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discussion Exploring the Subject Line Series: Non-linguistic approach

oday’s article picks up on email open rate prediction. Which emails do you open? What influences your decision? Is it the subject line? Is it the timing? Is it a lot more? I’m setting out on a quest to discover what influences open rate prediction. I will be sharing what this road map brings back with you. I’d love to hear your comments, love to reply to questions, love to help out. I’m the outgoing type of data scientist, yes. [...] [more]
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tactics Skip Labor Day For Back-To-School Email Promotions

Emails without “Labor Day” in the subject line generated a 128% higher click-through rate when compared to emails that did not reference the holiday, according to a GoDaddy Email Marketing analysis of emails sent from its platform between August 1 and September 30, 2016. Back-to-school email promotions, on the other hand, were shown to perform well throughout the month of September. Subject lines containing the word “school” declined throughout August and September according to GoDaddy, although the [...] [more]
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stats Subject Line Benchmarks [PDF]

Emails with shorter subject lines tend to garner significantly higher open rates and click rates, according to recent research from Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The report was based on data from more than 7 billion emails sent in the second quarter of 2017 by Yes Lifecycle Marketing clients in a wide range of verticals. Messages with subject lines between 1 and 20 characters in length have the highest average open rate (18.5%), unique click rate (2.4%), and click-to-open rate (12.9%), the analysis found. [...] [more]
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tactics 10 Email Subject Lines That Drive Sales

The best way to ensure your email is opened and your content is seen is with a superb subject line?—?that’s what gets emails read. When crafting one, consider that they can be creative, simple, snappy, direct, informative or any combination thereof. Effective subject lines come in many forms and variations, but let’s take a look at 10 that have been proven to work for sales reps. 1. Email subject lines should use referrals to connect. Referrals are a powerful tool in the sales arsenal. They allow [...] [more]
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stats Email Subject Line Length: Is Brevity Better?

Emails with shorter subject lines tend to garner significantly higher open rates and click rates than those with longer subject lines. See details from this email marketing study. [...] [more]
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tactics Outstanding Email Marketing Examples of Subject Lines

The goal of subject lines is often misunderstood; its influence underestimated; and its relationship with preview text ignored. But even when you understand that the goal of a subject line is to generate openers who are likely to convert, that subject lines can drive offline action, and that preview text is important, there’s no secret formula for subject line and preview text success. However, there is a list of ingredients that are easily remembered as the CUE-DIVE Method. As I discuss in the 3rd [...] [more]
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tactics On The Subject of Preview Text

So you’ve created the perfect email. The HTML, CSS and design have all united together in a beautiful choreography, like a ballet dancer waiting to wow their audience. Now — the last thing you want [...] [more]
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tactics Email Marketing Guide: How to Be an Email Subject Lines Superhero

Your email subject line serves as a first—and sometimes last—impression. So even though we often write subject lines as afterthoughts, in many ways they’re actually more important than the body copy of your email. After all, the greatest email in the world is worthless if it never gets opened, right? As you write your marketing emails, don’t leave the subject lines to chance. The best subject lines are short, descriptive, and give the reader a reason to explore your message further. [...] [more]
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tactics Emojify Your Email Marketing [GFX]

Emoji are now commonplace. We've been lured into the world of emoji so much so that it spilled from phones into merchandise, movies, and marketing. [...] [more]
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tactics Subject Lines that Work

Email marketers spend weeks conceptualizing the email campaign or program, crafting the flow and design, choosing a promotional offer you can’t refuse, and tailoring their messaging to a specific audience and need. The subject line often appears at a later stage of the process as an afterthought without the same amount of consideration. From the viewer’s perspective, however, the subject line is where the campaign starts. If you fail to captivate them in that moment, it’s probably also where the camp [...] [more]
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tactics 10 E-Mail Betreffzeilen, die garantiert geklickt werden

Jeden Tag bekomme ich unzählige Newsletter und E-Mails. Kurz mal über die Betreffzeilen geschaut und schon landen sie im Papierkorb. Kennst du sicherlich auch, oder? Trotz alledem gehört das E-Mail Marketing zu den wichtigsten Marketing-Kanälen. Zudem ist es laut Campaignmonitor auch der profitabelste Kanal. Mit einem ROI (Return-On-Investment) von 3800% muss sich das E-Mail Marketing auf keinen Fall verstecken. Das heißt im Umkehrschluss, dass für jeden Euro, den du investierst, 38 Euro zurück [...] [more]
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discussion Email subject lines: 5 B.S. “facts” that everyone thinks are true

Between researching, designing, testing and creating Phrasee’s artificial intelligence subject line generation technology, and tracking the progress of the millions of email subject lines it has generated, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and doesn’t. We understand the ins and outs of what makes a subject line successful. We also know what doesn’t have much impact at all. We’ve read many posts and articles about email subject lines over the years. Many have been well researched and have [...] [more]
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tactics Preview Text: Sexy und trotzdem unsichtbar

Der Preview Text im Posteingang zieht sich aus der E-Mail selber. Es ist der erste Text in der Mail und wird häufig auch als Pre-Header bezeichnet. Neben Betreff und Absender ist er ein wichtiger „Türöffner“: Ein toller Betreff mit darauf abgestimmtem Preview Text macht neugierig und animiert zum Öffnen der E-Mail. [...] [more]
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stats How Can Emotions Influence Email Readers?

Identifying and measuring emotions is complicated, because customers themselves may not even be aware of them. Big data analytics and existing research open up a great opportunity to learn from emotions. By evaluating the word-emotion association, we identified the most common emotions perceived by the audience across 40,000 subject lines. Every subject line was classified according to the eight basic emotions from Plutchick’s Wheel of Emotions (anger, fear, anticipation, trust, surprise, sadness, [...] [more]
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tactics 14 Quick-Tips for Writing Subject Lines

While it may seem like insignificant, the subject line is your email’s first impression; 33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on its subject line alone. If you want to [...] [more]
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