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stats Emoji Use in Email Subject Lines [PDF]

The emoji of a clinking champagne glass had a 9% read rate on New Year’s, far below the average for all other emojis studied by Return Path during the holiday. Emails with the wrench emoji in the subject line over Father’s Day, however, boosted read rates to 22%. Likewise, the lips emoji drove email engagement around Valentine’s Day and increased read rates to 24% when compared to text-only promotions. [...] [more] 
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stats Email Subject Lines: Specific Is the New Short

For years now the best practice for writing email subject lines has been “keep it short”. This became even more important when more and more people started reading their emails on mobile devices. But – when you look at the data – does this advice really hold true? I have numbers that say something a little different. As an email marketer I’m sure you know that many email clients cut off subject lines in the preview pane at 40 characters or less, and mobile devices can be even more limiting. So all [...] [more]
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tactics The Poison Pen: Email Subject Lines To Avoid

Want to drive opens and click-throughs to your email? Avoid anything that smacks of the classroom. That’s one of the takeaways from Jay Schwedelson’s Webinar last Friday for the Data & Marketing Association, titled “Do This, Don’t Do That.” The word “Training” has a negative impact of 8% when used in a subject line, said Schwedelson, the CEO of Worldata, quoting research based on over five billion emails transmitted per year. But it’s not the only -- or even the worst -- response depressant. Here are [...] [more]
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 discussion Adidas apologises for 'you survived Boston Marathon' email

Adidas has issued an apology after a marketing email to customers who participated in Monday's Boston Marathon was branded 'insensitive' and 'extremely inappropriate'. [...] [more]
telegraph.co.uk    Subjectline, Marketing, Social

tactics Preview Text Hack You May Want to Use in Every Email

This preview text hack uses zero-width non-joiners and non-breaking spaces to create white space after your desired preview text. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Subjectline, Design, Mobile

tactics 3 Embarrassing Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid [PDF]

Subject line mistakes that distract and confuse subscribers—and are embarrassing for the brand—are too common. We discuss three such subject line mistakes in [...] [more]
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tactics The Science of Subject Line A/B Testing

When time-starved customers are bombarded with emails every day, your subject lines can make an enormous difference in whether subscribers actually see your messages. In fact, recent research shows 47 percent of email recipients quickly decide whether to open or ignore emails based on the subject line alone. Worse, 69 percent of readers who report email as spam are motivated to do so by how the subject line reads. [...] [more]
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stats While Nearly One-Third of Emails Contain Offer Incentives, Those without Incentives Garner Higher Engagement

According to new data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing's cross-channel platform, Yesmail360, on average, open rates for emails without offers in the subject line were 28 percent higher than those with offers, and click and click-to-open (CTO) rates were 67 percent and 34 percent higher, respectively. Additionally, when the word 'deal' was used in email subject lines without a specific offer incentive, open rates were highest. [...] [more]
yahoo.com    Subjectline, Copywriting, Study

tactics 3 Ways Emojis Can Save Your User Retention

For mobile apps, message engagement is critical for retention. Push notifications are one of the best ways to keep your app top-of-mind. In fact, data has shown that app publishers who send push notifications can boost retention rates 20 percent, and 7x if they personalize those messages. But there’s another secret to push notification engagement that too often goes overlooked: emojis [...] [more]
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tactics Made You Click: Meet The AI Lurking In Your Inbox

Persado uses an algorithm to analyze a company's audience down to the individual level, paying attention to what you've clicked on from that brand—data that’s already collected by the company and anonymized before it reaches Persado—and what emotional phrases are most likely to catch your attention. Are you attracted to words that indicate exclusivity? Or do urgent messages tend to catch your eye? Persado takes all that data and uses another machine learning algorithm to generate messages that may [...] [more]
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stats Zen and the Art of the Email Subject Line

We’ve analyzed millions of email experiments that incorporate everything from layout and design to product descriptions and emotional concepts. We’ve found that across all industries, emotions contribute more than 60% of email opens, clicks, and overall engagement. [...] [more]
persado.com    Subjectline, Study

discussion Great Email Subject Lines & Preheaders

Kasey Wiese knows that belts are often one of the most overlooked fashion accessories on the market. It can be tough, she admits, to get people excited about an accessory that’s “never really seen.” But as the marketing communications manager and graphic designer for Arcade Belts, she’s doing her part to change that perception. [...] [more]
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tactics Betreffzeilen texten: Die wichtigste Stellschraube für Ihr E-Mail-Marketing

Journalisten und Unternehmer haben etwas gemeinsam: Sie wollen Aufmerksamkeit. Wir von impulse verschicken daher jeden Tag E-Mails. Wir finden, dass wir darin oft richtig gute Inhalte anbieten: kluge Texte, gute Tipps und auch mal was zum Lachen. Ja, wir geben uns richtig Mühe. Und trotzdem: Es gibt E-Mails, die werden gerade einmal von jedem fünften Empfänger geöffnet. Vier von fünf unserer Newsletter-Abonnenten denken also: „Langweilig – weg damit!“ Autsch! So ignoriert zu werden, ist schmerzhaft. [...] [more]
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stats Be Careful Sending Emails on Mondays

And such errors have consequences! The more errors an email’s subject had, the less likely it was to get a response. Emails without any subject line errors received a reply 34% of the time, while those with an error had response rates of 29%. Response rates thus fell 14% when subjects had one or more mistakes (relative to response rates for emails with error-free subjects.) This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a trend between subject lines and response rates: emails with extremely short or long [...] [more]
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stats 7 Tips for Creating Better Subject Lines for “Don’t Call Them Holiday” Emails

With Holiday shopping kicked off and in full swing, Sailthru continued to dig into our data on subject lines from emails sent last year to determine how specific words, characters, and combinations impact email performance during the holidays. The following recommendations come from a sample of 89,932 subject lines for emails sent by Sailthru customers during the 2015 holiday season. In particular, these findings come from a subset of those emails specifically referencing Christmas or the December Ho [...] [more]
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