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discussion [Podcast #82] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]

(0:53) Does Outlook iOS use Microsoft Word as a rendering engine? No, in contrast to their Windows desktop counterparts, the Outlook apps (both iOS and Android) don’t use Microsoft Word for rendering but are powered by a WebKit-based rendering engine. That’s why Outlook conditional comments or VML that are often used to target Outlook on desktop aren’t supported on the mobile apps. (2:25) iPhone 7 on iOS 11 not responsive: If you experience any scaling issues on iOS 10 or above, simply include [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #80] POP/IMAP Accounts Come to Gmail iOS [MP3]

In the 80th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez talk about POP/IMAP accounts coming to Gmail iOS, @supports functionality in email, a new email mentorship program, and more. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #79] Microsoft Giving Up On Windows 10 Mobile [MP3]

In the 79th episode of the #EmailDesignPodcast, we discuss dynamic content via web fonts, Microsoft giving up on Windows 10 Mobile, and more. (0:31) Background images in the Samsung email app: Be sure to only use single quotes (‘image.jpg’) instead of double quotes (“image.jpg”) in your code for background image support in the Samsung app. (2:00) Inbox by Gmail starting to support HTML5 tags: Inbox by Gmail doesn’t support all of HTML5, but it looks like support for basic tags like main, nav, and [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #76] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]

(13:51) What is the best method for image compression? Use JPEGs for photos and PNGs for more vector type images. Saving JPEGs at 80% or using PNG-8 instead of PNG-24 are quick ways to reduce file size. Image compression services like ImageOptim, Kraken, TinyPNG, or JPEGMini can come in handy for optimizing your images, too. You can also use the srcset attribute to progressively enhance to more retina images for retina environments. Compressive images—scaling an image up to 4x the desired display and [...] [more]
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 tactics [Podcast #74] Litmus Community Rapid Fire Q&A [MP3]

Getting images in Outlook to respect their container’s size? Swapping an animated GIF with an alternate static image for all Outlook users on PC? Can you wrap anchor tags around entire tables? Media query support on Android – Gmail App – Exchange account? Are media queries supported on Android 6? [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #69] Should We Stop Inlining CSS or Using Tables? [MP3]

Email Client Market Share: See which email clients are the most popular and get a snapshot of industry trends with our free tool. Why Litmus didn’t inline CSS for its first newsletter of 2017: Learn why we chose not to inline our CSS, and why it might be a good idea for you, too. Using CSS Grid for Litmus newsletter: Get an overview of how to use a CSS grid in an email using one of our newsletters as a case study. [...] [more]
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strategy [Podcast #67] Transparency, @supports, and Video in Email [MP3]

In the 67th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez answer recent questions from the Litmus Community in a rapid fire format, including topics on implementing transparency in email, using the @supports query, embedding HTML5 video, and more. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #65] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]

In the 65th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez answer recent questions from the Litmus Community in a rapid fire format, including topics on Windows 10 Mail auto-linking, layouts breaking in Outlook.com, ideal email layout width size, and more. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
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discussion The 6 Stages of The Subscriber Lifecycle & Email Virality [MP3]

“Customer Lifecycle” is a phrase that’s ubiquitous in marketing. The Customer Lifecycle describes the steps a customer goes through from Consideration to Purchase to Loyalty. But when you think specifically about email marketing, have you ever heard about the term, “Subscriber Lifecycle?” In this episode, Chad White, author of the book, “Email Marketing Rules” and Research Director at Litmus, details the 6 stages of the Subscriber Lifecycle, the differences between social and email virality and what [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #64] The Future of Thunderbird Email Development [MP3]

(6:14) Microsoft introduces new design system Fluent: The new design system incorporates a redesign of Windows 10 email and provides a glimpse of what email will look like in Windows virtual reality. (10:36) Outlook.com and Office 365 launches Actionable Messages: Approved developers can now insert cards into their emails that provide native functionality in the email client for performing tasks, such as commenting on Trello items. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #57] How the Girl Scouts Scale Their Email Marketing [MP3]

(0:54) How did you get into the world of email marketing? Kristin graduated from college with a degree in public relations. She found a marketing copywriting role in Indianapolis at a life insurance company. (Ironically, the company was in the same office building of ExactTarget at the time!) That company ended up wanting to send email and that fell into her lap since she did the copywriting. Two years later, she moved to NYC and was a community manager for an online forum for developers company. She [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #53] Native Android Email App Rendering & More [MP3]

(15:33) EmailThis - Open Source Template: We found a great new “Pocket/Instapaper for Email” that allows you to send articles or web pages directly to your inbox in an elegant typographic email template (which was open sourced by the creators!). (18:30) Everlane drops Facebook Messenger efforts for email: Another example of a big brand shifting all of its core messaging off of a social network to focus on email marketing. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #52] Interview with Amanda Litman [MP3]

(31:09) What steps did you take to keep your lists clean? The campaign had great reporting on list health and used Return Path. They created segmentation by engagement with yellow (hadn’t opened in 60 days), red (hadn’t opened in 120 days), and green. They also set up automatically triggered campaigns for re-engagement. (32:57) What other types of segmentation and personalization did you use? The number one way the campaign knew if you were going to donate today was if you donated yesterday. They [...] [more]
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strategy [Podcast #51] Interview with Meg Tiffany, Under Armour [MP3]

(0:54) How did you get involved in email? After studying graphic design and illustration in college, Meg’s first job out of college was at Appterra, where she was responsible for producing the company’s marketing materials. She took one code class in college, but largely learned about email development and marketing on the job. Her next job at Vera Bradley was more focused on email and was where she really honed her email skills. [...] [more]
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discussion [Episode #46] What Will Email Design Look Like in 2017? [MP3]

0:31) Interactive emails will continue to be a trend and become more prominent. -Jason (5:07) Accessibility will continue to take a back seat for most email designers. -Jason (10:15) Gmail won’t make any changes to its rendering after its big update from last year and its current fragmentation (POP/IMAP accounts) will continue to exist. -Kevin [...] [more]
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