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discussion Warmup advice for Gmail

Start small. Gmail recommends starting out with 10 – 20 emails at a time. They mean it. You can send this low number of emails every few hours, so you’re not stuck at 10 emails per day. Do not try to send even 100 emails on your first send for a new IP / domain combination. That mail will end up in the bulk folder. Send to hyper engaged users. Simple engagement isn’t enough. You need to mail those people who are going to miss your mail and track it down if it’s in the bulk folder. Sign up for [...] [more]
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tactics Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! [PDF]

Read the guide to discover: How the world’s largest mailbox providers filter spam. Different inbox productivity features and how they can affect your email marketing campaigns. Which services each webmail provider has for marketers and how to sign-up for each one. What Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo require for authentication, DNS, and more. Which mailbox provider has public whitelists and which ones use accreditation services. And more! [...] [more] 
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tactics Best Practices with Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is one of the primary means of authenticating email messages as they transit the Internet. The importance of SPF is growing as additional technologies, such as DMARC, are built on top of the standard. As more domains implement SPF records, greater value is derived from the framework for anti-spam systems and mailbox [...] [more]
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discussion Google Postmaster bad IP reputation

There are widespread reports this morning (9/11/17) that Google postmaster tools is showing bad IP reputation for IPs starting on 9/9. This issue is affecting just about everyone. Looking through my client’s postmaster pages, I’m seeing red for IP reputation on every client. Even my clients with generally good reputation are seeing bad reputation since 9/9. [...] [more]
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strategy 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report [PDF]

Globally, one in five messages does not reach the inbox. Not only do they not reach the inbox, 70 percent of those messages are not delivered to the inbox or spam folder—rather they are blocked at the gateway. With 20 percent of email not reaching the inbox, marketers are missing out on not only potential revenue, but also the opportunity to build strong relationships with subscribers. In this year’s annual benchmark report, we take a look at how email gets delivered and the best way to measure inbox [...] [more] 
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stats 2017 State of Email Deliverability [PDF]

Subscriber acquisition sources, permission practices, authentication, list-unsubscribe and encryption, list hygiene and spam filter tools, inactivity management, analytics and deliverability monitoring [...] [more] 
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discussion Supporting new DNS RR types with dnsextlang, Part I

The Domain Name System has always been intended to be extensible. The original spec in the 1980s had about a dozen resource record types (RRTYPEs), and since then people have invented many more so now there are about 65 different RRTYPEs. But if you look at most DNS zones, you'll only see a handful of types, NS, A, AAAA, MX, TXT, and maybe SRV. Why? A lot of the other types are arcane or obsolete, but there are plenty that are useful. Moreover, new designs like DKIM, DMARC, and notorously SPF have [...] [more]
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discussion How ISP Rate Limiting Is Ruining Your Relationship

If Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Gmail and Hotmail could talk, sometimes they might sound just like this. There are plenty of reasons why they might put on the brakes and begin to limit the rate at which they accept email (i.e. rate limiting). But why do ISPs rate limit senders? And how can you respond without landing in the digital dog house? Here we'll explore two specific rate limiting techniques used by ISPs, and what they look like from a sender's perspective. Consider it a kind of [...] [more]
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discussion Email Best Practices for Building Reputation & Revenues

Email Marketing is an awesome part of the online marketing mix. Its costs are quite low compared to channels like print or SMS, and it is fast and well accepted by the customer. With service providers I can easily create a good looking newsletter, I can segment the market into target groups, and send the right content to the right person. And I can track and measure the success of my campaigns. [...] [more]
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tactics Transactional Email Speed: A 30-Day Experiment

With transactional emails, like order confirmation or password reset, every second counts. Find out how GreenArrow, Amazon SES, Mailgun, & SendGrid perform. [...] [more]
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discussion Email reputation — how meaningful is sender score?

I’m writing this article because recently I terminated a contract with a large, well known and trusted business because they benchmarked their performance on a metric I don’t think they understood?—?while disregarding more valuable, pertinent metrics aka— harder facts. I wanted to remind businesses how flawed and foolish that can be. [...] [more]
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discussion How Google Seemingly Cut My Audience in Half Overnight (Update)

After hundreds of shares on Twitter, Facebook ads targeting Google staff and even hitting the homepage of Hacker News, four days ago Google personally reached out to me (!). After sending a product manager at Gmail the email headers of some incorrectly marked messages, I received a response yesterday which said... "...some of your devoted subscribers saw the emails go to spam. This was due to a one-off bug that was subsequently fixed." In other words, I wasn't going crazy, and there really was an [...] [more]
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discussion How Google Seemingly Cut My Audience in Half Overnight (And Possibly Yours Too)

If you were to offer me a Facebook page with 10,000 genuine fans or an email list of 1,000 people who want to hear from me, I would take the email list without hesitation. Even if you sweeten the deal by adding 1,000 Youtube subscribers and 10,000 Twitter followers, I’ll still take the email list. [...] [more]
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discussion AOL: Reputation corrected and request denied

Check out the reply I received in response to a recent AOL Whitelist Request submission: Subject: Reputation corrected and request denied. Your Whitelist request, with the confirmation code X, has been denied. The requested IP address(es) is receiving temporary failures due to poor reputation. We have corrected the reputation and this should help in better delivery of mails. Please monitor the spam complaints via the feedback loop and re-apply for Whitelist after you have built a good 20-day history [...] [more]
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discussion deliveryindex.org is live!

Little has changed over the years in how the health of your email performance is measured. Almost all senders still use the Sender Score model to determine the health of their email programs. While simple and intuitive, this “scorecard” method is limited to looking at only a few aspects of your email program, primarily your IP reputation. Delivery Index uses a smarter measurement model, which goes far beyond SenderScore, to consider hundreds of variables when determining your domain’s email reputation[...] [more]
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