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stats Email Use 2017 – EMEA report [PDF]

Desktops/laptops are the most commonly used device for checking emails, although smartphones are preferred by those 18 to 34. Smartphones are the primary device for checking personal emails. 80% of work emails and 65% of personal emails are opened. Of those, 80% of work emails and 64% of personal emails are read. [...] [more] 
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discussion 7 Really Good Unsubscribe Pages + Preference Centers [GFX]

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt a little hurt from an unsubscribe. Or a thousand. Yeah, me too. When you spend weeks working on a brilliant new campaign, it’s tough not to take them personally. But it’s about time we stopped treating all unsubscribes like bad break-ups. A good email preferences or unsubscribe page gives your subscribers the simple opportunity to get more emails they love and fewer emails they don’t. It’s like couples counseling for you and thousands of subscribers. It’s a good [...] [more]
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tactics Abmeldungen verhindern, bevor sie passieren

Newsletter-Abmeldungen werden sich wohl nie zu 100 Prozent verhindern lassen. Aber wäre es nicht schön, gefährdete Personen zu identifizieren, noch bevor sie sich tatsächlich abgemeldet haben? Immerhin hätten wir so zumindest die Möglichkeit diese Zielgruppe mit einer besonderen Promo und individuellen Marketing-Inhalten zu überzeugen oder durch Anpassung der Kommunikationsfrequenz eine drohende Abmeldung abzuwehren. [...] [more]
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tactics GDPR: 10 rules for getting email unsubscribes right

The penalties for making it hard to unsubscribe include damaging customer relations and brand reputation, getting reported to the authorities, receiving fines, but most likely and perhaps most dangerous of all - being marked as SPAM (unsolicited mail) by recipients. In this article, I'll give you 11 rules to help make it easy for email subscribers to opt out and keep you on the right side of customers, the law, regulators, ISPs and email providers. First, some perspective... [...] [more]
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discussion Fixing a problem with “Unsubscribe” in Outlook.com

One of the problems that some of our users have been experiencing in Outlook.com is using the “You can unsubscribe” widget. The widget above shows up when we think the message is bulk, and the message contains a List-Unsubscribe header, and that header contains a mailto. We parse out the mailto and send a message to the address, unsubscribing you from the list. If the List-Unsubscribe header only has a http link, we do not show the widget. If it has both a mailto and a http link, we still only parse [...] [more]
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tactics How to Make Your Unsubscribe Survey More Actionable

Using an unsubscribe survey to understand why your subscribers opt out can give you valuable insights to drive improvements in your email marketing program—but only if you ask the right questions. Most of the unsubscribe surveys we’ve seen haven’t kept up with the growing number of reasons that consumers unsubscribe, as we revealed in our Adapting to Consumers’ New Definition of Spam ebook. That means that unsubscribe surveys have become increasingly less actionable over time. [...] [more]
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discussion One-click unsubscription is now an RFC

In September I wrote about a proposal to allow one-click unsubscriptions from mailing lists without user interaction. After taking a rather tortuous path through the IETF, it's now been issued as RFC 8058. The changes since September are quite minor, mostly tightening up some details to prevent various attacks from fake unsub requests. Now that it's official, I expect email service providers will start implementing it, and we'll have an arguably better alternative to mail feedback loops to tell [...] [more]
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discussion 5 Reasons List-Unsubscribe Concerns Are Overblown

One of the many changes made to iOS Mail with the release of iOS 10 Mail was that Apple added support for list-unsubscribe, which is coding that marketers add to the headers of their emails to enable native unsubscribe links offered by inbox providers. While some native unsubscribe links are somewhat subtle, Apple’s “easy unsubscribe” banner appears prominently at the top of emails. [...] [more]
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discussion Yesmail surprises with "study" on iOS list unsubscribe

As voters on both sides of the aisle know very well, some politicians are quite good at creating their own realities whenever opportune. Email service provider Yesmail also appears to be showing chutzpa in taking the occasion of Apple’s support of email list unsubscribe in their iOS 10 mail client to create a huge PR bubble. [...] [more]
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discussion How To Set Up Email Unsubscribe Policies

Maintaining a good reputation for your recipient list is key to ensuring your emails reach the elusive Inbox. Think of a good deliverability rating like your credit score—consistency is key. Just as missed payments can bring you down, through consistent experiences with your recipient list (similar to consistent, on-time payments), you can improve and get back to where you want to be. [...] [more]
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stats Is the new “easy” list unsubscribe a big problem?

Updating an operating system on millions of devices doesn’t just happen in a day. Publicare assumes that iOS 10 was installed on a sufficient number of devices on 9/29/2016. The unsubscribe numbers speak a clear language: the number of unsubscribes via list unsubscribe climbed to 9.52%. Only 1.36% of recipients complained about the newsletter or moved it to their spam folder. After 14 days, 54% of all Apple devices had upgraded to iOS 10.* Experimentation with the new feature seems to have subsided a [...] [more]
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discussion Adapting to Consumers’ New Spam Definition: Webinar Recording + Q&A [VID]

As consumer attitudes toward spam continue to shift dramatically, it’s up to marketers to equally shift how they build their emails and run their marketing programs. Litmus worked with Fluent to survey 1,300+ American adults to find out about subscriber behavior, specifically: [...] [more]
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stats Email Unsubscribes Rise On iOS Devices Since Latest Release

iOS email unsubscribes have increased 75% since the release of Apple’s latest operating system, according to data released Monday from Yes Lifecycle Marketing. Apple's release of iOS 10 in September included an “easy unsubscribe” feature that is the likely culprit for the rise in unsubscribes, per the report. The update gave Apple users greater control of their email inbox. [...] [more]
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discussion Millennials’ Email Marketing Dislikes Are (Mostly) the Same as Everyone Else’s

Despite millennials having a reputation for being different from everyone else, their email behavior is very similar to that of older generations when it comes to the things that drive them to unsubscribe and report emails as spam. Our Adapting to Consumers’ New Definition of Spam research, which surveyed more than 1,300 American adults, found that roughly the same percentage of millennials (age 18-29) and those from older generations (age 30+) have [...] [more]
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discussion Why an Unsubscribe is Better Than Being Marked as Spam

Unsubscribes can be a good thing. The alternative, being marked as spam, is much worse. While it may be satisfying to have an expansive email list, it’s difficult to determine the subscribers that matter. Are you really delivering an ultra-relevant message to hundreds of thousands? Here’s why an unsubscribe isn’t the end of the world—but can actually be a good thing for your email marketing program: [...] [more]
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