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discussion Interview: How 250ok is Helping Marketers Optimize Email Performance

Being responsible for email deliverability, authentication, and reputation management isn’t something I enjoy about running an email program. But it is one of the areas I’m most serious about. Whether you are running a mature email program or in the early stages of building one for a growing business, you should strongly consider a proactive strategy for monitoring your inboxing placement rates, sender reputation, and subscriber engagement analytics. [...] [more]
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discussion You have been breached? Now what...

Here’s some things not to do when you’re in a crisis and need to send breach notifications: Register a new domain name. New domains tend to have no brand recognition and no reputation; Move to a new IP. New IPs need to be warmed up before being used, and this can take 30 days or more to manage; [...] [more]
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discussion To be dedicated or not to be dedicated, that is the question.

Regional norms: Dedicated IPs are now standard in North America, where email marketers tend to have larger lists and utilize more aggressive mailing practices required for individual reputation management. However, in the European Union and APAC regions, a shared IP setup is more standard as lists are smaller and the permission for data collection is more stringent. [...] [more]
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law Report on the compliance of DMARC with the GDPR [PDF]

DMARC stands for: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. The background to DMARC.org is to increase security in email communication and to ensure greater protection of email recipients against phishing mails, as well as facilitating domain reputation. The goal is to filter out or inte rcept certain forms of criminal emails (phishing) early on so that they do not reach the users [...] [more] 
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strategy The 250ok Deliverability Guide [PDF]

At 250ok, we take email seriously. We know some people want to etch email’s headstone, but we aren’t down with that. We are, however, fully invested in the death of bad email. And believe us, it’s a jungle out there. Thus, we created... The 250ok Deliverability Guide. This can serve as your handbook to creating effective emails designed to keep your recipients safe and engaged, while your business reaps the benefits of a good sender reputation. You’ll find details on the finer, lesser-known mechanics [...] [more] 
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discussion Update der Deliverability Policy von 1&1

Anfang Mai hat die 1&1 Internet SE und die 1&1 Telecommunication SE eine deutliche Verschärfung der IP Rate Limits bei WEB.DE, GMX sowie mail.com angekündigt. In Zukunft wird es wesentlich schwieriger sein, über bislang ungenutzte IPs an Adressen der 1&1 zuzustellen, denn für IPs mit unbekannter Reputation werden nur wenige Mails pro Zeiteinheit entgegen genommen, während ein Großteil der Versendungen temporär geblockt wird (Softbounce). Diese Maßnahme ist vor allem gegen Spammer gerichtet, welche [...] [more]
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discussion Missing data at Google Postmaster Tools

Over the past week, there have been many reports of missing data for Google Postmaster Tools. From what we can see, it appears data on the Spam Rate, IP Reputation, Domain Reputation, Feedback Loop, and Delivery Errors tabs stopped updating for some folks around April 11th or 12th. According to information posted in an industry forum, Google is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Some progress has been made, but no official statement has been made (seems to be par for the course with Google [...] [more]
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discussion How long does it take to change reputation at Gmail?

Today I was chatting with a potential client who is in the middle of a frustrating warmup at Gmail. They’re doing absolutely the right things, it’s just taking longer than anyone wants. That’s kinda how it is with Gmail, while their algorithm can adapt quickly to changes. Sometimes, like when you’re warming up or trying [...] [more]
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discussion What does good IP Reputation get you?

IP Reputation Still Matters, a little. This doesn’t mean senders can, or should ignore IP reputation. Even Gmail looks at IP reputation a little bit. The place IP reputation is primarily used during the SMTP transaction. Good IP reputation does lead to less rate limiting. Senders with good IP reputation can send more mail faster than senders with poor reputation. But once the SMTP transaction is over, IP reputation is just a small factor in a large pool of variables. [...] [more]
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strategy Gmail Inbox Delivery and Domain Reputation: What You Need to Know Now [VID]

Listen to Senior Manager of Deliverability Chris Kolbenschlag detail everything you need to know to make it into your subscribers' Gmail inboxes. [...] [more]
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discussion CSA IP Reputation List

This past July, several of our clients began experiencing greater than normal spam folder placement at Microsoft Outlook. Our research shows that these issues coincide with Microsoft’s adoption of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) IP Reputation List. Initially this has mostly affected UK and Latin America Microsoft addresses, as CSA filtering was rolled out first in those regions. The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) Central Whitelist was created in 2003 by eco – Association of the Internet [...] [more]
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tactics Separate your promotional and transactional email sending

What does “separate” mean? It means making sure your bulk emails comes from one source and your transactional from another, separating IP addresses, domains and possibly email addresses as well. These days reputation is increasingly shifting to domains because IPs are increasingly disposable. It’s much easier for spammers to cycle through new IP addresses than it is to cycle through domains. It also means that with more of your reputation tied to your domain, you can take it with you if you need to [...] [more]
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discussion Google Postmaster bad IP reputation

There are widespread reports this morning (9/11/17) that Google postmaster tools is showing bad IP reputation for IPs starting on 9/9. This issue is affecting just about everyone. Looking through my client’s postmaster pages, I’m seeing red for IP reputation on every client. Even my clients with generally good reputation are seeing bad reputation since 9/9. [...] [more]
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discussion Email Best Practices for Building Reputation & Revenues

Email Marketing is an awesome part of the online marketing mix. Its costs are quite low compared to channels like print or SMS, and it is fast and well accepted by the customer. With service providers I can easily create a good looking newsletter, I can segment the market into target groups, and send the right content to the right person. And I can track and measure the success of my campaigns. [...] [more]
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discussion Email reputation — how meaningful is sender score?

I’m writing this article because recently I terminated a contract with a large, well known and trusted business because they benchmarked their performance on a metric I don’t think they understood?—?while disregarding more valuable, pertinent metrics aka— harder facts. I wanted to remind businesses how flawed and foolish that can be. [...] [more]
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