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discussion LashBack Presentation at Mailcon January 2019 [PDF]

On January 5th, LashBack CEO Peter Wilson delivered an impactful presentation entitled “Building Long-Term Value in Email” at Mailcon in Las Vegas. Utilizing LashBack’s unique insights on email, the presentation focused on how the market is evolving -- with a clear need to focus on the consumer experience and what actions deliver long-term business value. Prioritizing best practices does not mean focusing only on optimizing message components and inboxing, it has to consider the consumer experience. [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Ways to Leverage Your Transactional Emails [GFX]

Transactional emails have never been regarded as the cool or flashy sibling to promotional emails. But, because nearly all eCommerce businesses have transactional emails set up, it’s crucial that they’re optimized to convert. If you’re a marketer and not taking full advantage of your revenue-generating transactional email readers?—?you’re seriously missing out. And we mean seriously. Gone are the days when these emails can be set and forgotten. It’s time to start optimizing, boosting the creativity, [...] [more]
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discussion Interview: Optimizing Email Marketing Techniques by Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee

Ahead of the upcoming Martech Festival, we sat down with Parry Malm for an exclusive on his session at the event. Parry talks about the optimization of (email) open models, AI and its relevance to [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #76] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]

(13:51) What is the best method for image compression? Use JPEGs for photos and PNGs for more vector type images. Saving JPEGs at 80% or using PNG-8 instead of PNG-24 are quick ways to reduce file size. Image compression services like ImageOptim, Kraken, TinyPNG, or JPEGMini can come in handy for optimizing your images, too. You can also use the srcset attribute to progressively enhance to more retina images for retina environments. Compressive images—scaling an image up to 4x the desired display and [...] [more]
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strategy How Ladder Rebuilt Their Sales Email Automation from the Ground Up

As a growth marketing agency focused on driving ROI for businesses of all sizes and industries, Ladder is constantly focused on building and optimizing campaigns for our clients. From ads to emails, CRO to list building, and beyond, our focus is always on looking at performance and making data-driven decisions on what we do next. [...] [more]
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tactics Guide to Email on Android

Building emails that perform well on mobile is key for every email marketer—and with that, optimizing for Android environments has become more and more crucial. Google’s Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, followed by Apple’s iOS. [...] [more]
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tactics Always use pre-header for your email campaign

Inbox is the first thing a subscriber sees, it’s often the last thing considered when creating an email. Every inbox shows the sender name and subject line for an email. Many clients also display some preview text. And optimizing preview text is one of the most effective ways to increase open rates - sometimes up to 45%. [...] [more]
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tactics How triggered email sends helped grow ecommerce 53% for Zachys Wine & Liquor

A third-generation family-owned wine merchant, Zachys Wine & Liquor was mostly focused on offline retail. In 2013, the marketing team began optimizing online shopping for its customers, with triggered emails based on behavior as the cornerstone of that shift. See how they were able to grow ecommerce by 53% while starting three triggered campaigns to help reclaim cart, browse and search abandoners. [...] [more]
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tactics 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mobile Email

Email serves as an important tool to increase lead generation and nurture prospects through the funnel. But if you’re not optimizing for readers on mobile devices, you may be missing out. With mobile email opens consistently above 50%, it’s crucial for marketers and designers to master capturing the attention of their mobile readers. Your messages won’t come across, or worse—you could lose subscribers and credibility. When you don’t optimize for mobile, BlueHornet found that 80% of receivers will del [...] [more]
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discussion Using Machine Learning to Take the Pain out of Email Marketing

Email marketers have been the victims of their own success. Whether you’re in media, eCommerce, B2B services, or even brick-and-mortar retail, email has consistently proven itself to be one of the easiest, cheapest, and highest-performing channels available today. Add in powerful data analytics and marketing automation platforms, and the potential for optimizing performance and efficiency seems limitless. And it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. [...] [more]
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tactics Creating and Optimizing Animated GIFs for Email

An animated GIF is a great way to bring some life to your emails. To delight your readers with something fun. Because video in email is still not supported in every email client, animated GIFs are a great alternative if you want to add moving content to your emails. But as with many things in email, creating animated GIFs specifically for email requires a few thoughtful considerations. [...] [more]
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 discussion Less Is More: Optimizing Email Volume Part 1

In July 2015, we announced that we are reducing email volume so that members receive only the most relevant email communication from us. We have been making a concentrated effort in this direction, the results of which are hopefully already noticeable. In this post, we explain how we achieved those results. In part two of this series, we will discuss our new improved technique for email volume optimization which is being rolled out this year. [...] [more]
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tactics Preheader testing: +30% open rate for trade journal

“Most email clients nowadays pull and display a preview text in addition to the sender (or ‘from’) name and subject line of an email. While all inbox fields are fertile ground for optimization and A/B testing, optimizing preheader snippet is frequently a quick win,” Laz Tyrekidis, Digital Marketing and Audience Director, Metropolis Business Media, said. [...] [more]
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tactics Top 5 Tips for Optimizing your Email for Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016 is finally here! Of course it’s not foolproof like any of its predecessors. Have no fear, we’ve outlined a few coding challenges and workarounds that will make your life easier in 2016. 1. Outlook 2016 ignores margins & paddings applied to the tags. As a workaround wrap your image in a table then apply [...] [more]
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tactics Email Development Newsletter #3 - Workflow Optimization, Behind the Scenes, and Bugs!

I. Sneak peek: My Email Workflow. This past week I finally finished a blog article about optimizing my email development workflow with ruby. It will be published on Monday, 7 December. But as a subscriber, you can read it first. I wanted to align my web development and email development workflows as much as possible. For me, this meant leveraging CSS stylesheets (reusable components FTW) and ensuring they would not be mangled in the inlining process - where most bugs occur. [...] [more]
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