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 tactics Getting Email Marketing Credit Where Due: Attribution Ideas for Every Business

A few months back, I wrote about using data to determine the timing, content, and impact of your email marketing campaigns (See: 6 Steps to Putting Data to Work in Email). In the last few months, the element I find myself discussing most with colleagues and clients is the latter: What data can we use to attribute the impact of our hard working email marketing campaigns? When it comes to challenges in attribution, I’ve heard it all: [...] [more]
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stats The State of Marketing Attribution 2017 [PDF]

Marketing attribution is an effective tool. But it may be slowing down email growth. As a result of attribution, only 28% of marketers are increasing their email budget this year compared with 41% in 2016, according to “The State of Marketing Attribution 2017,” a new study by AdRoll for Econsultancy. Worse, 32% are decreasing their email budgets, versus 24% last year. And attribution is again to blame. However, this seems to be part of a general flattening. [...] [more] 
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stats Retail Personalization Index

See what sets them apart. Storied brands, household names, and rising upstarts are featured in the Sailthru 100 based on their personalized customer experiences across email, web, mobile, and more. [...] [more]
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stats The E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study 2017: 15 Essential Takeaways

Wolfgang Digital analyzed 143 million website sessions and $531 million in online revenues to find out how e-commerce KPIs correlate to conversions and which metrics drive success. Email delivers three times as much revenue as Facebook on a last-click basis. Those who get more traffic from email also enjoy a higher AOV (0.24). [...] [more]
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discussion UX Design for Email Newsletters: 5 Things to Know

The topic of UX in relation to email newsletters perhaps doesn’t come up that often in conversation. Not that I talk about email newsletters that much with my friends over a pint of beer anyway. But still. It seems niche. It seems like this one thing that’s “out there somewhere” that should just probably take care of itself. After all, emails are a one-off thing, right? Once you send them out, and people read them, they vanish, never to be seen again. So whatever mistake we make in email newsletter [...] [more]
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discussion Amazon audience match will make you a stronger marketer

Amazon is using CRM data and audience matching to help brands market to customers and potential customers with smarter digital advertising. [...] [more]
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social Testing Your Way to Better Facebook Ads

Who you target matters. When you build Facebook ads in MailChimp, you can create an audience with the list of contacts you already send to. According to our data, using your list to find and target similar people on Facebook can more than double an ad’s ROI. For Feminist Apparel, targeting similar people alone wasn’t generating sales; they needed to get more specific. So they used our list segmentation tools to target people with similar interests to their best and most-engaged customers. “It’s incre [...] [more]
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discussion Attribution: Powering ads and analytics innovations with machine learning

Today, we're announcing Google Attribution, a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels -- all in one place, and at no additional cost. [...] [more]
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strategy Convergence of Personalization, Lifecycle Marketing and Channels [GFX]

The customer journey is on longer linear. While some consumers opt-in to an email list the first time they visit a site when they’re still in the awareness or consideration phase, many others subscribe during the checkout process – either online or at your physical location. [...] [more]
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tactics Attribution: Busting the ROI Myth

In this day and age, digital marketers have the ability to be pickier than ever when it comes to new software. For every marketing problem, there are at least a handful of solutions to choose from; however, they all come with a price attached. One of the most painstaking jobs that marketers are tasked with is accurately measuring ROI from all of their channels and tools. Every tool comes with promises of dramatically increasing ROI, but how do you, as a marketer fully realize whether or not the [...] [more]
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discussion Kundenmanagement: Der Dialog bestimmt, wohin die Reise geht [PDF]

Dialog mit Marken? „Alles Quatsch!“, schallte es vor kurzem wieder einmal aus den Reihen der klassischen Werber und Mediaplaner. Dabei ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen: Jeder Euro, der für dialognahe Kommunikation ausgegeben wird, zahlt mehr auf den Unternehmenswert ein als die Marke. Ein Grund mehr für Unternehmenslenker, in der digitalisierten Welt die Koordinaten ihrer Marketingstrategie neu aus zurichten. [...] [more] 
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stats Customer Journey meets E-Mail – und welche Rolle digitale Screens dabei spielen Erscheinungsdatum [PDF]

Über 9 von 10 Personen nutzen die E-Mail anschaffungsbezogen im Laufe der Customer Journey. Knapp drei Viertel der Befragten setzen ihren E-Mail-Account in der Nachkaufphase als „Monitoring-Tool“ nach einer Transaktion ein. Bei Multi-Device-Nutzern zeigt sich sowohl vor als auch nach dem Kauf eine erhöhte anschaffungsbezogene E-Mail-Aktivität. Das Smartphone wird in allen Kaufphasen am häufigsten genutzt. [...] [more] 
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stats E-Mail als zentraler Touchpoint im Kaufentscheidungsprozess

Die E-Mail bietet demnach in den verschiedenen Phasen der Kaufentscheidung zahlreiche Touchpoints zur Ansprache der Zielgruppen – dies gilt für große und kleine Screens. Neun von zehn Personen nutzen die E-Mail im Verlauf der Customer Journey und rund 80 Prozent registrieren sich für Newsletter oder in Onlineshops. Besonders interessant wird die E-Mail für Kunden immer dann, wenn eine Produkt-Vorauswahl getroffen wurde. 66 Prozent kommunizieren in dieser Phase via elektronischer Post mit einem [...] [more]
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stats Digitales Customer Engagement in 2016 [PDF]

Mapp hat eine internationale Marktforschungsstudie durchgeführt, um die Benchmarks und Best Practices im digitalen Omni-Channel-Marketing zu identifizieren. Dafür wurden die Aktivitäten von 50 führenden E-Commerce-Unternehmen in Deutschland in den Kanälen E-Mail, Mobile Apps und Social Media analysiert. Wir haben zunächst festgestellt, auf welchen Kanälen die Unternehmen jeweils aktiv sind. Dann haben wir alle Kommunikationen abonniert, die auf ihren Webseiten und Mobile Apps angeboten werden und [...] [more] 
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discussion Best Practice im Cross-Channel gibt es nicht

Was läuft bislang noch schief beim Thema Cross-Channel? ERIC JANKOWFSKY: Alle denken nur an Selbstbedienung im Laden, aber das ist absoluter Unsinn. Wenn der Kunde Selbstbedienung will, setzt er sich auf die Parkbank und zückt sein Smartphone. Es wird doch gar nicht gefragt, was der Kunde will. In Deutschland rangiert der Cross-Channel-Ansatz daher ganz weit hinten. Die Händler definieren sich über ihr Sortiment oder ihre Lieferantenbeziehungen. Ganz ehrlich: Amazon ist das völlig wurscht. Die denken [...] [more]
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