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tactics CSS Targeting for AOL Mail

Among webmail clients, I would say AOL Mail is the most friendly when it comes to processing CSS. Unlike Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail allows a lot more CSS styles and it allows developers to be more adventurous with their designs in AOL Mail. This is especially true for advanced CSS like animation and absolute positioning. However AOL Mail has its own quirks so its important to be able to target AOL Mail in our CSS styles so we can address this client. [...] [more]
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tactics The Yourzine Email Doctor: Gmail viewport issue

Got a problem with your email? The front-end developers at Yourzine are here to help! In each issue of our Email Doctor blog, we’ll explore a common issue which developers are finding when developing emails, diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe a fix for it! [...] [more]
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 discussion The Newest Email Design Trends of 2017

My wife, parents, in-laws, and friends ask me why I spend so much time analyzing spam which just gets deleted by everyone else. Instead, they argue, I could easily binge-watch some remake of a 90's classic on Netflix. You know what they say, though?: #EmailGeeks4Ever. (Okay, no one says that anymore.) [...] [more]
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tactics Super Mario Bros. game in email

Earlier this year Kristian Robinson (Email Developer/Designer) created a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ game in email. Game uses a basic two scenario journey. Game plays till game over?—?unless action button is pressed. So I’ve based the Super Mario Bros. game around that structure. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #69] Should We Stop Inlining CSS or Using Tables? [MP3]

Email Client Market Share: See which email clients are the most popular and get a snapshot of industry trends with our free tool. Why Litmus didn’t inline CSS for its first newsletter of 2017: Learn why we chose not to inline our CSS, and why it might be a good idea for you, too. Using CSS Grid for Litmus newsletter: Get an overview of how to use a CSS grid in an email using one of our newsletters as a case study. [...] [more]
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tactics Using Gmail EmailMarkup

The most common mean of communication between a provider and its customer is the email. Yet, few people care enough to customize it. And that’s a shame, because there are many nice tips that make them more qualitative. Of course, many of them implies Google… but who does not use Gmail today? You should have seen it in your Gmail mailbox, in some cases your mails have a different display or even an extra button (like a call-to-action). [...] [more]
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tactics Creating a Profile Image for Your Gmail Subscribers

I love profile images. As a consumer, I can quickly glance over my messages and see who they’re from. And as an email marketer, it’s a great way to build trust with subscribers and create engagement. Many of the brands I subscribe to use this feature. If a sender doesn’t select an image, the default is a brightly-colored circle with the first letter of the sender’s name. We recently added our logo for Gmail users for our email marketing efforts (if you’re not on our newsletter list, fix that here). [...] [more]
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tactics The New Yahoo! Mail and How to Target It

Yahoo! Mail released an update two weeks ago that came with a new UI, a few new features and some performance improvements. Yahoo! Mail also made some tweaks on how they process CSS as well. The significant change is that the new Yahoo! Mail no longer strips display:none styles when applied inline. You should note that since Yahoo! is taking an opt-in approach to the new UI, a large portion of the user base will still be using the old version. [...] [more]
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discussion Interactive Email Marketing Trends

With increasing competition in the online marketing world, it is becoming essential for businesses to innovate creative ways to appeal to customers via email. Learn some of the newest interactive email marketing trends to take advantage of. As opposed to traditional emails that would only contain plain text and occasional attachments, interactive emails are packed with exciting add-ons to appeal to their customers. Below are characteristics as well as advantages of using interactive emails for your [...] [more]
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discussion Kinetic Email Design- Build Engaging Emails [GFX]

Kinetic Interactive: These are emails that have additional elements that respond to user Kinetic interactive emails involve the use of the :hover, :active, :focus or :checked CSS selectors. The elements used in these emails are user-driven carousels containing navigation buttons and collapsible menus. This email from Adidas is a perfect example for kinetic interactive email. [...] [more]
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 tactics Building Successful Email Workflows: Webinar Rec. [VID]

Based on our 2017 State of Email Survey of more than 3,500 marketers, our second annual State of Email Workflows report takes a detailed look at every stage of email creation—from planning and creation to quality assurance and sending. The report is focused on industry averages, but what do exceptional email workflows look like? [...] [more]
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tactics 14 Email Hacks Every Email Programmer Needs To Know

In Email Marketing, your email has to render well if you want your subscribers to open your email and view your messages. Rendering is a problem in email clients. Every email client and device render [...] [more]
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discussion Email Design: 9 Apps and Plugins to Streamline Your Design Process

When it comes to email design, time is extremely important – especially as you ramp up for the holidays. We want to create gorgeous, user-friendly designs, but we don’t want to take forever doing it. That’s where apps and plugins come in handy! Here at Listrak, our creative services team spends each day crafting beautiful emails for our clients with the aid of our favorite apps and plugins. Not only do they help us design awesome emails, but they also save us time! Our team is constantly sharing new [...] [more]
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tactics When Forwarded Emails Break

In our research, out of over 400,000 emails analyzed, only 5% of them generated no forwards. Email forwarding is a natural, almost expected behavior. It’s a quick and easy way to share an email, and the action of forwarding an email is an established method of sharing a message, regardless of the email client you’re using. [...] [more]
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tactics Coding newsletters for Outlook

2017 is a great year for being a web developer. In the recent years we received great new tools and long-awaited updates to many established ones. Think of ES6/ES7, React/Angular or Node.JS. Therefore coding small HTML e-mail template should be a view to easy, boring work. Not so elementary, my dear Watson. [...] [more]
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