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strategy How to Conduct Research for Customer Journey Mapping

When conducting research for customer-journey maps, use qualitative methods that allow direct interaction with or observation of users, such as interviews, field studies, and diary studies. [...] [more]
nngroup.com    Marketing

tactics Six case studies of machine-learning powered email marketing

Machine learning has changed the game for email marketers. Here are some case studies from brands and vendors using AI for email. [...] [more]
econsultancy.com    Customization, Intelligence, Study

discussion The Marketer Quarterly: Best in Email 2018 [PDF]

We present 23 winners. The following pages include great findings and case studies that showcase the results of working through a labyrinth of challenges. [...] [more]
themarketerquarterlymagazine.com    Gallery

discussion Round-up: The Future of Email

As you may already know, we have been running a series on ClickZ about the future of email marketing, featuring case studies, interviews, and insights into cutting-edge innovations taking place in the field. Here's a handy round-up of each article in the series. [...] [more]
clickz.com    Trend

discussion 3 major popup trends to follow in 2018

Popups are already the best way to collect email addresses. As Head of Customer Success at WisePops, an intelligent popup solution, I see customers convincing as many as 1 visitor out of 5 to subscribe to their newsletter with a simple email popup. Our average subscription rate is 5.9%. In other words, out of 10,000 visitors seeing a popup, our customers collect on average 590 emails. And if you don’t believe me, there are plenty of case studies on the matter which go in the same direction. 5.9% is [...] [more]
dotmailer.com    Listbuilding, Gallery, Mobile

discussion Is Email still relevant to Millennials?

At Benchmark Email, we are particularly interested in the importance of emails in the life of millennials as well as whether email marketing will continue to remain one of the marketing mix’s most efficient instruments for this group or whether they will turn away from this communication channel completely. Numerous studies suggest that millennials believe in email, checking their inboxes daily – perhaps several times – for new messages and giving the channel a high priority in communication with [...] [more]
smartinsights.com    Marketing, Segmentation

strategy The argument for sending your customers non-transactional emails in two case studies

we split 2,400 consumers into two groups. We asked half of the respondents to name a company they were satisfied with, and we asked the other 1,200 to name a company they were unsatisfied with. The most popular response from satisfied customers — 42% of respondents — said that their chosen company’s marketing puts their needs before its business goals. For unsatisfied customers, the most popular responses — 30% of respondents in each case — were that the company they were unsatisfied with [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Study

stats Global GfK survey: Willingness to share personal data in exchange for benefits or rewards [PDF]

GfK interviewed in summer 2016 more than 22,000 consumers (aged 15 and older) in 17 countries online. The data have been weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the online population age 15+ in each market. [...] [more]
gfk.com    Study

tactics How to Grow Your Email List with YouTube and Contests

In this case study with photographer Jared Polin, we looked at how he grew his email list to 200K+ subscribers with his YouTube and contest strategy. [...] [more]
aweber.com    Listbuilding, Video

tactics Shopping Cart Abandonment: 3 Disturbing Statistics + 7 Tips for Cart Reminder Emails

I had the pleasure of leading not one but two webinars last month on digital marketing for retailers. I always like to round out my case studies and practical advice with industry statistics. And what I learned about online cart abandonment surprised and disturbed me: 70 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned (Bronto/Magento Study, 2013) Shopping cart abandonment accounts for $18 billion in lost revenue each year (Surepayroll, 2014) There’s a simple solution. Cart reminder programs which [...] [more]
jeannejennings.com    Automation, Conversionrate

tactics Infographic: 21 Ways to Grow Your List [GFX]

Create landing pages: Landing pages are pages on your website used to convert visitors. In fact, 56% of clicks for websites are directed to landing pages, not the home page. Use-opt in content offers: 71% of marketers use content marketing to generate leads. That’s because it’s one of the most effective ways to convert your website visitors. Add opt-in forms to your site: Many case studies have shown that simply using opt-in forms, like the HelloBar, can increase conversion rates by 200-500%. [...] [more]
eliv8group.com    Listbuilding

discussion Double Opt-in: Then, Now and When It’s a Best Practice

One of my favorite classic case studies about double opt-in involves Cirque de Soleil. It originally appeared in MarketingSherpa’s 2009 Best Practices in Email Marketing Handbook. Thanks to very good messaging, 80% of the people who signed up for the Cirque de Soleil email list went on to confirm by clicking on the double opt-in message. Back then this was a remarkably high conversion rate – and it would still be that today. [...] [more]
jeannejennings.com    Listbuilding, Listhygiene, Deliverability

tactics Image budgets for email

The average image weight for those same fifty retail brands has increased 98% over four years, effectively doubling to come in at 510KB vs. 257KB. This brings it more inline with the typographic study. I purposely left animated Gifs out of the two retail studies. To even things out I saved out the first frame from the three Gifs in the typographic study, then re-calculated the numbers which reduced the average image weight from 568KB down to 528KB. [...] [more]
stylecampaign.com    Design, Study

strategy Top 8 case studies for your email program next year

For marketers, 2015 was about the customer journey. From testing to content designed for your customer's purchase path, it's clear that understanding and anticipating customers' needs is key to a productive email program. Read on for the best advice and wisdom your peers have gathered over the past year, and learn how to apply these tactics to your own email program in 2016. [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Study

 tactics [Webinar] How to Recover from Email Marketing Mistakes [VID]

“I’ve made an email marketing mistake. Now what?” That’s not a question you want to answer on the fly and in a panic with your boss standing at your desk. You want to have a plan in place so you know exactly how to respond in a variety of circumstances. We recently hosted a webinar where we shared a decision framework for how to recover as gracefully as possible from email marketing mistakes, and then put that framework into action, applying it to 10 real-life case studies of email marketing errors [...] [more]
litmus.com    Marketing
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