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tactics 3 step guide to email-friendly MEGA-GIFs

Even though we’re taking brave steps into things like CSS & SVG animation, you still can’t beat a solid GIF for cross-platform animation support. It may have just celebrated it’s 30th (Yes, thirtieth) birthday, but you’d be surprised how much you can still squeeze out of a GIF with a bit of optimisation. It’s totally possible to make something outlandish like a 10 second GIF running at 25 frames per second (FPS) that weighs in at 1MB instead of 20MB. [...] [more]
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tactics Faux-Video, Dynamic CSS Content/Live Updates and many more

We (CACI Email Studio) were tasked by Channel 4 to put the Faux-Video to good use to promote the coverage of the England vs. Scotland game for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 tournament?—?but, we decided to go a little further with some dynamic CSS content. So we came up with an email (that finished up) like this, but changed many times in the several hours following its send. [...] [more]
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tactics 15 Unique Ways to Use Animated GIFs in Email [GFX]

Marketers increasingly choose animated GIFs to create email communications. But how can you use them in a fun, useful, different way than usual? Here are 15 ideas (plus a bonus) to experiment with right away. We see GIFs being used more and more often in our inboxes, adding a touch of vitality and cheer to email messages. But animated GIFs are not just decorative: they can serve various purposes, such as illustrating a product’s features, do some storytelling about its origins, describing how [...] [more]
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tactics FAUX-VIDEO in email

To begin with, I took an existing video from Vimeo and began stripping it down frame-by-frame, removing a lot of them (about 1-in-4). Or I simply took the frames I wanted and made a new video… I then created sprites based on sections of the video (again trying to keep them small). I then used the video as background image and used CSS (targeting Webkit) to play the animation. Which works pretty nicely. [...] [more]
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tactics Video Playback in Email? Comin' Right Up!

Ever since we added the "email embed" feature in Wistia, people have been asking if there's a way to make videos play inside of emails. Unfortunately, historically there's been really poor support for video playback directly in email. But as of late, the relationship between video and email has changed. With the release of the latest version of iOS (version 10) and macOS (Sierra), Apple enabled video playback in Apple Mail on mobile and desktop. Between these two clients, that's about 49% market s [...] [more]
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strategy [Podcast #67] Transparency, @supports, and Video in Email [MP3]

In the 67th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez answer recent questions from the Litmus Community in a rapid fire format, including topics on implementing transparency in email, using the @supports query, embedding HTML5 video, and more. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
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tactics Which email clients play video?

Not all email clients support video playback directly from the message body. In fact, most clients don't. For this reason, it is important to set an image replacement (fallback) linked to the video so users can see this from the browser. Below you can see what each mail client does when you receive an email that has an embedded video: [...] [more]
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tactics A How-To Guide on Embedding HTML5 Video in Email

This article will teach you how to embed HTML5 video so that it can be played in email clients that support video in email, specifically Apple Mail, iOS 10 and the Samsung email client. It will also cover various fallback techniques so that alternate content is displayed in the clients that cannot play video. [...] [more]
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discussion Yesmail Email Design Lookbook [PDF]

Email marketing has matured. For years we assisted companies to go mobile with responsive templates. These days 8 out of 10 emails are mobile friendly. Now we see strong focus on three areas: value-added content, versioning based on audience segments and a more refined, simplified email design. We hope these pages will inspire your next campaigns and help you grow. [...] [more]
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tactics Cinemagraph GIF - Glam Up Your Email Campaign [GFX]

Have you ever lavished cardamom on your cookies to give it a feel of exoticism? It tastes amazing, doesn’t it? Cinemagraphs are the cardamom if emails are cookies. They make the emails look great an [more]
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tactics Tutorial: Animated Image Carousel for Email with Ken Burns Effects

This is a follow up to the Animated Image Carousel for Email tutorial. In this article, we will go over how to add pan and zoom effects, commonly referred to as the Ken Burns effect, to the animated carousel. However, you can also use these techniques by themselves as well. The Ken Burns effect is what many people see on screensavers that display a series of images with slow zooming or panning effects. [...] [more]
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discussion 5 Brands That Are Using GIFs to Elevate Their Email Marketing [GFX]

As email marketers, we are constantly asking ourselves what makes an email great. Witty copy? Stunning design? Eye-catching imagery? Sure, all of these combine to create powerful email campaigns, but nailing those elements down to an exact formula across industries is impossible. Universally, great email all boils down to one element: level of engagement. The goal of email marketing is to establish a business relationship with a prospect and eventually convert them into a customer, so catching and [...] [more]
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 discussion 9 Things You Need to Know About Email in iOS 10

This week, Apple released iOS 10, its brand new mobile operating system, to the public. With iOS Mail accounting for 44% of all email opens, changes to the mobile operating system and its email rendering can make a big difference to the email world. So it’s no surprise that email geeks have monitored upcoming changes to iOS 10 since the early days of its beta test phase. Will the new operating system make our lives easier or will it come with inevitable quirks that often go along with new iOS release [...] [more]
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tactics iOS 10 Updates that impact email marketers

Apple is currently beta testing the iOS 10 software update that will be rolling out soon to iPhone and iPad, and a few changes have been noted that will have an impact on email marketers and subscribers. One-Click Unsubscribe. The most noticeable change is an unsubscribe banner that will now appear at the top of marketing emails. [...] [more]
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 tactics The Definitive Guide to CSS Animation in Email [PDF]

Animation is a CSS property that allows us to animate individual HTML elements such as img, span and div. This eliminates the need to use an external scripting language such as JavaScript or Flash, which are not supported in email. It also eliminates the need to generate animated GIF [...] [more] 
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