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strategy Visual Email Builder Apps

I bet y'all know that apps like Campaign Monitor and MailChimp have visual email builders built right into them. You drag and drop different types of content right into a layout. You edit text right within the email. It's nice. It's a lot nicer than editing the quagmire of HTML underneath, anyway! [...] [more]
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discussion deliveryindex.org is live!

Little has changed over the years in how the health of your email performance is measured. Almost all senders still use the Sender Score model to determine the health of their email programs. While simple and intuitive, this “scorecard” method is limited to looking at only a few aspects of your email program, primarily your IP reputation. Delivery Index uses a smarter measurement model, which goes far beyond SenderScore, to consider hundreds of variables when determining your domain’s email reputation[...] [more]
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discussion Exclusive First Look: Unboxing eDataSource's Delivery Index

Today we are excited to give you an Only Influencers EXCLUSIVE: the first look at eDataSource’s Delivery Index tool which is launching this week. Delivery Index is similar to products such as Return Path’s excellent Sender Score tool, which has been an industry standard for many years. I sat down this week with eDataSource CEO, G.B. Heidarsson who gave me a pre-launch walkthrough of the product. [...] [more]
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discussion Email Design: 9 Apps and Plugins to Streamline Your Design Process

When it comes to email design, time is extremely important – especially as you ramp up for the holidays. We want to create gorgeous, user-friendly designs, but we don’t want to take forever doing it. That’s where apps and plugins come in handy! Here at Listrak, our creative services team spends each day crafting beautiful emails for our clients with the aid of our favorite apps and plugins. Not only do they help us design awesome emails, but they also save us time! Our team is constantly sharing new [...] [more]
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social Testing Your Way to Better Facebook Ads

Who you target matters. When you build Facebook ads in MailChimp, you can create an audience with the list of contacts you already send to. According to our data, using your list to find and target similar people on Facebook can more than double an ad’s ROI. For Feminist Apparel, targeting similar people alone wasn’t generating sales; they needed to get more specific. So they used our list segmentation tools to target people with similar interests to their best and most-engaged customers. “It’s incre [...] [more]
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tactics Video Playback in Email? Comin' Right Up!

Ever since we added the "email embed" feature in Wistia, people have been asking if there's a way to make videos play inside of emails. Unfortunately, historically there's been really poor support for video playback directly in email. But as of late, the relationship between video and email has changed. With the release of the latest version of iOS (version 10) and macOS (Sierra), Apple enabled video playback in Apple Mail on mobile and desktop. Between these two clients, that's about 49% market s [...] [more]
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discussion The Tools of an HTML Email Workflow

Last week's ShopTalk Show was all about HTML Email. It's such a fascinating subject, as technically it is front-end web development, but it almost feels like a bizarro alternate universe. We have dozens of browsers to worry about, they have hundreds of clients to consider. We worry about whether fancy new APIs are supported, they worry about whether padding is supported. We have grid layout, they have.... grid layout?! It's tempting to make the joke: "It's coding like it's 1999!", but as we talk [...] [more]
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discussion Attribution: Powering ads and analytics innovations with machine learning

Today, we're announcing Google Attribution, a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost. [...] [more]
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discussion Mailbox Tools: A Threat to Consumer Data Privacy and Security

The increasingly controversial topic of consumer data privacy and security was in the spotlight recently in a New York Times article that was critical of the business practices used by Slice, the owner of email subscription management application Unroll.me, and Uber. The article revealed that Slice sold consumer data from Unroll.me to the popular ride-share company: [...] [more]
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social The Zapier Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

With more than a quarter of the world's population as users, Facebook has one of the largest online audiences in the world—and an advertising platform to match. Facebook's ad platform lets advertisers integrate hyper-targeted ads into users' daily news feed experience. Facebook Lead Ads, launched in late 2015, takes it a step further. While the initial ad looks like any other ad, it is combined with a form that's pre-filled with information the user has shared with Facebook, allowing a business [...] [more]
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discussion 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Agile Content

Q: Does the technology effect subject lines? A: This is a question that we regularly get and the answer is no, we cannot affect a subject line after the email is already deployed. The same goes for anything that’s been hard-coded as live text as well. One important thing to note here is that everything that Movable Ink is powering is done within the image containers in your email. [...] [more]
movableink.com    Customization, Tool

tactics Announcing Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder

We’re excited to announce Guetzli, a new open source algorithm that creates high quality JPEG images with file sizes 35% smaller than currently available methods, enabling webmasters (and email marketers) to create webpages that can load faster and use even less data. [...] [more]
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tactics Made You Click: Meet The AI Lurking In Your Inbox

Persado uses an algorithm to analyze a company's audience down to the individual level, paying attention to what you've clicked on from that brand—data that’s already collected by the company and anonymized before it reaches Persado—and what emotional phrases are most likely to catch your attention. Are you attracted to words that indicate exclusivity? Or do urgent messages tend to catch your eye? Persado takes all that data and uses another machine learning algorithm to generate messages that may [...] [more]
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tactics Mailspice: Mehr Statistik für die E-Mail-Kampagne

Ein uniques Merkmal ist, dass Mailspice kein Versender ist, sondern sich 100% auf die Analyse und das Reporting konzentriert. Der Unternehmensstandort ist Deutschland und die Software wurde von Anfang an unter Berücksichtigung des deutschen und europäischen Datenschutzes entwickelt. Sie kann sowohl anonymisiert als auch personalisiert tracken. Das macht Mailspice besonders für deutsche und europäische Unternehmen aus dem Mittelstand interessant, die eine Auftragsdatenverarbeitung nach deutschem Recht [...] [more]
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tactics Getting Through to AOL Just Got Easier

Now, how has getting through to AOL gotten easier? When AOL agreed to join our Certification program, it became much easier for our Certified clients to get through to AOL since they didn’t have to apply and re-apply to get on the AOL whitelist. Being on our Certification program is equivalent. And the bonus, as of November 29, 2016, is that we are publishing exclusive AOL data for our Certified clients, which include your daily AOL volume and daily AOL complaints. [...] [more]
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