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discussion Initial Renders Metric for Better Engagement Tracking

A consequence of this approach is the possibility of underreporting engagement because some mailbox providers—notably Gmail—truncate message content that they consider too long. This means a recipient may open and read part of the content, but the open pixel would not render and would therefore not record the open. To help our customers get a more accurate picture of who is opening and reading their email, we’re adding an additional open pixel at the top of the message. It drives a new metric labeled [...] [more]
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 stats Email Marketing Benchmarks

You're busy doing your best to improve your online campaign results. You run A/B tests, segment your lists, and try different approaches to connect with your audience. While you're checking your analytics, you may be wondering – How do I stack up against others in my industry? What are the best practices I should follow to be more successful? We've come to help. We've analyzed almost 2 billion emails sent by our customers from March to May 2017, in 126 countries across 19 industries. [...] [more]
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stats Quarterly email benchmark report, Q1 2017 [PDF]

Email volume rose by 14.9% in Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016. Open rates were similar to the rates seen in Q1 2016. Although click rates declined by 11.9%, YOY transaction rates had a 10.4% increase, and revenue per email matched the $0.06 received in Q1 2016. Fifty-three percent of total email opens occurred on mobile phones or tablets in Q1 2017. This is a decrease from the 59% seen in Q1 2016. Consumer products and services, media and entertainment, multi-channel retailers and publishers all saw [...] [more] 
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stats E-Mail-Marketing Benchmark 2017 [PDF]

„Wie hoch ist die durchschnittliche Öffnungsrate?“, „Ist meine Klickrate im grünen Bereich?“, „Sind unsere Bounce-Raten zu hoch?“ – diese und vergleichbare Fragen umtreiben viele Marketer. Unternehmen haben erfahrungsgemäß großes Interesse daran, sich mit Wettbewerb und anderen Marktteilnehmern zu vergleichen. Aus gutem Grund: Der Vergleich zeigt wo die Unternehmen stehen – und wo eventuell noch Optimierungspotenzial besteht. Diese Benchmarkstudie bietet Orientierung. Hierzu wurden mehr als 13 Mrd. [...] [more] 
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stats Benchmark Report 2017 - Comparing stats from 2016 [Snippet]

Welcome to the latest Communicator Benchmark Report, analysing over 3 billion emails sent in 2016 across 17 sectors. Following on from last year’s report, we’ve collated the stats and created this easily digestible deck to review and pick out the key information that’s relevant for you. We’ve highlighted our key findings from last year to give you the best possible insight into your activity and to help you benchmark this against other businesses. [...] [more] 
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stats Guide to Email for Ecommerce [PDF]

Every day, we help thousands of ecommerce companies deliver email to millions of recipients. SendGrid’s platform is an ideal solution for many of these companies because it can be used to send both transactional and marketing email. In addition to meeting all the email needs of ecommerce senders, SendGrid is the industry leader when it comes to customer support, deliverability, and email expertise. [...] [more] 
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stats Ecommerce Email Marketing Engagement Up In 2017

Before diving into the changes year over year, note that these figures are trends and may not accurately represent the performance of your particular email program. Each program is different and these stats are meant to provide a benchmark so you can see how you compare to other programs. Check out the full ecommerce guide for more advice on how to optimize your ecommerce email program. Ecommerce marketers appeared to send less email this year than last. The monthly send rate went down from 18 to 14 [...] [more]
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stats Email Open Rate Benchmarks for Sales Messages

I have to say the overall figure of 37% of sales emails across all industries being opened seemed pretty high to me. Once that is noted, however, it's time to see which industries are getting it right and which are getting it wrong. To be honest, the league table for open rates pretty much reads as you would expect it to. The industries at the top are those that we are usually interested in and have a need to interact with. That's why we have construction, HR, real estate, shopping, beauty, and [...] [more]
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tactics Trick für 100 Prozent gesteigerte Öffnungsrate

Wir haben mit einem Marketing Trick die Öffnungsrate unserer E-Mail-Newsletter um 100 Prozent gesteigert. Hier verraten wir, wie das geht. [...] [more]
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stats Quarterly email benchmark report Q3 2016 - July, August, September [PDF]

Email volume rose by 19.8% in Q3 2016 compared to Q3 2015. Though send volume increased, transaction rates, revenue per email, and average order values were similar to the rates seen in Q3 2015. Year-over-year total click rates have declined for the past 4 quarters. We found a negative correlation between the increase in clicks on mobile phones, and the decline in total click rates. [...] [more] 
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discussion How To Have World-Class Email Open Rates

Emailing is probably one of the most important marketing channels in any company. It’s an amazing channel for many reasons, and mainly because it can have a very positive ROI. Neil Patel wrote in his blog that it is estimated you get a $39.40 return on every $1 invested into email marketing. But before being very profitable with emailing, the first step is to have a good [...] [more]
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tactics How I reached 42,5% overall open rate and 18,65% click rate

We just took a look at our data and saw that automated emails had much higher open rate than bulk emails, the same applies to click-through rate too. Although we segment our mailing list as much as we can but still, behavior-based emails easily outperform it. I give you the exact open and click-through rates, our interpretation of the data, how it compares to the benchmarks and show you 3 emails we send as an example. [...] [more]
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stats SendGrid’s Global Email Benchmark Report [PDF]

SendGrid’s inaugural Global Email Benchmark Report, researched and written by our Big Data Team and our email deliverability experts, dives into the engagement metrics of email sent through SendGrid to help you improve your sending strategy and increase the effectiveness of your email program. The insights and data for this report came from 30 billion emails from about 100,000 different senders to over 1.5 billion different recipients. [...] [more] 
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discussion Why Measuring Subject Line Success by Opens Is All Wrong

Subject lines are incredibly important to the success of an email marketing program. Marketers understand that. It’s why email marketers A/B test subject lines more than any other email element, according to our State of Email Design report. However, what many marketers don’t understand is how to determine whether a subject line is successful. [...] [more]
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stats Infographic - Performance of Emojis in Email Subject Lines

The results revealed that different countries and cultures respond to Emoji use differently, and that not all Emojis had the same effect. OK, so what worked and what didn’t in the US? The research reveals that Americans are 43% more likely to open an email if the subject line includes an Emoji. Interestingly enough, in the US, the type of Emoji did not make a real difference in open rates: the four different faces presented similar results, with open rates ranging from 27 to 29% (average open rate [...] [more]
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