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strategy 7 Personalization Trends All Marketers Need to Know

Onboarding provides a really important opportunity for a brand to explain its value to a customer. Onboarding can be used to encourage customers to download an app, visit a web site, or sign up for email newsletters. Yet most brands don’t seem to realize this. They either send a single onboarding message or launch the user right into the full stream of messages, without regard to user behavior. EBay provides a powerful counterexample: A welcome stream introduces customers to the brand and walks them [...] [more]
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stats Retail Personalization Index

See what sets them apart. Storied brands, household names, and rising upstarts are featured in the Sailthru 100 based on their personalized customer experiences across email, web, mobile, and more. [...] [more]
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 stats The Return on Email Personalization [PDF]

Revenue contribution from email marketing is up 18 percent year-over-year representing more than 20 percent of overall revenue, and is even higher for some key verticals. Open and click-through rates are also higher YOY. Email personalization is deemed highly effective by a wide majority of marketers. Brands that leverage personalization in their email programs enjoy higher order values, conversion rates, and open and click-through rates. Many marketers struggle to bridge organizational silos and are [...] [more] 
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tactics Real-Time Marketing Tactical Guide [PDF]

Data for personalization: The trade-off. The benefits of getting personalization right. What consumers think about personalization. Triggered Messaging for better engagement. Creating urgency with countdown timers [...] [more] 
bluevenn.com    Customization, Segmentation

tactics Custom Product Feeds Power Personalization & Browse Recovery

What if, instead of using that category, you could recover an entire style? By adding a different attribute to your feed such as “collection” or “lifestyle,” you can redirect Browse Recovery or Recommendations Premium to instead show off that amazing dining room set and keep your recommendation results limited to that collection. Here are a few of my favorite product feed attributes, beyond the basics: 1. Availability – Isolate back-ordered and available products for inclusion or exclusion. [...] [more]
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discussion 21 Eye-Catcher im Posteingang: So überzeugen diese Newsletter! [GFX]

Auch Newsletter-Abonnenten sind langfristig von offensichtlich irrelevanter Werbung genervt. Besonders wenn die Versandfrequenz zu hoch ist. Der Abonnent hat es aber noch einfacher: er klickt einfach auf den Abbestellen-Link. Es geht also darum, den Relevanz-Filter zu überlisten. Wie gestalte ich eine Werbebotschaft, damit sie nicht gleich ignoriert wird? Hier ein paar Beispiele: [...] [more]
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tactics Elevate Your Email Marketing With A Customized Approach - Enable Personalized Experiences Across The Customer Life Cycle [PDF]

Most of today’s marketers, however, still insist on prioritizing promotional schedules and transactions over customers’ wants and needs. As such, many businesses still struggle with the ability to use their email marketing campaigns to create those critical one-to-one digital conversations that strengthen the relationship between brand and customer. In March 2017, SendGrid commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the adoption of custom campaign management tools, and the challenges, successes, [...] [more] 
sendgrid.com    Customization, Segmentation, Study

strategy Convergence of Personalization, Lifecycle Marketing and Channels [GFX]

The customer journey is on longer linear. While some consumers opt-in to an email list the first time they visit a site when they’re still in the awareness or consideration phase, many others subscribe during the checkout process – either online or at your physical location. [...] [more]
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stats The State of Personalization in 2017 [PDF]

Over 70% of companies are using personalization in some form. Email personalization is the most popular channel for personalization, while mobile app is the least popular. While 67% of marketers who are leveraging personalization are using only rule-based targeting, only 33% are using either exclusively machine-learning/algorithmic targeting or both approaches. And when it comes to the data they use to target their personalized experiences, demographics, location, and pages viewed top the list. This [...] [more] 
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discussion 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Agile Content

Q: Does the technology effect subject lines? A: This is a question that we regularly get and the answer is no, we cannot affect a subject line after the email is already deployed. The same goes for anything that’s been hard-coded as live text as well. One important thing to note here is that everything that Movable Ink is powering is done within the image containers in your email. [...] [more]
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discussion 7 Brands That Get Email Personalization Right [GFX]

Email personalization is a must-have email marketing technique. It’s a strategy that presents readers with relevant content based on their behavior. Email personalization is also a great way to cut through the noise—and it’s effective. In fact, email personalization can increase open and click-through rates, boost interaction, and generate revenue. Refresh your approach to personalized emails by taking a look at how some brands do it best. [...] [more]
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discussion The Cons of E-mail Personalisation

Email personalisation is extremely popular, as it can personalise content easily and quickly, considering your subscribers have given you that information initially (e.g. first & last name). It’s important to consider the cons of e-mail personalisation, to ensure you don’t make these common mistakes in your e-mail campaigns. [...] [more]
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tactics Personalisierte Dialoge - mehr Umsatz mit Data Driven Marketing [PDF]

Kunden wollen individuell angesprochen werden auf der Website, im Shop, per E-Mail und Print. Die Technik dafür gibt es. Webanalysetools liefern in Echtzeit Daten zu Inte- ressen, die sofort in individuelle Empfehlungen münden. Klingel druckt damit persön- liche Kataloge. Runtastic nutzt das Trainingsverhalten für originelle Triggermails. Esprit reichert digitale Empfehlungen mit dem Fachwissen von Modeexperten an. baby-walz, Melitta und Uniserv zeigen, wie Lifecycle-Marketing eingesetzt wird, um [...] [more] 
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tactics Using Link Targeting for Improved Inbox Personalization

Device targeting is the ability to identify the device and email client as the email opens to render specifically targeted content for each device used. Companies are currently using this technology to drive “tap-to-text” functionality. DIRECTV expanded subscription sales by allowing current customers to upgrade their services with a single text message from its email campaign. [...] [more]
oracle.com    Customization, Mobile, Trend

strategy 2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report [PDF]

How contextual email technology works; Contextual marketing in the email lifecycle; Fortune 1000 performance data; Examples and best practices; Why contextual email is the next step for the email industry. [...] [more] 
realtime.email    Customization, Trend
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