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tactics Text-based vs Image-based Emails - Which One Does Better?

As you can see from the results, the click through rates do not vary as much as the open rates. One thing I found fascinating was Pinpointe campaigns had a higher click through rate on the image-based emails. After seeing these results, I reviewed all of the image-based vs text-based email split tests I had sent out from Pinpointe over the past year and this result was consistent. I have to wonder…is it because I’m sending these campaigns to other marketers who tend to be more visual? That would be [...] [more]
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tactics Lessons Learned From 2,345,864 Exit Overlay Visitors

Offering specific, tangible resources (vs. non-specific promises) can positively affect conversion rates. Increasing the number of form fields in overlays can cause friction that reduces conversion rates. Overlay sizes exceeding 800×500 can be too large for some browsers and reduce load:view ratio (and overall impressions). Just because an offer is relevant doesn’t mean it’s good. Conversion rates vary considerably between blog categories. Not all content is created equal; some resources are more [...] [more]
unbounce.com    Listbuilding, Test

tactics When to Use Multi-Armed Bandit A/B Testing

What if as a marketer you could run 10 A/B tests within a week without lifting a finger instead of the standard monthly testing? You could be getting a significant increase in productivity and performance, if you do it right. A/B testing is a standard step in the marketing process. Without A/B testing, marketers wouldn’t have the necessary data points to maximize their marketing efforts and drive an effective campaign. The A/B test is mainly used when you want to see what treatment is causal to [...] [more]
retentionscience.com    Test

tactics The Science of Subject Line A/B Testing

When time-starved customers are bombarded with emails every day, your subject lines can make an enormous difference in whether subscribers actually see your messages. In fact, recent research shows 47 percent of email recipients quickly decide whether to open or ignore emails based on the subject line alone. Worse, 69 percent of readers who report email as spam are motivated to do so by how the subject line reads. [...] [more]
verticalresponse.com    Subjectline, Study, Test

tactics How to streamline your email testing process with Litmus

Testing and troubleshooting are critical steps for every marketer sending high-quality email campaigns. However, it’s also incredibly time consuming. 67% of email marketers spend more than one hour on testing and troubleshooting for each campaign they send, according to our State of Email Production research. Especially in busy email seasons, this can add up—and every minute you save testing your campaigns can make a big difference. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Test

tactics "The more tests, the better!" and other A/B testing myths, debunked

It’s 2017, and most marketers understand the importance of A/B testing. The strategy of applying the scientific method to marketing to prove whether an idea will have a positive impact on your bottom-line is no longer novel. But, while the practice of A/B testing has become more and more common, too many marketers still buy into pervasive A/B testing myths. #AlternativeFacts. [...] [more]
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tactics Statistik-Spickzettel für Optimierer [PDF]

Wer sich mit A/B-Testing beschäftigt, stellt früher oder später fest, dass man dabei am Thema Statistik nicht vorbei kommt. In der Tat braucht man zumindest ein Grundverständnis der statistischen Begriffe und Zusammenhänge, damit man einen A/B-Test richtig plant und auswertet. [...] [more] 
konversionskraft.de    Test

discussion How to Move Machine Learning From Possibility To Practice

Imagine a world with no spell check -- then suddenly hearing someone say that there were tools available to autocorrect all your spelling in any language on the fly. "Blasphemy!” people might cry, until they tried it. Marketers today might think the same thing if you tell them that machine learning can improve their email campaigns. [...] [more]
mediapost.com    Intelligence, Test, Trend

tactics Most Winning A/B Test Results Are Illusory [PDF]

Marketers have begun to question the value of A/B testing, asking: ‘Where is my 20% uplift? Why doesn’t it ever seem to appear in the bottom line?’ Their A/B test reports an uplift of 20% and yet this increase never seems to translate into increased profits. So what’s going on? In this article I’ll show that badly performed A/B tests can produce winning results which are more likely to be false than true. At best, this leads to the needless modification of websites; at worst, to modification which [...] [more] 
qubit.com    Test

discussion Guide to split testing in ESPs

Testing subject lines is important. Very important. That’s how we get companies up to 417% more revenue. But: not all ESPs are created equal! Which ones offer the most flexible split testing capabilities? And how easy is it? Fear not: we have all the details here! [...] [more]
phrasee.co    ESP, Test

tactics The top 3 mistakes that make your A/B test results invalid

The results were good, the hypotheses strong, everything seemed to be in order… until I looked at the log of changes in their testing tool. I noticed several blunders: in some experiments, they had adjusted the traffic allocation for the variations mid-experiment; some variations had been paused for a few days, then resumed; and experiments were stopped as soon as statistical significance was reached. [...] [more]
widerfunnel.com    Test

strategy How 5 Simple Ideas Created a Campaign that Generated $0.75 in Revenue per Email Sent

Some of the most effective email marketing campaigns are actually based on very simple ideas. Here’s a campaign that took very little effort but generated nearly $0.75 per email – along with the 5 simple ideas behind the program. [...] [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    B2B, Test

discussion Segmentation broke A/B testing but personalization will kill it!

The way we test today only works with batch and blast In the last few years digital marketing has been transformed. Marketers have moved from sending the same message to everybody on the list – batch and blast, to segmentation, where messages are specific to particular customer segments or persona’s. According to the 2016 Econsultancy Email Industry Census the majority of respondents claim to be doing basic segmentation while around 1/3 claim to be doing advanced segmentation. [...] [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    Subjectline, Customization, Test, Tool

tactics How Netflix does A/B testing

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Designers + Geeks event at Yelp’s headquarters in San Francisco. Anna Blaylock and Navin Iyengar, both Product Designers at Netflix, shared insights gleaned from their years of A/B testing on tens of millions of Netflix members. They also showed some relevant examples from the product to help attendees think about their own designs. [...] [more]
invisionapp.com    Test

discussion Template for organizing A/B test learnings?

Like most of you, I’m constantly running tests and trying to optimize our email program. As an organization, I think one of our shortfalls is in keeping good historical records of the tests we’ve run and the things we’ve learned from each one. I was wondering if anyone had a good template for organizing their past email test learnings that they'd feel comfortable sharing? [...] [more]
litmus.com    Test, Tool
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