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stats E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmarkstudie: Nur 22 % der untersuchten E-Mails mit Personalisierung [PDF]

Um aufzufallen und eine möglichst hohe Relevanz für Empfänger zu erzeugen, empfiehlt es sich, Betreffzeilen zu personalisieren. Im Test war dies allerdings nur bei 22 Prozent der untersuchten Mailings der Fall. Dabei liegt die durchschnittliche Öffnungsrate personalisierter Betreffzeilen im Branchendurchschnitt 22 Prozent höher als die nicht personalisierten Mailings. Im Reisesegment performen persönliche Betreffzeilen sogar um 47 Prozent besser. Hingegen zeigten Betreffzeilen mit Symbolen in keiner [...] [more] 
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tactics [Podcast #84] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]

In the 84th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville answers recent questions from the Litmus Community in a rapid fire format, including topics on recent changes to Gmail symbols, CSS targeting for Gmail, hiding content in Outlook, and more. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
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tactics Gmail iOS Replacing Copyright Symbols With Blue Emoji and How to Fix it

Gmail on iOS started replacing copyright, registered and trademark symbols with large blue emoji images. This article covers a few ways you can fix it.  [...] [more]
emailonacid.com    Design

tactics Rendering issue: Copy Right Symbols Blue in iOS Gmail App

The issue appears to be affecting ™ ® © in iOS Gmail and Inbox and Android inbox. It's replacing the text with a goomoji image. In the HTML I'm wrapping the © in a span and placing a U element next to it. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design

tactics Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns: Ensure Delivery & Opens

4. Avoid emoticons and symbols in the subject line. Emoticons are a popular medium to connect with consumers, but they don't belong in the subject line of your marketing emails. In fact, according to our numbers, using emoticons in the subject line could drop engagement by up to 5%. Moreover, symbols, such as "%," "#," and "!" increase the likelihood your message will be sent to the spam folder. 5. Less is more. In 2016, the most popular email subject lines were only seven words long. But don't be [...] [more]
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stats Emoji... or eNOji? What science says about subject lines [PDF]

While the emoji is by no means the only way the digital age has changed the way people write; it is certainly a powerful symbol to illustrate how modern linguistics have changed. Here in the marketing realm, where the language brands use can have a huge effect on revenue, such linguistic changes can have far-reaching and important ramifications. Understanding what these ramifications are, and how they impact the way consumers interact with brands, is essential. It is (or at least should be) a key [...] [more] 
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antispam CSA Summit 2017 Recap

After giving an overview of how the CSA has developed over recent years (e.g. from 9 certification criteria in 2004 to 9 pages outlining the certification criteria in 2017), Ivanov formally handed over to the new Director of the Certified Senders Alliance, Julia Janßen-Holldiek. In a touching scene, Julia thanked Ivo for his work and leadership over the last years and presented him with a compass to symbolize his new role in the background guiding the overall direction of the CSA. The CSA team, the [...] [more]
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discussion Valentine’s Day Emails: Design Tips We Love [GFX]

Sweeten up the subject line According to Email on Acid, Valentine’s Day email volume is second only to the Christmas holiday season. That means it’s time to put some extra TLC into a well-crafted subject line. High-performing V-Day subject lines have historically included gift and card ideas, personalized greetings, heart symbols, and the word “sweet.” Here are some fun ones from our inbox: [...] [more]
mailup.com    Event, Gallery

strategy 7 Tips to Nail Your Valentine’s Day Email Campaign

Experian Marketing Services found that the key features of the highest performing subject lines during V-Day were gift and card ‘ideas,’ personalized greetings, including a heart symbol and using the word ‘sweet.’ So, keep those ideas front of mind when you are looking to catch they eye of your reader. [...] [more]
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tactics The Ultimate Guide To Using Animated Emoticons In Your Emails

Recently, Matt Started using animated emoticons in his email subject lines: And, it turns out you guys just can’t get enough of them. Not only are they much more effective. But, Matt’s drowning in messages asking how you can use email icons for yourself. So, by popular demand, here’s the ultimate guide to using emoticons in your emails… [...] [more]
matthewwoodward.co.uk    Subjectline

tactics Symbolically Sinking – 10 Findings on Symbols in Subject Lines

wo years ago I wrote a blog post on the use of subject line symbols. At the time, I made the point that the approach was more effective when the use was intentional – using them to provide an indicator of content or message type, for example. There is clearly still a lot of interest in this topic. Screen sizes are getting smaller, and senders are being challenged to fit more information into less space. [...] [more]
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tactics Testing subject line symbols leads to increased open rates

When the marketing team at DaVita Kidney Care started taking notice of symbols popping up in the subject lines of their personal inboxes, they began questioning whether or not these symbols could be implemented in their own email program. Read on to find out how the team set out to integrate this new and off-beat tactic into their testing and how they discovered for themselves whether or not this strategy provided any results from their consumers. [...] [more]
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discussion Our favorite emails of Q1 2014 – just pick a winner!

We’ve written previously about using special characters in subject lines and we believe that it is the way you use symbols, not simply the fact that you use them, that determines their value. In this subject line, the symbols go beyond eye-catching decoration and form a valuable part of the message itself. [...] [more]
alchemyworx.com    Gallery, Design

tactics How and When to Use Symbols in Subject Lines

There is plenty - and varied - information available on using symbols in subject lines. Below Listrak Account Director Karen DiClemente shares some thoughts and best practices: When using symbols in subject lines, retailers are primarily trying to drive higher open rates. I encourage ALL clients to A/B test subject lines with and without symbols to see if the symbol actually made a significant impact on open rates. [...] [more]
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strategy Three Ways to Increase Your Revenue and Customer Base

re you using B2C email marketing to its fullest capacity? If you’re still doing batch-and-blast email – sending everyone in your database the same email – there’s a 3-finger sustainability symbolbetter way. As a matter of fact, here are three better ways: You can personalize your email messages, calling each and every subscriber by name. [...] [more]
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