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 stats 2018 Email Marketing Industry Census [PDF]

Email continues to be the most effective marketing channel, though fewer marketers report stellar performance. Once again, email marketing has emerged from the Email Census as the most highly rated marketing channel or discipline for return on investment, with nearly three-quarters (74%) of client-side marketers rating it as either excellent or good in this context. Just under a third (30%) of client-side markete rs rate email as excellent for ROI, while a further 44% of respondents describe returns [...] [more] 
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 tactics Email Workflows that Work: Webinar Recording + Q&A [VID]

Using insights from the largest email industry survey of its kind, Litmus’ third annual State of Email Workflows report takes a detailed look at how email teams tackle every stage of the email creation process—from planning and building to quality assurance and sending. In this webinar, Litmus Research Director Chad S. White and Community & Product Evangelist Jason Rodriguez dive into the report’s key findings and break down the top 5 opportunities to improve your email workflow. You’ll learn… [...] [more]
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stats The Forrester Wave: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2018 [PDF]

Email marketing: the old salt of your digital toolkit, and still the most cost-effective promotional channel. But email could do so much more than hock product. For this, our ninth Forrester Wave™ on email marketing service providers (our first Wave of this vendor category was in 2002), we wanted to see if email marketing vendors were pressing marketers to treat email as more than just another advertising vehicle. Answer? Vendors have bettered the basics but still treat email as the newsletter and [...] [more] 
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stats 2018 Email Industry Conditions

Surveying thousands of people in who create emails for their companies, this data shows where people are coming from, their outlook on the future, their roles, and their day-to-day functions. [...] [more]
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tactics Breaking the Spell of Abandoned Carts

Abandoned cart emails are considered to be the most effective type of triggered emails. In our article, we'll tell how these emails work, how to restore the abandoned cart and top everything up with building our own triggered email flow using Automation 360. [...] [more]
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stats E-Mail-Marketing Guide für Händler [PDF]

Analyse der E-Mail-Marketing-Aktivitäten von 449 Händlern, Status quo und Best Practices. Rechtskonformes E-Mail-Marketing stellt für viele Händler scheinbar eine unüberwindbare Hürde dar. Gerade einmal vier von 448 Unternehmen konnten hier die volle Punktzahl erreichen. Ein Viertel brachte es nicht einmal auf die Hälfte der Punkte. Ursache hierfür ist meist das Missachten der Kennzeichnungspflicht. Nur 41 Prozent aller Double-Opt-in-Mails und 42 Prozent aller Willkommensmails enthalten vollständige [...] [more]
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stats The State of Email Marketing [PDF]

Demand Metric partnered with Return Path on research to understand which email marketing tactics are in use, how effective they are, and what challenges exist. The research effort also pursued an answer to the key question: What separates high-performing email marketers from the rest of the pack? These study results provide insights and data useful for comparison, plan- ning, and improving email marketing effectiveness [...] [more] 
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stats Über 850 Betreffzeilen, mit denen Ihre Mailings performen [PDF]

In diesem Whitepaper geht es um den ? Zusammenhang zwischen der Personalisierung und Länge eines Betreffs und der Öffnungsrate eines Mailings. ? Wie wirkt sich das Verwenden des Vornamens im Betreff auf die Öffnungsrate aus? Und welche Betrefflänge erzielt durchschnittlich die meisten Öffnungen? Erfahren Sie mehr in unserer Analyse. Zusätzlich bekommen Sie je ? 31 kreative Beispiel-Betreffzeilen für 28 Branchen, ? die Ihnen im Alltag als Inspiration dienen sollten. Erleichtern Sie sich so Ihre [...] [more] 
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discussion 4 Faulty Justifications for Under-Staffing Email Marketing Teams

If you’re an email marketer, you’ve probably said (or at least thought) one or more of those statements. If you’re a manager or executive, you’ve probably been told one or more of those by an employee or read it in the body language of your staff. [...] [more]
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stats 2018 Marketing Benchmark Report - Email and Mobile Metrics for Smarter Marketing [PDF]

This year’s report includes traditional benchmark metrics such as email marketing open, click-through and unsubscribe rates, as well as email client and device data and engagement/read rates. New this year to the report are delivery and message frequency metrics for SMS and open and click- through rates for mobile push messages. [...] [more] 
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stats Studie: Der ideale Versandzeitpunkt Ihrer Newsletter [PDF]

Wir von mailworx haben in unserer Studie zum idealen Versandzeitpunkt über 360 Millionen E-Mails im Zeitraum von April 2017 bis Mai 2018 analysiert sowie ausgewertet und sind dabei nicht nur auf die optimalen Wochentage mit den höchsten Öffnungs- sowie Klickraten gekommen, sondern haben unter anderem auch erneut bestätigt, dass der Zeitpunkt des Versandes den Erfolg Ihrer Kampagnen enorm beeinflussen kann. Beinahe die Hälfte aller Öffnungen geschehen innerhalb der ersten 4 Stunden nach dem Versand, [...] [more] 
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tactics How Long Should You Wait Before Sending Cart Abandonment Emails?

Pro Direct Soccer US decided to do a split test on their first cycle emails. Originally they were emailing an hour after abandonment, but tested this against three other variables: 45 minutes, 30 minutes, >1 hour 30 minutes. The group who received their emails after 30 minutes saw an uplift in conversions of 19%, so the change was made implemented in their campaign. [...] [more]
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stats E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2018 [PDF]

Die Öffnungsrate von 60,7 Prozent bei Transaktionsmails ist damit mehr als dreimal so hoch wie bei Newslettern. Die Klickrate schneidet mit 14,4 Prozent im Vergleich sogar noch besser ab (Newsletter: 3,6 Prozent). Besonders erfolgreich zeigen sich in diesem Zusammenhang "Artikel-wieder-verfügbar"-Mails mit einer Öffnungsrate von 88,6 Prozent und einer auffallend hohen Klickrate von 68,2 Prozent. [...] [more] 
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discussion A Snapshot of an Email Team

Email marketing is a team sport. And like a sports team, it’s not just the people who are on the field that count. An email team generally consists of three groups: Internal team members, which consist of the full- and part-time employees on a brand’s email marketing team. External email team members, which consist of freelancers and consultants, plus agencies and the services arms of email service providers. Business stakeholders, which consist of all of the people involved in strategic goal-setting [...] [more]
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stats Top Email Marketing Software in 2018

mail marketing is designed to help a company maintain communications with customers. This builds loyalty, increases brand recognition, and drives sales. The challenge with email marketing is to strike a balance between efficiency and personalization so that you can: Maximize a one-to-one sense of connection with individual customers. Reach out to hundreds or thousands of customers at once, at minimum cost. [...] [more]
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