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stats Absolit E-Mail-Marketing Benchmarks 2017 (Kurzversion) [PDF]

Die vorliegende Studie analysiert die Newsletter - und E-Mail-Aktivitäten von über 3.000 Unternehmen im deutschsprachigen Raum. Untersucht wurden Unternehmen aus folgen Branchen: [...] [more] 
absolit.de    Study

stats E-Mail-Marketing: Double-Opt-in ist heute Standard

Die E-Mail ist nach wie vor eines der effizientesten und effektivsten Marketinginstrumente. Die Unternehmensberatung Absolit hat für einen Benchmark die E-Mail-Marketing-Aktivitäten von über 3.000 deutschen Unternehmen aus elf Branchen unter die Lupe genommen. Am besten schnitt dabei mymuesli mit mehr als 80 Prozent der erreichbaren Punkte ab. [...] [more]
haufe.de    Study

stats Quarterly email benchmark report, Q1 2017 [PDF]

Email volume rose by 14.9% in Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016. Open rates were similar to the rates seen in Q1 2016. Although click rates declined by 11.9%, YOY transaction rates had a 10.4% increase, and revenue per email matched the $0.06 received in Q1 2016. Fifty-three percent of total email opens occurred on mobile phones or tablets in Q1 2017. This is a decrease from the 59% seen in Q1 2016. Consumer products and services, media and entertainment, multi-channel retailers and publishers all saw [...] [more] 
cheetahdigital.com    Clickrate, Openingrate, Study, Trend

stats Where, When, and How Subscribers Are Interacting with Email

The rise of Gmail. A lot can happen in 5 years. In 2012, Yahoo mail dominated webmail service, with Hotmail in second place and Gmail in a distant third place. Fast forward to 2017, and Gmail’s share of webmail email opens has increased 53 percent, while Yahoo now sees just five percent of total webmail opens. [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Study, Trend

discussion How agencies are paving the way forward with marketing automation

Agencies are among the most enthusiastic adopters of new marketing automation tech With the launch of another mind-boggling Martech Landscape by ChiefMartec.com (now deservedly renamed the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic or Martech 5000), it’s safe to say that there is [...] [more]
smartinsights.com    Automation, Study

stats 2016 Email Marketing Industry Census: Key Sector Report [PDF]

In order to make the data more relevant for marketers to help them learn and improve, it’s important to drill down until we reach the sector level. Which is the best sector for email marketing? Well, there’s not one per se, as they all have different commercial environments, approaches and objectives, and equally no particular sector is doing it wrong. [...] [more] 
adestra.com    Study

stats Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends [infographic]

The majority of online shoppers abandon their shopping baskets. Some return on their own and convert, and some will never convert no matter what. However, some of those cart abandoners benefit from a nudge from a well-timed and smartly messaged shopping cart abandonment email. These emails are widely regarded as being effective and generating high returns, but the multi-year joint research between Litmus and Salesforce Marketing Cloud shows that [...] [more]
litmus.com    Automation, Conversionrate, Study

tactics Transactional Email Speed: A 30-Day Experiment

With transactional emails, like order confirmation or password reset, every second counts. Find out how GreenArrow, Amazon SES, Mailgun, & SendGrid perform. [...] [more]
drh.net    Automation, ESP, Study, Deliverability

stats E-Mail-Studie Kennzahlen & Clients nach Branchen HJ1 2017 [PDF]

Aus den aktuellen Entwicklungen heraus und der grundlegenden Bedeutung dieser Themen im Bereich des E-Mail-Marketings wurde von mailworx die vorliegende Studie erstellt. Der Markt wurde von Jänner bis Juni 2017 analysiert und die entsprechenden Statistikdaten ausgewertet. Es wurde erhoben, welche E-Mail-Clients in diesem Zeitraum für den Konsum von Newslettern verwendet wurden. Neben den allgemeinen E-Mail-Client-Ergebnissen und deren Gliederung nach den beiden Bereichen B2B & B2C [...] [more] 
mlwrx.com    Study, Trend

stats Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends [infographic]

Conducted during the height of the 2013, 2014, and 2016 holiday seasons, our research into shopping cart abandonment email trends among U.S. retailers reveals clear trends around: The post-trigger delay in sending these emails. The use of a series of cart abandonment emails. Highlighting the item(s) abandoned in the email and its subject line. The recommendation of alternative prorducts The inclusion of seasonal messaging. [...] [more]
salesforce.com    Automation, Conversionrate, Study

stats The Email Client Experience [PDF]

In this report, we look at how subscribers interact with email, analyzing: Which clients subscribers are using to read email. How much email is opened each day of the week on each client. How long subscribers spend viewing email on each client. And more! [...] [more] 
returnpath.com    Study, Trend, Sendtime, Mobile

stats Email Client Market Share Trends for 2017 (So Far)

The rise of webmail. In 2016, mobile steadily dominated email client market share, beginning and ending the year at 54%. While mobile still claims the majority of email opens, opens in web-based email programs has been on the rise—growing 4 percentage points in the past year to a total of 31% of all opens. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Study, Trend

discussion Current Email Program Resourcing Levels Have Many Marketers Feeling Under-Supported and Disrespected

With brands sending more email and investing more in email marketing technology because of high return on investments, email marketing is feeling the love. But that’s not the case with many email marketers, who are feeling under-supported, underappreciated, and misunderstood. The core of many marketers’ frustrations revolve around resources—in terms of technology, staffing, and time. More than one-third of marketers say their email programs are “under-resourced” or “very under-resourced,” according [...] [more]
litmus.com    Marketing, Study

stats MediaRadar Q1 Media Spending Report: Email Spending Grows [PDF]

The ad world is buzzing about the Q1 media spending report released yesterday by MediaRadar. Email rose by 28%. “Despite crowded inboxes and the rise of push messaging and social media, email advertising is still one of the best ways to reach a targeted opt-in audience," said Todd Krizelman, CEO of MediaRadar, in an email..... "Consumers leverage email newsletters toreceive a quick snapshot of the subject matter. An example of this would be Quartz's daily brief. The metrics for email marketing are a [...] [more]
mediaradar.com    Study, Trend

stats E-Mail-Marketing Benchmark 2017 [PDF]

„Wie hoch ist die durchschnittliche Öffnungsrate?“, „Ist meine Klickrate im grünen Bereich?“, „Sind unsere Bounce-Raten zu hoch?“ – diese und vergleichbare Fragen umtreiben viele Marketer. Unternehmen haben erfahrungsgemäß großes Interesse daran, sich mit Wettbewerb und anderen Marktteilnehmern zu vergleichen. Aus gutem Grund: Der Vergleich zeigt wo die Unternehmen stehen – und wo eventuell noch Optimierungspotenzial besteht. Diese Benchmarkstudie bietet Orientierung. Hierzu wurden mehr als 13 Mrd. [...] [more] 
optivo.com    Clickrate, Openingrate, Segmentation, Study, Trend, Sendtime
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