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discussion Yahoo's Interested In You: Email Scanning Draws New Fire

Oath’s practice of scanning emails to feed advertising received new attention on Tuesday with the publication of a story in The Wall Street Journal. The Journal reports that Yahoo is now “actively pitching advertisers on its ability to plumb Yahoo Mail inboxes for valuable information,” despite the fact that Silicon Valley largely frowns on this activity. [...] [more]
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stats The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2018 [PDF]

Email marketing: the old salt of your digital toolkit, and still the most cost-effective promotional channel. But email could do so much more than hock product. For this, our ninth Forrester Wave™ on email marketing service providers (our first Wave of this vendor category was in 2002), we wanted to see if email marketing vendors were pressing marketers to treat email as more than just another advertising vehicle. Answer? Vendors have bettered the basics but still treat email as the newsletter and [...] [more] 
en25.com    ESP, Study

discussion How fashion brand Thread is delivering hyper-personalized emails at scale

Where will email be in 5 or 10 years? “I’m not sure. It’s had a resurgence in recent years – I think in part because it’s gone from being very generic to feeling very personal (if you can do it properly). Other channels like social have become so swamped with advertising and marketing, as a user you can feel like you’re just being blasted at. “Whereas a channel like email – if you can get through the noise – you can create something that someone feels engaged with. What we’re trying to do is to [...] [more]
clickz.com    Customization, Intelligence, Marketing

discussion Amazon audience match will make you a stronger marketer

Amazon is using CRM data and audience matching to help brands market to customers and potential customers with smarter digital advertising. [...] [more]
adestra.com    Multichannel

stats MediaRadar Q1 Media Spending Report: Email Spending Grows [PDF]

The ad world is buzzing about the Q1 media spending report released yesterday by MediaRadar. Email rose by 28%. “Despite crowded inboxes and the rise of push messaging and social media, email advertising is still one of the best ways to reach a targeted opt-in audience," said Todd Krizelman, CEO of MediaRadar, in an email..... "Consumers leverage email newsletters toreceive a quick snapshot of the subject matter. An example of this would be Quartz's daily brief. The metrics for email marketing are a [...] [more]
mediaradar.com    Study, Trend

social The Zapier Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

With more than a quarter of the world's population as users, Facebook has one of the largest online audiences in the world—and an advertising platform to match. Facebook's ad platform lets advertisers integrate hyper-targeted ads into users' daily news feed experience. Facebook Lead Ads, launched in late 2015, takes it a step further. While the initial ad looks like any other ad, it is combined with a form that's pre-filled with information the user has shared with Facebook, allowing a business [...] [more]
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stats The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising January 2017 [PDF]

Data no longer plays an ancillary role in how businesses practice marketing. Today’s launch of GDMA and Winterberry’s Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising attests to how companies around the globe now leverage data to engage consumers more than ever before. The third edition of the report surveyed more than 3,000 marketers in 18 global markets to see how they are using data in their marketing efforts. [...] [more] 
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discussion Email Marketing – Emerging Medium of 2017

A dozen years ago, when working in a large B2B enterprise I made a pretty momentous move – I shifted across from a general marketing role to my first fully digital marketing role. This seemed like a big deal back then – a statement of career intent, an opportunity to position myself as some sort of marketing pioneer. I was tasked with assembling a new team from scratch, building processes, investing in marketing capabilities like search advertising, content and email marketing – capabilities that [...] [more]
gartner.com    Marketing, Trend

discussion Yahoo Mail Ads: new native ad experience on Yahoo Mail

Now, the ad at the top of each user's inbox can open like an email, and be read, saved, clicked or forwarded, with reporting available on each type of interaction. Thanks to valuable top placement in each user’s message list, mail ads are highly visible and drive action. Because all Yahoo Mail users are logged-in, advertisers can deliver their message to the audience that matters most—with targeting based on age, gender and interest, or custom audiences, such as the advertiser’s own list of email [...] [more]
yahoo.com    Marketing

discussion Unboxing eDataSource: The Tool that Started it All

Last week I had a rare experience of a lifetime: seeing the evolution of an idea I had in my garage 13 years ago fully transformed into a powerful marketing tool used around the world. And for me it was an incredibly humbling experience. Let me explain: In 2003, one of the leading Advertising Agencies asked for my help in finding a vendor that provided competitive intelligence tool for email. What I discovered was, back then, there were no vendors who were monitoring competitive email campaigns. In [...] [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    Frequency, Intelligence, Tool, Sendtime

tactics The emojis consumer perception in the online advertising [PDF]

The results of the survey show that women from 15-25 years old are the most positive receptive group regarding brands using emojis. In addition, using emojis is a good way to improve the brand image but companies have to adapt the strategy depending on the target. Most of the respondents have a positive image about emojis but it doesn’t mean that it influences their willingness to consume a specific brand rather than another. [...] [more] 
diva-portal.org    Subjectline, Study

social Use Lytics To Make Your Facebook Ads up to 40% More Efficient

How many of you are running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook? Did you know that you can use Lytics to boost your return on investment? Facebook offers a wide variety of audience targeting options. Yet most advertisers we work with have been spending their money in the following priorities with varying degrees of performance: [...] [more]
getlytics.com    Multichannel, Social, Study

 discussion Retargeting: Browsing your website does not mean I want your spam

I recently fell down a deep dark hole on the internet. It began by researching a part for my central air conditioning but ended up with me stumbling upon a terrible development in modern advertising: spam driven by my browsing habits. If that sounds like a privacy invading hellscape you’d like to avoid, read on, dear reader. [...] [more]
medium.com    Listbuilding, Automation, Segmentation

law The legal situation for email marketing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland [PDF]

Increasingly, the legal experts of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) are asked at exhibitions and email marketing events, most recen tly at the DMX Austria 2016 in Vienna, how the legal conditions differ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In principle, without written consent it is not allowed to send advertising emails. Nevertheless, there are some differences which must be followed with regard to the concrete declaration of consent and existing exce ptions in the single countries. [...] [more] 
certified-senders.eu    Law

strategy Infografik zu Cross Channel: E-Mail + Display = Conversion [PDF]

Display-Advertising steht derzeit massiv unter Druck: Schlechte Klickraten, Bannerblindheit und jetzt auch noch der verstärkte Einsatz von Adblockern – der Marketing-Kanal wird zunehmend in Frage gestellt. Ganz anders läuft es für E-Mail-Marketing: Überall wird E-Mail-Marketing als die erfolgreichste Form des Online- Marketings gepriesen und alle Beteiligten vom Empfänger bis zum Marketer sind offenbar sehr zufrieden. Was passiert, wenn beide Kanäle im Sinne von Cross-Channel kombiniert werden, [...] [more] 
reachad.de    Multichannel, Study
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