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tactics Trick für 100 Prozent gesteigerte Öffnungsrate

Wir haben mit einem Marketing Trick die Öffnungsrate unserer E-Mail-Newsletter um 100 Prozent gesteigert. Hier verraten wir, wie das geht. [...] [more]
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tactics New Litmus Subject Line Checker [Paid Feature]

Your from name, subject line, and preview text are your ultimate first impression in the inbox. They encourage your subscribers to open and read your email. Without an open, there are no clicks; without clicks, there are no conversions. For many email campaigns, success depends on that first impression. [...] [more]
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tactics Sender Name Best Practices & Pitfalls

You wrecked your brain to come up with the best layout of the email. Whether to use the header image or to simply go with the text heading. What size of call-to-action button is big enough, and which color is the most appealing to the eyes? You are confident that your marketing piece will bring you tons of leads. [...] [more]
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tactics Say No to No-reply Email Addresses

What if people reply? Using a more welcoming reply-to email address can make it more likely for subscribers to reply to your emails. Understandably, this can be a little bit of a scary prospect. Ask yourself if you have the resources to handle replies from your marketing messages. Resources could mean people, tools, and even budget. ail addresses. [...] [more]
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discussion Should brands ever use ‘do not reply’ email addresses?

Why no-reply is annoying. A few reasons: It can increase spam reports. It implies a certain arrogance from the sender. We, the brand, can contact you this way, but don’t expect to reply to us on the same channel. It turns email into a one-way communication channel. People are unlikely to add such addresses to their address book. It’s bad for customer service (see below) [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Inbound Email Processing Use Cases For Your Apps

When people think of email, images of inboxes flooded with unread messages instantly spring to mind. That’s because the focus is always on receiving email—but there’s a lot of power in sending an email too. At SparkPost, we give you the ability to not only send email, whether it be a transactional 1-to-1 message or a message sent to a list of recipients, but also the ability to receive messages you can programmatically take action on. By utilizing inbound email processing, specifically inbound relay [...] [more]
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discussion Using Gmail For Email Marketing: Not Such A Good Idea

A few days ago, Loïc Le Meur published a post on the French blog Medium wondering why his newsletter kept being marked as spam in his subscribers’ inboxes. At first glance, he meticulously follows the best practices for sending bulk emails: he uses an opt-in only mailing list, an emailing service and he obviously offers quality content. So, what could possibly be causing his emails to end up in the spam folder? [...] [more]
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tactics How to Use Special Characters in Your Email Marketing

Emails with special characters aren’t just a blast to ? write, they could potentially help your emails get more opens and clicks – if you’re using them correctly. We wanted to give you a few ? pointers on how to use them to your best advantage. [...] [more]
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discussion What's the deliverability impact of changing the email domain?

If you are using a third party utility, there should be no impact to your deliverability or spam score. Sadly, this tactic is actually used by some spammers as their domains get blocked (URI or text-based). If you are sending on your own, it should have very little impact as-long-as your authentication is still valid and proper (which may need to be tweaked to accommodate the name change). [...] [more]
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mobile Starke mobile E-Mail-Previews

E-Mail Templates versagen oft schon bei der mobilen Vorschau. Drei Dinge sind für die Überwindung der Aufmerksamkeitshürde wichtig. 78 Prozent der in Deutschland lebenden Smartphone-Besitzer rufen ihre E-Mails mobil ab. Wer jetzt annimmt, dass auf optimale Darstellung bereits in der Display-Preview besonderen Wert gelegt wird, irrt leider, dabei ist gerade sie entscheidend. [...] [more]
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antispam Why the Yahoo and AOL DMARC Changes Will Affect Your Mailings (and How Google is Addressing It)

Now, if that rejected email happens to be mailing list email – i.e. mail that was sent through a mailing list, then the mailing list software will receive the bounce. And, and this is very important, most mailing list software is set to automatically remove any email address that bounces email. So is a lot of other mailing software, including autoresponder software, so this has the potential to affect a lot of business email. [...] [more]
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antispam AOL Mail updates DMARC policy to 'reject'

Today we moved to change our DMARC policy to p=reject. This helps to protect AOL Mail users' addresses from unauthorized use. It also stops delivery on what previously would have been considered authorized mail sent on behalf of AOL Mail users via non-AOL servers. If you're a bulk sender on behalf of AOL addresses, that probably includes mail sent from you. [...] [more]
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antispam AOL to reject bulk emails from AOL addresses

Just like you can no longer send a bulk message from a @yahoo.com account, you can now no longer send a bulk message from a @aol.com email address. If you do, any recipient that uses an email account provider that has adopted DMARC will not receive it. ISPs that have adopted DMARC on the receving end include Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo!, AOL, Comcast, and others. [...] [more]
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discussion The anatomy of From:

Compared with some of the more complex pieces of the email protocol the From: header seems deceptively simple. But I’ve heard several people be confused about what it’s made up of over the past couple of months, so I thought I’d dig a bit deeper into how it’s defined and how it’s used in practice. [...] [more]
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discussion Yahoo! and why you shouldn't use a freemail address as FROM

Yahoo! just announced that it has updated its DMARC policy to reject emails sent from some @yahoo domains. Since you don’t own the Yahoo! domain, bulk emails sent by you with a @yahoo domain will be rejected. Specifically, if you use a generic @yahoo.com or @yahoo.eu email as your FROM address, it is very likely that the ISPs that have adopted [...] [more]
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