email is a great idea for future segmenting and making sure readers are receiving the rich content they are more likely to be interested in. + Clean minimal design. [...] [more]
emaildesignreview.com    Gallery, Design

discussion The 10 Best Examples of Awesome Email Newsletter Designs [GFX]

The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words goes well beyond the family album. Graphics play a key role in organizing content and in attracting the interest of viewers. When done properly, the very design of a newsletter can make the difference between garnering interest and increased business and having the material tossed in the recycle bin. [...] [more]
speedlancer.com    Gallery

discussion The Cons of E-mail Personalisation

Email personalisation is extremely popular, as it can personalise content easily and quickly, considering your subscribers have given you that information initially (e.g. first & last name). It’s important to consider the cons of e-mail personalisation, to ensure you don’t make these common mistakes in your e-mail campaigns. [...] [more]
medium.com    Customization

stats Email Attention Spans Increasing [Infographic]

Mobile phones, Twitter, texting, video games, and other digital era trappings have been blamed for shortening our attention spans to less than that of goldfish. You might be tempted to throw email in that bucket…but you’d be wrong. According to an analysis of billions of emails using Litmus Email Analytics… The average time spent reading an email increased by nearly 7% to 11.1 seconds between 2011 and 2016. Honestly, we were more than a little surprised by this. We expected to find that email [...] [more]
litmus.com    Mobile, Study, Trend

tactics Made You Click: Meet The AI Lurking In Your Inbox

Persado uses an algorithm to analyze a company's audience down to the individual level, paying attention to what you've clicked on from that brand—data that’s already collected by the company and anonymized before it reaches Persado—and what emotional phrases are most likely to catch your attention. Are you attracted to words that indicate exclusivity? Or do urgent messages tend to catch your eye? Persado takes all that data and uses another machine learning algorithm to generate messages that may [...] [more]
fastcodesign.com    Subjectline, Intelligence, Study, Tool

discussion Kundenmanagement: Der Dialog bestimmt, wohin die Reise geht [PDF]

Dialog mit Marken? „Alles Quatsch!“, schallte es vor kurzem wieder einmal aus den Reihen der klassischen Werber und Mediaplaner. Dabei ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen: Jeder Euro, der für dialognahe Kommunikation ausgegeben wird, zahlt mehr auf den Unternehmenswert ein als die Marke. Ein Grund mehr für Unternehmenslenker, in der digitalisierten Welt die Koordinaten ihrer Marketingstrategie neu aus zurichten. [...] [more] 
ddv.de    Marketing, Multichannel

tactics "The more tests, the better!" and other A/B testing myths, debunked

It’s 2017, and most marketers understand the importance of A/B testing. The strategy of applying the scientific method to marketing to prove whether an idea will have a positive impact on your bottom-line is no longer novel. But, while the practice of A/B testing has become more and more common, too many marketers still buy into pervasive A/B testing myths. #AlternativeFacts. [...] [more]
widerfunnel.com    Test

stats Find your baseline for better Holiday email analytics

Oh, how the time flies. We’re already into March of this young 2017, and as much as it pains me to say, it’s probably about time we begin thinking about Holiday 2017. But such is life, and if we have to do it, we might as well do it right. So how do we start to think about “doing it right” in Holiday 2017? Well, as an analytics guy, I might be biased, but I believe the data contains the answers. While there are obviously many more factors, which you can see in our 2016 Holiday Insights webinar, data [...] [more]
experian.com    Event, Study

discussion [Podcast #52] Interview with Amanda Litman [MP3]

(31:09) What steps did you take to keep your lists clean? The campaign had great reporting on list health and used Return Path. They created segmentation by engagement with yellow (hadn’t opened in 60 days), red (hadn’t opened in 120 days), and green. They also set up automatically triggered campaigns for re-engagement. (32:57) What other types of segmentation and personalization did you use? The number one way the campaign knew if you were going to donate today was if you donated yesterday. They [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Listhygiene, Marketing
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