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stats 4th Annual State of Marketing Report [PDF]

In our fourth annual “State of Marketing” report, Salesforce Research surveyed 3,500 marketing leaders worldwide. Throughout this report, high-performing marketing leaders are defined as those who are extremely satisfied with the current outcomes realized as a direct result of their company’s marketing investment, as well as their overall marketing performance compared to their competitors. See page 3 for detailed performance information. [...] [more] 
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stats 2017 State of Email Marketing Survey Report [PDF]

The email marketing channel continues to dominate the digital marketing landscape in terms of performance. But what strategies and tactics are having the greatest impact on email marketing in 2017? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the 2017 State of Email Marketing Survey. We thank the marketing influencers responding to this survey for sharing their valuable insights with us, and you. [...] [more] 
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discussion Email Strategies for Success [PDF]

If you're like a lot of your fellow email marketers, you have one particular competitor that you keep your eye on all the time. You scrutinize their message content, cadence, and focus. You track what they do with their emails all year long with standard programs like welcome, win-back, holiday messaging, segmentation, and cart abandonment. You might even copy something that looks cool. If those guys are doing it, it must be working, right? Maybe. Maybe not. You might find yourself sharing a [...] [more] 
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tactics Kopfkino - mit "Impliziten Signalen" mehr verkaufen

Liebe auf den ersten und auch zweiten Blick… oder auch nicht? Wie Du durch den Einsatz "Impliziter Signale" das Nutzerverhalten auf Deiner Webseite beeinflusst, und welche Rolle der “Halo Effect” dabei spielt, zeigt Dir das überzeugungsKRAFT-Team in diesem 6-minütigen Video mit vielen Anwendungsbeispielen. [...] [more]
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discussion UX Design for Email Newsletters: 5 Things to Know

The topic of UX in relation to email newsletters perhaps doesn’t come up that often in conversation. Not that I talk about email newsletters that much with my friends over a pint of beer anyway. But still. It seems niche. It seems like this one thing that’s “out there somewhere” that should just probably take care of itself. After all, emails are a one-off thing, right? Once you send them out, and people read them, they vanish, never to be seen again. So whatever mistake we make in email newsletter [...] [more]
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discussion Interview mit Nico Zorn: Warum E-Mail-Marketing immer noch die Online-Marketing-Geheimwaffe ist

Was sagst du Leuten, die behaupten, dass E-Mail-Marketing doch sowieso nicht funktioniert? Ich sage ihnen, dass für einen großen Teil unserer Kunden, insbesondere aus dem E-Commerce-Bereich, E-Mail-Marketing das mit Abstand wichtigste Instrument für die Ansprache der bestehenden Kunden ist. Im Gegensatz zu einigen Marketing-Trends und „Social Gimmicks“ bringt ihnen der Kanal plan- und messbaren Umsatz. [...] [more]
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discussion Good for our KPI’s, bad for our users — we’re killing our newsletter

Obviously we felt the same way, so it was really a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if.’ We knew that it’d add more tasks to our already too-frickin’-overloaded Zesty schedule and — like most of the things [...] [more]
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tactics Stop BCCing Yourself Marketing Emails

I have heard of companies using the BCC, occasionally, for record keeping in the financial services and statement fulfillment world. I recently had a conversation with a financial services employee about the BCC—he was focused on one specific use case: storing copies of emails sent to recipients from a bank. This got me thinking about different methods of achieving the requisite communication storage of a BCC yourself while doing it in a more efficient (and slightly less archaic manner). [...] [more]
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discussion What Looking At Billions Of Emails Has Taught Me

Every Friday, I look at a few billion emails. More specifically, I run some standard reports on an anonymized database of a few million active consumer mailboxes every Friday. This data is generated by users who have installed one of several email applications in exchange for the ability to see aggregated anonymous data about what’s going on in the user’s mailbox. The installation of these applications includes explicit, positive permission to use the data on an anonymous and aggregated basis. [...] [more]
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discussion Entschuldigungsmails richtig einsetzen

Eine Entschuldigung im Posteingang weckt automatisch die Neugierde. Immer mehr Unternehmen entdecken diesen Trick nun und entschuldigen sich für alles Mögliche. Dabei sollten ein paar Regeln beachtet werden. [...] [more]
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discussion 4 Big Reasons Your Email Campaigns Continue to Fail

1. Your Headlines Aren’t Irresistible. Think about it. Most people check their email every day. Especially with mobile email, it is more convenient than ever to sift through our inboxes whenever we feel like it. Lots of email interaction happens at the office – a report by the McKinsey Global Institute found that 28% of the average work week is taken up by email. [...] [more]
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discussion Give your incentives a reality check

Everyone wants a reason to purchase or interact with your brand online, so give them a little incentive... Whether you choose to send specific and triggered messages within your email activity, or use them in your regular communications, incentives are a powerful tool to convince people to open your emails, click through from them, and ultimately make a purchase. [...] [more]
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discussion Why no one has 're-inveted' email yet

You may remember the great tech crisis of 2014: Email was broken! We were getting so overwhelmed by the deluge of messages flooding our inboxes that we were missing more of the important ones. Our inboxes had evolved from helpful, at-times-cheery ("You've got mail!") tools into overstuffed lockers of digital dread. I'm not talking about about spam, either. That problem was more or less solved in the late 2000s with better filtering. But as email evolved to become the primary method of "asynchronous [...] [more]
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discussion Current Email Program Resourcing Levels Have Many Marketers Feeling Under-Supported and Disrespected

With brands sending more email and investing more in email marketing technology because of high return on investments, email marketing is feeling the love. But that’s not the case with many email marketers, who are feeling under-supported, underappreciated, and misunderstood. The core of many marketers’ frustrations revolve around resources—in terms of technology, staffing, and time. More than one-third of marketers say their email programs are “under-resourced” or “very under-resourced,” according [...] [more]
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discussion Scott's Cheap Flights - from a small side project to 600,000 subscribers & $4 million annual revenue

Scott's Cheap Flights is a freemium email-based subscription service where Scott (and now a small team of other flight searchers) spend 12+ hours each day searching for extremely cheap fares. Think $350 roundtrip flights to Paris, or $400 roundtrip flights to Japan. When we come across one of those great fares, we email it out to subscribers with instructions on how to book, when it's available, how long we think the deal will last, and other info. Approximately 600,000 people around the world [...] [more]
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