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law Valentinstag-Mailing ohne Sperrlisten-Ärger

Wie sieht es mit der juristischen Theorie aus? Die EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) ist nur auf personenbezogene Daten anzuwenden. E-Mail-Adressen zählen zu den personenbezogenen Daten, aber was ist mit gehashten E-Mail-Adressen? Kommt drauf an, sagt der Gesetzgeber, nämlich darauf, ob es sich bei der Verschlüsselung von (personenbezogenen) E-Mail-Adressen mittels Hash-Algorithmen um eine Pseudonymisierung oder eine Anonymisierung handelt. [...] [more]
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law Brexit & DSGVO - Tipps und Checkliste zur Vorbereitung auf den Ernstfall

Der Brexit wird für Sie dann relevant, wenn Sie personenbezogene Daten nach Großbritannien übermitteln oder dort ansässigen Unternehmen Zugriff auf diese Daten gewähren. Dies kommt vor allem in folgenden Fällen in Frage: Sie verfügen über eine Niederlassung in Großbritannien. Sie setzen Dienstleister aus Großbritannien zur Ausführung Ihrer Leistungen ein (z.B., Warenlieferanten). Sie nutzen in Großbritannien basierte Cloud/SaaS-Dienste (z.B., Onlinemarketing-Tools). [...] [more]
drschwenke.de    Law

stats Impact of Gmail Annotations

After some EOY testing with Gmail Promo images, have some data (and some warnings) to share. More details in a longer post at some point, and much more testing to be done.1) If using your web logs to count number of image views, you may be overestimating. Looking at user-agent data, we discovered that 7.6% of image loads were not the Google Image Proxy. Mostly seems to be systems loading all images to scan for content issues (K-12 schools, universities, law firms, etc). List composition would cause [...] [more]
twitter.com    Marketing, Study

social How to add a newsletter sign-up to your Facebook page

When it comes to email marketing and social media, these two mediums work better when you bring them together. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. When they’re alone, they’re nice to have. But when you bring them together, they create a classic sandwich that everyone enjoys. Well, in this case, an unstoppable marketing strategy. There are many ways to integrate email marketing and social media to increase your reach and customer engagement. Adding a newsletters sign-up form to your Facebook page is a [...] [more]
myemma.com    Listbuilding, Social

 discussion The Year in Email 2018

The Black Friday emails are deleted, marketers’ email lists are checked twice, we pretty much know which senders have been naughty or nice. Another year in email is coming to a close, and boy, what a ride. While most thought leaders are busy making predictions about 2019, we like to learn from the past to [...] [more]
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tactics Get started: How to annotate your promotional email

Email annotations bring your promotions to life with images, deals, expiration dates and more—similar to other email markup. Annotations can be added as JSON-LD in a script tag within the head of HTML of your email. To learn more, review the Email Markup Getting Started guide. For a list of the properties you can include in an email markup, see the Promotions Tab Reference. [...] [more]
google.com    Design

discussion To be dedicated or not to be dedicated, that is the question.

Regional norms: Dedicated IPs are now standard in North America, where email marketers tend to have larger lists and utilize more aggressive mailing practices required for individual reputation management. However, in the European Union and APAC regions, a shared IP setup is more standard as lists are smaller and the permission for data collection is more stringent. [...] [more]
250ok.com    Deliverability

stats 2018 State of Email Analytics: The Metrics Brands Measure and the Impact of Third-Party Analytics [PDF]

Brands use analytics to listen to what their subscribers and inbox providers are telling them. Without analytics, brands are deaf to both their cheers of happiness and their shouts of frustration. Based on our State of Email Survey of 3,000 marketers, our first-ever State of Email Analytics report takes a detailed look at the email metrics brands measure, the analytics tools they use, and the impact of the two of those on program performance. [...] [more] 
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discussion Cartoon: Customer Satisfaction Survey Fatigue

I’m pretty sure if I sneeze near a bank today I’ll soon get a text message asking me to rate the bank for sneezeworthyness; or if I take money from an ATM, I’l soon receive an email asking me how my ATM experience was. We are near constantly being asked how the coffee was, what the checkout was like, how well the comb met our satisfaction… “Too many marketers are asking for data that’s easy to measure and KPIs that are simple to track, rather than really listening to customers and understanding their [...] [more]
marketoonist.com    Marketing

discussion Definitive Guide to Email Deliverability

Understand the inner world of email deliverability and hit the inbox. Understand spam, blacklists, bounce rate, email authentication ( DKIM / SPF ) etc. [...] [more]
sendx.io    Deliverability

stats Top-1.000-Onlineshops: Mehr Marktplatzaktivität - EHI Retail Institute

Die Studie basiert auf einer Analyse der 1.000 größten Onlineshops, die das Kölner EHI Retail Institute gemeinsam mit dem Hamburger Statistikunternehmen Statista im Sommer/Herbst 2018 nun schon zum zehnten Mal durchgeführt hat. Die Studie listet die Onlineshops anhand der erwirtschafteten E-Commerce-Umsätze im Jahr 2017. [...] [more]
ehi.org    Study

tactics 10 Great Examples of GDPR Emails [GFX]

In the Spring, 2018, only some email marketers could escape the global panic for the GDPR coming into effect. Many brands were afraid this set of regulations would kill their contact base and in the end, they did lose the essential part of their mailing lists. According to the Litmus’s poll: 24% of the brands lost more than a quarter (25%) of their subscribers; 16% of the brands lost 10-25%; only 19% of the brands claim that the GDPR did not have any effect on their contact base. [...] [more]
stripo.email    Gallery, Law

discussion Warum Personalisierung nicht dem Kunden dient

Wie gut funktioniert Personalisierung heute schon aus Kundensicht? Jens Scholz, CEO des Personalisierungsspezialisten Prudsys, sagt: Auf einer Skala von null bis zehn stehen die guten Shops bei fünf bis sechs, der Durchschnitt eher bei drei bis vier. Er erklärt das Warum. [...] [more]
internetworld.de    Customization, Intelligence

stats Industry Spotlight: Email Marketing at Nonprofits

Based on a survey of 240+ nonprofits, we examine a range of email marketing issues, including list size, workflows, automation, deliverability, and more. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Study

tactics How to Use Gmail Actions in Your Email Program

What are Gmail actions? We’ve all seen them in our inboxes–those little grey buttons on the right side of email subject lines that provide a direct route to that email’s call to action without having to open the actual email. We see call outs like, “View order” or “Track package.” Gmail actions enable recipients to interact with your product or service from right within the inbox and without opening the email if they don’t need to (fewer steps means less friction). Gmail actions are a small advanceme [...] [more]
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