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discussion E-Mail-Award 2018: Gold für Ex Libris und Focus

Im Rahmen der Fachkonferenz DialogSummit wurde der E-Mail- & Data-Driven-Marketing-Award für die besten E-Mail-Kampagnen verliehen. In der Kategorie „E-Mailing“ konnte sich Ex Libris mit Epoq gegen alle Konkurrenten durchsetzen. Data-Driven E-Mail-Marketing bei Focus, umgesetzt von Sendeffect, gewann in der Kategorie „Newsletter“. [...] [more]
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discussion Google to launch new Gmail design in the coming weeks

Google is planning to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface soon. In an email to G Suite administrators, obtained by The Verge, the company says the new design will include “several new features” that will also be made available to regular Gmail accounts. Google promises a “fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web,” with features like Smart Reply, the ability to snooze emails, and offline support. [...] [more]
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discussion This is what the new Gmail will look like

After we posted that report, a trusted source offered to let us see the Google redesign early. The new design we received supports the claims of features like smart replies and email snoozing, and enables a sidebar of plugins that give you easy access to different Google apps like Calendar and Keep. [...] [more]
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discussion Yahoo Mail Tests New Brand Safety Standard BIMI

Yahoo Mail will be the first email service provider to test a security standard that allows brand logos to be displayed alongside emails in the inbox list, combining branding with security. The new standard -- Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) -- was developed by Agari, an eight year-old cybersecurity firm, which worked with Comcast, Google, Microsoft and Oath, the parent of Yahoo Mail. [...] [more]
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discussion 4 Email Blast Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistake #1: Overdoing it—because email fatigue is real Is your email campaign calendar bursting at the seams? You may feel tempted to fill out your email marketing calendar with consistent promotional emails and newsletters to maintain communication with your recipients. But take a step back and consider a favorite brand of yours. Do you get emails from them every day, and if you do, do you open them? [...] [more]
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discussion Diese 5 E-Mails sollten Sie kennen

Täglich überfluten unzählige E-Mails die Inbox. Für Marketer wird es immer schwerer, hier noch aufzufallen. Dabei hilft es, das Verhalten der Nutzer zu kennen. Denn die meisten E-Mails werden ungelesen gelöscht – aber eben nicht alle! [...] [more]
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discussion Image Caching in Webmails – Alarm for your Email Metrics?

Recently Yahoo! Mail announced that they have changed how they handle embedded images in emails. Similar to the bold move by Gmail in 2013 to adopt image caching, Yahoo! will now cache all the images and display them from their own proxy servers. Webmails like Gmail and Yahoo! implemented this to greatly improve email load speed and reliability, but it throws a monkey wrench into the works for email marketing. [...] [more]
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discussion New Mail, Calendar, and People experiences coming to Outlook.com

Last year, we launched the Outlook.com beta to bring you a faster, smarter, and more personalized inbox. We’d like to thank the millions of people who opted into the beta over the last six months and provided valuable feedback. We’re wrapping up the first phase of the beta by rolling out the new Mail experience to all Outlook.com users and launching new beta experiences in Calendar and People. Let’s look at what you can expect to see in Outlook.com in the coming weeks: [...] [more]
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discussion Yahoo! Mail Introduces Image Caching—What Marketers Must Know

Here's everything you must know about image caching in Yahoo! Mail and how it can impact your email metrics and the use of dynamic content.  [...] [more]
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tactics Email Tactics Customers Hate: Webinar Recording + Q&A [VID]

In this webinar, we help you distinguish between the email tactics that help your email program and those that hurt it because they’re abusive and annoying. [...] [more]
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tactics Yelp tests offline attribution using guest WiFi and email matching

Yelp used a one-day attribution window for exposed users who didn’t click on ads and a 30-day attribution window for users who clicked. Yelp didn’t use individual customer transaction data to calculate ROI, but used average ticket value and table size data supplied by Jack Astor’s. Email addresses of registered Yelp users were matched with email addresses provided to access guest WiFi in the restaurants. Given this approach, it’s possible that some users who saw the ads and went into Jack Astor’s [...] [more]
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strategy E-Book: Relevanz im Marketing - wie Baur, Tennis-Point und Leifheit effizienter werben [PDF]

Die Beispiele zeigen, wie mit passenden Daten den richtigen Kunden das richtige Angebot gemacht wird. Wie sich Datenqualität sichern lässt und Datensilos vermieden werden. Wie mit statistischen Zwillingen neue Kunden gewonnen werden. Wie mit Nurturing-Strecken das Interesse gemessen werden kann. Die Fallstudien zeigen, wie Big Data, Predictive Targeting und Künstliche Intelligenz in der Praxis eingesetzt werden. [...] [more] 
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discussion Relevanz macht Marketing glücklich

Tue Gutes und rede darüber. Wer als Unternehmen erfolgreich sein will, braucht neben guten Produkten auch Bekanntheit. Diese kauft sich ein Unternehmen, indem es Werbung schaltet: Paid Media. Besonders schlaue Unternehmen aber setzen auf kostenlose Werbung, indem sie sich ihren guten Ruf „verdienen“: Earned Media. Das Geheimnis lautet „Relevanz“. [...] [more]
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discussion How not to replace email

As of a month ago, the Apache Wave project is “retired”. Few people noticed; in the seven years that Wave was an Apache Incubator open source project, it never had an official release, and was stuck at version 0.4-rc10 for the last three years. Before being handed off to Apache in 2011, Wave was a Google product, first announced in 2009. Google made Wave fully accessible to the public in May of 2010, but announced they would no longer be developing it just three months later. [...] [more]
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discussion Why marketing technology is sucking the life out of the marketing profession

In the medical profession, technology is being used to cure disease, significantly improving life expectancy nearly everywhere in the world. In the automotive industry, we are at the dawn of nearly miraculous connected, self-driving vehicles. And in physics, technology is being applied to unlock the very secrets of our universe. In my own beloved profession of marketing, the primary application of technology is to find increasingly sophisticated ways to annoy people. And this, my friends, is the cent [...] [more]
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