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discussion What Will Happen To Yahoo Mail?

Now that Verizon has officially completed its acquisition of the fallen Internet giant, what will happen to Yahoo’s once-popular email client? Verizon closed its acquisition on Yahoo’s core Internet business on Tuesday for $4.5 billion, including Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Sports. The ramifications of Yahoo’s acquisition have already begun to unfold in the business world. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, resigned from her position on Tuesday after the business deal officially closed. [...] [more]
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discussion The 6 Stages of The Subscriber Lifecycle & Email Virality [MP3]

“Customer Lifecycle” is a phrase that’s ubiquitous in marketing. The Customer Lifecycle describes the steps a customer goes through from Consideration to Purchase to Loyalty. But when you think specifically about email marketing, have you ever heard about the term, “Subscriber Lifecycle?” In this episode, Chad White, author of the book, “Email Marketing Rules” and Research Director at Litmus, details the 6 stages of the Subscriber Lifecycle, the differences between social and email virality and what [...] [more]
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discussion E-Mail-Marketing: Kundendaten optimal nutzen [PDF]

Konzepte, Strategien, Tipps und Tricks für den Einsatz des E-Mail-Marketing-Instruments in Unternehmen. Für E-Mails gilt: Nach dem Klick ist vor dem Klick – schließlich soll die Reise für den User nach dem Öffnen noch weitergehen. Newsletter lesen, auf Links klicken und im Optimalfall auch konvertieren. Hierbei wird oft der Einfluss sogenannter Usability-Faktoren unterschätzt, die für einen Klick oder gar Kauf von entscheidender Bedeutung sein können. Die Usability ist das oft vergessene Stiefkind [...] [more] 
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discussion The Impact of Outlook's Focused Inbox for Email Marketers

Organize your emails with Outlook’s focused inbox. Campaign Monitor shows how Outlook email will help your marketing campaign and organize chaotic inboxes. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Marketing, Trend

strategy Email Insider Summit 2017 Videos & Slides [VID]

Day 1: Customer-First Messaging. It's not about the campaign but the customer. We open EIS at the nexus of new technology and marketing trends by exploring what a customer-first approach means to a range of brands, how companies are building and using identity graphs and how they are combining the latest tools and messaging to enhance engagement. [...] [more]
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stats Single Email or Series? Choosing the Most Effective Automation for Your Business

On average, an abandoned cart series produces an order for every 43 recipients, as compared to a single abandoned cart email, which yields an order for every 54 recipients. That’s a 24% increase in orders per recipient. Still not convinced? Let’s compare average revenue per automation for the abandoned cart series and the abandoned cart email. [...] [more]
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discussion Email Insider Summit - Keeping Customers First In The Robot Age [VID]

The spring 2017 edition of MediaPost's Email Insider Summit will highlight marketers learning to aim the latest trends in messaging, tech and distribution at marketing goals, not gadgetry. We will feature people-based marketing that builds longer term lifecycle relationships with consumers, not just executes immediate campaigns. [...] [more]
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discussion From https to http and protocol-relative URLs in email

When you link to an external resource – an image, a javascript file, some css style – from a web page you do so with a URL, usually something like “https://example.com/blahblah.css” or “http://example.com/blahblah.css”. The world is beginning to go all https, all the time, but until recently good practice was to make a web page available via both http and https. [...] [more]
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discussion Internet-Shops nerven mit E-Mail-Flut?

Zuerst kommt die Bestätigung, dass man ein Konto beim Anbieter XY eröffnen will (Nummer 1) und das, bitte, verifizieren möge. Klick. Dann trudelt die nächste ein (2): Herzlich willkommen, wir sind die tollsten und danke, dass du – wieso eigentlich die penetrante Duzerei? – jetzt dabei bist. Es folgt die Bestellbestätigung (3). Dann die Mail, dass eine Zahlung für den Shop XY (4) eingetroffen ist. Und eine vom Zahlungsdienstleister, dass man wo was bezahlt hat (5). Eine weitere Mail (6) verrät, dass [...] [more]
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discussion Yahoo is testing New Mail Beta

What's different from Yahoo Mail NEO, which will become the new Classic Mail? Less cluttered interface. Improved stability and responsiveness. Messenger now opens in a new browser tab. Instantly find Photos and Documents from your emails. Calendar, Contacts, and Notepad still open in classic Yahoo Mail. [...] [more]
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discussion FreshInbox: On a Mission to Take Interactive Email Mainstream

“Email really got stuck,” Khoo says. “You couldn’t do cool things with it, because if you tried something too ambitious, it wouldn’t work across clients. And the email services didn’t seem too interested in fixing it.” That’s when Khoo came up with an idea. What if he founded a site that could serve as a resource for programmers and coders while prodding email services to do better? “FreshInbox became a way for me to talk about the problems I saw,” Khoo says. “I didn’t expect it to take off. I just [...] [more]
medium.com    Design, Marketing

discussion The most common mistakes bloggers make with their newsletter

Bloggers and newsletters are a combination we see a lot nowadays. Almost every blogger has a signup form for their newsletter on their website. This serves as a sign that bloggers understand the importance of newsletters more and more. But I see a lot of bloggers using newsletters only to notify subscribers that a new post is online. Because of this, I dove deeper in newsletters from bloggers to find out what common mistakes they make, and how to fix them! [...] [more]
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discussion How a simple newsletter grew our business and turned into a product.

At the time we were building the initial version of Ludlow, we were also working on a proof of concept machine learning / recommednation engine that would pull out contextual data from print, image, and video content, then based on preference recommend said content to users, and although research revealed a difficult path for this product, it consequently wound up in Ludlow powering the platform’s artificial intelligence. Not only were we now able to pull content from a multitude of sources, but we [...] [more]
medium.com    Marketing

strategy Convergence of Personalization, Lifecycle Marketing and Channels [GFX]

The customer journey is on longer linear. While some consumers opt-in to an email list the first time they visit a site when they’re still in the awareness or consideration phase, many others subscribe during the checkout process – either online or at your physical location. [...] [more]
listrak.com    Automation, Gallery, Customization, Marketing, Multichannel

 discussion Adidas apologises for 'you survived Boston Marathon' email

Adidas has issued an apology after a marketing email to customers who participated in Monday's Boston Marathon was branded 'insensitive' and 'extremely inappropriate'. [...] [more]
telegraph.co.uk    Subjectline, Marketing, Social
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