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discussion Introducing Reminders and Unsubscribe features in Yahoo Mail

Implemented as an easy-to-find button when opening a message, the Unsubscribe feature lets users easily stop receiving emails without ever having to leave their Yahoo Mail inboxes. An option to unsubscribe from an email sender appears in each email. And in case users erroneously clicked the Unsubscribe button, they can reverse the unsubscribe action, up to three seconds after the initial click. Our Unsubscribe feature helps keep inboxes clean and filled only with relevant content, making the entire [...] [more]
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law Widerruf und Datenlöschung gemäß DSGVO

Der Wegfall der Rechtsgrundlage zur Zusendung von E-Mail-Werbung führt auch dann zur Frage der Löschung, wenn die betroffene Person nicht ausdrücklich die Löschung verlangt. Denn wenn Daten zu einem Zweck verarbeitet werden und sich dieser Zweck erledigt oder die Rechtsgrundlage zur Verarbeitung für diesen Zweck nicht mehr gegeben ist, dann sind die entsprechenden Daten zu löschen . Werden alle Daten gelöscht, dann kann später weder geprüft werden, ob jemals E-Mail-Werbung zugesendet wurde, noch die [...] [more]
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law E-Mail-Marketing und die DSGVO – Orientierungshilfe der Aufsichtsbehörden

Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung hat in den letzten Monaten für viel Wirbel gesorgt, auch unter E-Mail-Marketern. Dabei sind die tatsächlichen Auswirkungen der DSGVO geringer, als vielfach kolportiert. Die deutsche Datenschutzkonferenz (DSK), der Zusammenschluss der deutschen Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörden, hat nun eine neue Orientierungshilfe herausgeben, mit man sich als Online-Marketing-Experte befassen sollte. Vorweg ist wichtig zu wissen, dass die Orientierungshilfen der DSK eine Behördenmeinung [...] [more]
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antispam SpamAssassin is back

The SpamAssassin 3.4.2 release was the first from that project in well over three years. At the 2018 Open Source Summit Europe, Giovanni Bechis talked about that release and those that will be coming in the near future. It would seem that, after an extended period of quiet, the SpamAssassin project is back and has rededicated itself to the task of keeping junk out of our inboxes. [more]
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antispam Hacking Gmail’s UX with "From" Fields – Another Phishing Vector

Tricksy From Field. As you might see in the above screenshot there are two emails in the Sent folder despite them being addressed to and received by account holder. We double checked the email headers to see if what we saw in the displayed From/To fields was correct, and as you can see in the screenshots the “From” field has a weird structure: [...] [more]
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law Unterliegen Einwilligungserklärungen einem Verfallsdatum?

Die DSGVO enthält keine spezielle Regelung hinsichtlich der Gültigkeit einer eingeholten Einwilligung in zeitlicher Hinsicht. Die Regelung zum Widerruf der Einwilligung in Art. 7 Abs.3 DSGVO und die Normierung des Zweckbindungsgrundsatzes wurden vom Gesetzgeber vermutlich als ausreichend erachtet, um das Verfallsdatum von Einwilligungen im Einzelfall zu bestimmen. Im Falle eines wirksam erklärten Widerrufs lässt sich die Gültigkeitsdauer der Einwilligung klar bestimmen. Was aber gilt, wenn eine [...] [more]
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tactics E-Mail: Die 5 häufigsten Fehler bei der Kennzahlen-Interpretation

Einer der riesigen Vorteile von E-Mail-Marketing ist die Verfügbarkeit einer Vielzahl von spannenden Kennzahlen. Erst diese Kennzahlen machen es möglich, die Newsletter einer Erfolgskontrolle zu unterziehen und eine Verbesserung Ihrer eMailings zu erreichen. Denn was man nicht messen kann, kann man auch nicht optimieren. Doch bei der Interpretation der Kennzahlen werden immer wieder Fehler gemacht. Die häufigsten Irrtümer haben wir hier für Sie zusammengefasst – damit Sie es richtig machen! [...] [more]
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tactics AR Quick Look in HTML email

iOS 12 has a new feature called AR Quick Look that allows you to preview 3D models in the real world. Prior to this if you wanted to view augmented reality (?AR?) you’d need to install an app. During WWDC 2018, Apple talked about how AR content could be natively previewed and shared across a number of apps including Safari and Mail. Excited by the prospect of integrating AR with email we ran some tests. [...] [more]
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tactics The importance of real-time data for transactional email

Transactional emails are part of every B2C marketer's strategy, and API calls are key to their execution. Real-time data enhances their effectiveness. [...] [more]
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tactics Profit-Maximizing A/B Tests [PDF]

arketers often use A/B testing as a tactical tool to compare marketing treatments in a test stage and then deploy the better-performing treatment to the remainder of the consumer population. While these tests have traditionally been analyzed using hypothesis testing, we re-frame such tactical tests as an explicit trade-off between the opportunity cost of the test (where some customers receive a sub-optimal treatment) and the potential losses associated with deploying a sub-optimal treatment to the [...] [more] 
arxiv.org    Intelligence, Test

discussion Election Day Emails: Which Brands Are Getting Out the Vote? [GFX]

In these politically charged times, many brands are asking themselves how to use their voice. For the 2018 midterm election, all kinds of companies and organizations spoke up about Election Day, encouraging readers to vote in their own unique, on-brand way. Scroll down for some serious inspiration: [...] [more]
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law A CASL compliance update announced

Today, November 5, 2018, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released a new round of guidance documentation for businesses sending Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) to Canadian subscribers. This document (CRTC 2018-415) deals exclusively with Section 9 of the legislation, a part of the law mostly forgotten by businesses until the recent enforcement taken in July 2018 against Datablocks and Sunlight Media, who allegedly knowingly allowed malware to be shared [...] [more]
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social Agencies must now confirm client relationships before enabling Facebook Pixel and event sets

Facebook is updating its policies around who can enable its Pixel and event sets, now requiring agencies to confirm their relationship with clients before leveraging either ad-targeting tool for client campaigns. Why marketers should care? Facebook’s Pixel and offline event sets allow marketers to track activity outside of Facebook and then use that data to target ads to users on the platform. Often, it’s a brand’s ad agency or marketing partner that enables a Facebook Pixel or event sets to optimize [...] [more]
marketingland.com    Segmentation, Social

 tactics Understanding CSS Animations in Email: Transitions and Keyframe Animations

CSS animations are animations that are built using code—specifically HTML and CSS. Using a handful of CSS properties, email marketers can manipulate the HTML of their campaigns and create a similar sense of motion as when using animated GIFs. Perhaps more importantly, they can create more interactive and engaging campaigns, too. In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using CSS animations in email, as well as the code that powers CSS animations. [...] [more]
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tactics Full Page Intro Animations in Email

This is a simple technique to show a brief animation of an object or text against a blank page and having the rest of the email “fade in” after the animation ends. This is a follow on of a previous example with fade in text animation. I got the inspiration from Apple’s MacBook website featuring a Macbook appearing over a blank page. This technique is supported by the email clients that support CSS animation – namely the iOS email clients (iPhone, iPad), Apple Mail and Samsung Mail. For other clients, [...] [more]
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