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discussion The Great Mess of Alternative Text

This week, I once again had the pleasure to speak at Litmus Live in London. I gave a short talk about an Email Camera. But I also gave a longer talk called “The Great Mess of Alternative Text”. It’s a mix of some of my previous articles like How webmails block images, but with a lot of new content and research. While I’m still working on a full text transcript, here are my slides and list of ressources and links mentioned during my talk or used to prepare my talk. [...] [more]
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tactics Email Camera - take a picture in an email

This was presented on Tuesday 29 August at Litmus Live London as part of the #EmailHacks session hosted by Kevin Mandeville. You can find my slides here and view the email camera demo here. Here’s a transcript of my lightning talk. I really like video games. I am a big fan of Nintendo and especially of the Game Boy. I love the Game Boy. It was my first console when I was a child. And now I love to collect them. [...] [more]
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strategy Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Email Inspiration [VID]

You’ll also see our full list of email conversion stats from Black Friday 2016 and Cyber Week 2016, and email examples from five brands that sent wining Black Friday campaigns. Watch the full webinar recording below! [...] [more]
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discussion A Total Eclipse of The Inbox: Using a Natural Phenomenon in Your Email Marketing [GFX]

Did you see the amazing total solar eclipse? Here in PA we only got a partial eclipse, but it was still absolutely stunning. This was the first total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous United States since 1979 and will be one of history’s most widely document eclipses. And get this: in order to chase the eclipse across the nation, you would’ve had to travel roughly 2,400 mph! [...] [more]
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discussion Eclipse Email Designs We're Over the Moon For [GFX]

We’re still buzzing with excitement about the solar eclipse, and so is our inbox! As you might guess, brands took the opportunity to promote more than just eclipse glasses. Our inbox was full of special promotions and eclipse-themed content. Quite a few really impressed us! Check out our roundup of our favorite eclipse email designs. If you weren’t already inspired by the celestial bodies above, maybe you’ll take something away from the designs that eclipsed the rest. [...] [more]
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discussion The best email campaigns of the 2017 eclipse [GFX]

There's nothing like a major celestial event to bring out some eye-catching email campaigns. Sure, it'll be a while before another solar eclipse is visible in the United States. But that doesn't mean that you can't gather a key marketing lesson from this historic occasion. These email examples showcase the power of timeliness and using trending topics to capture attention in the inbox. Check 'em out and enjoy – we promise they're totality great! [...] [more]
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discussion Steal These 2017 Holiday Email Ideas [PDF]

Looking for holiday email inspiration? Look no further. This guide contains the most up-to- date email ideas for the 2017 season and beyond. You’ll find email inspiration for creating conversion-boosting transactional emails, year-in-review emails that surprise and delight, live poll emails that help you gather intel on your customers’ holiday shopping plans, plus several behavioral marketing tactics designed to boost engagement. [...] [more] 
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discussion Email Insider Summit - Keeping Customers First In The Robot Age [VID]

The spring 2017 edition of MediaPost's Email Insider Summit will highlight marketers learning to aim the latest trends in messaging, tech and distribution at marketing goals, not gadgetry. We will feature people-based marketing that builds longer term lifecycle relationships with consumers, not just executes immediate campaigns. [...] [more]
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stats UK Elections 2017: Which Party is King of Email Deliverability?

The UK general election is just two weeks away, and campaigning is in full swing! With email being used to communicate with voters, it’s a great opportunity for us to pick apart each political party’s email program and see how they are using this channel to win votes. In a 3-part series, I’ll review performance against a range of deliverability and subscriber engagement metrics to identify the best (and worst) performing programs. I’ll conclude the series with a bold prediction of what the election r [...] [more]
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antispam CSA Summit 2017 Recap

After giving an overview of how the CSA has developed over recent years (e.g. from 9 certification criteria in 2004 to 9 pages outlining the certification criteria in 2017), Ivanov formally handed over to the new Director of the Certified Senders Alliance, Julia Janßen-Holldiek. In a touching scene, Julia thanked Ivo for his work and leadership over the last years and presented him with a compass to symbolize his new role in the background guiding the overall direction of the CSA. The CSA team, the [...] [more]
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stats Mother’s Day Email Report: Tablet Email Read Lengths Were High

Email marketers – especially those in retail – love Mother’s Day. It’s an opportunity to deliver great experiences for shoppers and showcase their best products in a new light. But inboxes are also inundated with deals during Mother’s Day weekend. It’s not enough to have a great deal; you have to truly stand out from the pack to get your customers’ attention. We wanted to see just how much consumers were paying attention to their inboxes over Mother’s Day weekend. Here’s what we found. [...] [more]
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discussion A Look Back at 2016 Holiday Emails (US) [PDF]

Grabbing a shopper’s attention during the holiday season requires wit, whimsy and careful attention to timing. And that’s just what some of the best emails of the 2016 holiday season did. We reviewed thousands of emails sent between November 1 and the week before Christmas to find the best of the best – and a few noteworthy reminders of what not to do. In the “nice” column were creative GIFs, strong visuals and streamlined messages that made the offer easy to understand. In the “naughty” column, [...] [more] 
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discussion A Look Back at 2016 Holiday Emails (UK) [PDF]

Grabbing a shopper’s attention during the busy weeks leading up to Christmas requires wit, whimsy and careful attention to timing. And that’s just what some of the best emails of the 2016 season did. Animation, personalisation and lots of opportunities to click through were some of the highlights of the thousands of 2016 Christmas emails from the UK that we reviewed. [...] [more] 
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discussion Mother’s Day Email - Not a Vacuum Cleaner in Sight! [GFX]

Marketers have been fine-tuning their Mother's Day emails in attempt to snag a piece of the NRF's predicted $186.39 average spend per consumer this year. [...] [more]
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discussion Mother's Day email marketing ideas [GFX]

Americans will splurge on Mom in a big way again this year. The National Retail Federation projects a record-setting $23.6 billion on jewelry, flowers, cards, restaurant meals, clothing and “experience” gifts for Mother’s Day which is on May 14. Besides the overall spending jump—up 10.3% from last year’s record of $21.4 billion—shoppers also say [...] [more]
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