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strategy Customer Segmentation Strategy: How To Scale Up, Save Time, and Convert

Historically, it’s been going into an email service provider (ESP) and manually building segments that make some intuitive sense: High spenders who live in LA; or females who bought in the sports category in the last 30 days. Then target these segments with some specific messaging: “Damn it feels good to be a VIP in LA!” Then customize this message in any number of ways with variables such as {username} and {user location} and {sale date} and {rewards balance} and {product interest}. And perhaps [...] [more]
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stats Using Segmentation to Improve Click Rate and Increase Sales

Segments can be based on interest groups, demographic data, e-commerce activity, and other subscriber data. Our research team considered regular campaigns sent during the second half of 2016, then determined which type of segment each campaign used, including none. We used the median rate for each metric to avoid bias from outliers that were extremely low or high. Before we get started, here are our definitions of the different segmentation types mentioned: [...] [more]
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discussion 7 irresistible win-back emails [GFX]

After the avalanche of holiday emails that bury inboxes, it’s natural for some subscribers to tune out. But still, it’s hard not to take it personally. After all, you put in a ton of effort getting them on your list in the first place. And at first, they were super into you, opening and clicking everything you sent. But now, they’ve grown distant and stopped showing interest in anything you have to say. [...] [more]
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tactics Email segmentation to improve email marketing conversions [GFX]

Just like ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, everyone has a different taste. Thus segmentation comes into play. ‘Segmentation’ in email marketing is like knowing the ‘exact measure’, of what ingredients must go in a dish, to make it totally lip-smacking! As per a MarketingSherpa Report, 32% of marketers aim to segment their email database in the coming years. This aligns email marketing towards ‘quality’ and ‘relevance’. To ultimately understand and achieve this we must understand the inception process [...] [more]
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strategy Surfing Intent Data Waves To Read Audiences Minds

Bombora tracks the billions of interactions readers have with all those sites’ content every month. At the moment, Bombora is tracking between 700 million and 1.2 billion interactions every day, and can identify from which of roughly 1.8 million corporate entities those interactions emanate. To make sense of it all, Bombora developed a single uniform taxonomy of B2B topics with about 2,800 leafs, which it applies to all the content in the cooperative, according to Rob Armstrong, the company’s head of [...] [more]
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discussion 9 re-engagement emails that won us over for good [GFX]

You’ve tried everything. You’ve used different subject lines, experimented with send times, mixed up your content… and nothing. Your subscriber still won’t engage with your emails. That’s when it’s time to launch a re-engagement campaign. According to a study by Salesforce, 63% of marketers surveyed said that re-engagement campaigns are “very effective.” And a study by Return Path found that 45% of recipients who received win-back emails read subsequent messages. [...] [more]
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 stats Strategic Timing Tips for Resend Campaigns

We analyzed 1,300 campaigns and their corresponding resend campaigns to see if we could find what factors make resend campaigns successful. The first question I want to answer today is: How long should you wait to resend a campaign? Note: These charts don’t show the engagement rates of the resend campaign. Instead, they show additional metrics from the resend campaign as if they were added to the engagement metrics from the original campaign. We liked this measurement because it demonstrates the real [...] [more]
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discussion Sending Apology Emails: 3 Design Tips for Saying "Oops!" [GFX]

Wrap-up: Creating apology emails Issuing an apology doesn’t have to be painful. When you’re designing your apology email, follow these simple steps: Start with the subject line. It should be clear in just a few words that your email is a correction and an apology. Try words like “Correction,” “oops,” and “sorry.” Position your correction, update, and apology at the top of your email. Try a call-out box like CNET, Ouidad, or Uniqlo so your readers see it immediately. You only need 1 or 2 sentences [...] [more]
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tactics Resending Email Campaigns: 6 Tips for Success

Have you noticed something different in your inbox lately? Actually, it’s not so much “different” as “the same.” That is, marketers resending email campaigns that you didn’t open, click or convert on the first time. Resending email campaigns to boost results is a hot topic now that we have data showing how they perform and what can drive better or worse results. [...] [more]
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 tactics The Value of a Resend Campaign, By the Numbers

The phrase “one weird trick” usually sets off alarm bells, but what if I told you there was one weird trick that could increase your open rates by 8.7%? It’s true, and I have the data to prove it. All you have to do is resend your campaign to subscribers who didn’t open the first time. [...] [more]
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strategy Smart Segmentation Tactics to Increase Engagement and Conversions

If you’re a Listrak client, you have the ability to segment on consumer behavior like purchase patterns, browsing activity, email engagement, geo-location and more. You have likely worked with your account manager or your internal team to come up with the best way to use all the behavioral data that you have at your fingertips to create saved segments. Once you create a saved segment in Listrak, that audience is a dynamic target moving forward. As individuals change their behaviors they are actively [...] [more]
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tactics 30 Ways to Slice Your Database for Better Segmentation

If you're new to the world of email marketing, you might be unfamiliar with the importance of segmenting your email lists. But it's a big deal: According to DMA, 77% of email marketing ROI came from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns in 2015. The best part about email segmentation? There are a ton of creative ways you can segment your email list to run innovative and effective campaigns that leads and customers will enjoy, from geography and industry to content format and topic. The more in [...] [more]
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discussion Triggered Campaigns Relevant, Timely and Interactive

According to a recent survey by IBM and eConsultancy, only 21% of consumers consider communications from the average retailer “usually relevant.” Another survey by the E-tailing Group revealed that about half of consumers purchase more from retailers that use their interests and purchase behavior to personalize their experience. Furthermore, 53% of consumers said they spend more with brands that make website product recommendations based on browsing or buying behaviors. [...] [more]
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tactics Tokenizing email addresses for better lead segmentation

B2B lead generation programs are often centered around capturing an email address. It is common for marketers to segment email addresses based on domain for deliverability tracking. But, there is often deeper insight into lead type and quality to be derived from further interrogation of the components that make up an email address. An email address can be split into three component parts: The username [...] [more]
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 discussion Retargeting: Browsing your website does not mean I want your spam

I recently fell down a deep dark hole on the internet. It began by researching a part for my central air conditioning but ended up with me stumbling upon a terrible development in modern advertising: spam driven by my browsing habits. If that sounds like a privacy invading hellscape you’d like to avoid, read on, dear reader. [...] [more]
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