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tactics Dark Mode for Email: How Should Marketers Adapt?

Dark mode is a major trend in user interface experiences across a wide range of apps, including email clients. As support for dark mode continues to grow, the question that our clients are asking us is: Should my company change its designs and code to be compatible for dark mode for email and, if so, exactly what changes should we make? [...] [more]
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law Datenschutzverstoß durch fehlendes Double-Opt-in?

Seit Jahren wird allseits das Double-Opt-in-Verfahren empfohlen, wenn es um die Verifizierung von E-Mail-Adressen geht. Der Absender trägt im Streitfall die Beweislast dafür, dass eine Einwilligung des Empfängers vorliegt. In vielen Fällen gelingt das nur mit einem Double-Opt-in-Verfahren. Eine Entscheidung der Datenschutzbehörde Österreichs zeigt, dass es dabei nicht nur um Feinheiten geht. Fehlt ein DOI, soll es sich dabei sogar um eine Datenschutzverletzung handeln. Potenziell hohe Bußgelder [...] [more]
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law Double-Opt-In verpflichtend nach Art. 32 DSGVO („technische & organisatorischen Maßnahmen“)

Die österreichische Aufsichtsbehörde sieht im fehlenden Double-Opt-In bei der Anmeldung auf einer Plattform ein Verstoß gegen Art. 32 DSGVO. [...] [more]
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law ICO: Direct marketing code of practice (draft) [PDF]

This is a statutory code of practice prepared under section 122 of the Data Protection Act 2018. It provides practical guidance for thoseconducting direct marketing or operating within the broader directmarketing ecosystem. It explains the law and provides good practicerecommendations. Following the code along with other ICO guidance will help you to comply with the GDPR and PECR. [...] [more] 
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stats Email Geeks Salary Survey & Open Data

How does your pay stack up? We at the Email Geeks Slack community want you to know if you're being paid fairly and give you the knowledge you need to do something about it if you're not. Fill out the form then find similar responses in the spreadsheet to see how you compare. If you're comfortable, please share the following link with colleagues, friends, and social media to help us increase submissions to improve the data. [...] [more]
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discussion 6 Tips on How to Use an Email Autoresponder (Plus Examples) [GFX]

What’s an email autoresponder and how can it improve your digital marketing strategy? Here are six excellent ways to use automation in your email campaigns. [...] [more]
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tactics The Best Order Confirmation Emails Have Arrived [GFX]

Transactional emails are the revenue powerhouse of your email marketing program. Our 2019 State of Email research uncovered that a third of companies attribute 25% of their email revenue to transactional and triggered emails. One of the most important series of transactional emails you’ll send are around transactions themselves. Nobody wants to submit an order online only to be met with radio silence or the bare minimum communication at best. Order, shipping, and delivery confirmation emails allow [...] [more]
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discussion Email open rates are actually up to three times lower than reported.

Verizon Media found in their research mail clients using IMAP to fetch emails that are plugged into a charger and connected to Wi-Fi aggressively prefetch all content in an email, prompting nearly all open pixels to report as “opened.” Those emails could truly be deleted by the user without being opened, but since the pixel was prefetched (not even rendered, yet still considered “open”), your data tells you otherwise. [...] [more]
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stats Research: Do Bounces Reengage over Time? It depends.

Given all of the interest in how senders should react to bounces, two of our data-minded experts set out to find the answers. Covering a data set of nearly 20 billion attempted deliveries, we analyzed the likelihood that a recipient would re-engage with a marketing brand after a bounce was registered to that address. For this analysis, we disregarded transactional messages since those may not have been in the same vein of communication (e.g. password resets versus marketing messages). [...] [more]
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law Gmail ist kein Telekommunikationsdienst

Das OVG Münster hat entschieden, dass der E-Mail-Dienst Gmail kein Telekommunikationsdienst ist. Dem Verfahren liegt ein bereits seit mehreren Jahren geführter Rechtsstreit zwischen der für die Aufsicht über den Telekommunikationsmarkt in Deutschland zuständigen Bundesnetzagentur mit Sitz in Bonn und dem US-amerikanischen Unternehmen Google zugrunde. Die Behörde ist der Ansicht, dass der von Google bzw. dessen irischer Tochtergesellschaft betriebene E-Mail-Dienst ein Telekommunikationsdienst im Sinne [...] [more]
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stats E-Mail-Marketing Benchmarks 2020 [PDF]

95 Prozent der 5000 Top-Unternehmen im deutschsprachigen Raum betreiben aktiv E-Mail-Marketing. Jedoch nutzen nur die wenigsten dieser Unternehmen ihr volles Potenzial auch wirklich aus. Das ergab die bisher größte Benchmarkstudie der Unternehmensberatung absolit. 5017 Unternehmen aus 177 Sektoren wurden auf bis zu 150 Kriterien untersucht. [more] 
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social Drive Last Minute Email List Subscribes With Instagram

Grow your email list with Instagram! Check out our 3 tactics you can use to build your email marketing list through IG. (...) Before your sale/event starts, announce it by using Instagram Stories and/or a post. Then, promise early access to the pre-sale, or an exclusive gift to any Instagram followers signed up to your email list. If you have 10k+ followers, your Instagram Stories should have an easy swipe-up function so that your followers can complete the action and sign up for your [...] [more]
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discussion Evergage Has Joined the Salesforce Family

I’m excited to announce that today Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has completed its acquisition of Evergage. My co-founder Greg and I couldn’t be prouder. This is a big milestone for all of our stakeholders: our employees, customers, partners and investors. Evergage’s mission has always been to personalize the world, and we’ve been doing that one client at a time for nearly ten years. Now we enable hundreds of leading companies – including Autodesk, Carhartt, CenterState Bank, Citrix [...] [more]
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tactics The A/B Testing Paradox

In marketing, we frequently use A/B testing when we have a hypothesis we want to prove, but it's not always the right tool for the job. Most of the time, A/B testing is worthless. The time spent designing, running, analyzing, and taking action on an A/B test will usually outweigh the value of picking the more desirable option. So what can you do? [...] [more]
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law DS-GVO Evaluierung 2020: DDV fordert Abbau von Innovationshindernissen und Bürokratie [PDF]

Mit Blick auf den Bereich des Dialogmarketings schlägt der DDV vor, die folgenden Aspekte in die Evaluierung einzubeziehen, um Innovationshindernisse und überflüssige Bürokratie in der DS-GVO abzubauen: 1. Unverhältnismäßigen Aufwand beseitigen [...] [more]
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