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 discussion The Newest Email Design Trends of 2017

My wife, parents, in-laws, and friends ask me why I spend so much time analyzing spam which just gets deleted by everyone else. Instead, they argue, I could easily binge-watch some remake of a 90's classic on Netflix. You know what they say, though?: #EmailGeeks4Ever. (Okay, no one says that anymore.) [...] [more]
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 discussion How Outlook uses the CSA IP whitelist

So, in terms of the CSA reputation list, the way we use it (or at least the way I use it) is in response to escalations: a) I regularly see spam complaints from bulk senders that are on the CSA list, and so I contact the folks at Eco asking them to look into that particular sender. Visibility for reputation list providers is important. b) I also take the CSA reputation list into consideration when a sender has delivery trouble at Outlook.com; if they are on the list, it means they’ve gone through the [...] [more]
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 stats The Return on Email Personalization [PDF]

Revenue contribution from email marketing is up 18 percent year-over-year representing more than 20 percent of overall revenue, and is even higher for some key verticals. Open and click-through rates are also higher YOY. Email personalization is deemed highly effective by a wide majority of marketers. Brands that leverage personalization in their email programs enjoy higher order values, conversion rates, and open and click-through rates. Many marketers struggle to bridge organizational silos and are [...] [more] 
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 tactics Building Successful Email Workflows: Webinar Rec. [VID]

Based on our 2017 State of Email Survey of more than 3,500 marketers, our second annual State of Email Workflows report takes a detailed look at every stage of email creation—from planning and creation to quality assurance and sending. The report is focused on industry averages, but what do exceptional email workflows look like? [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Study

 tactics Everything You Need to Know About Gmail Rendering: Webinar Recording [VID]

Gmail is a headache for people who make and send email. Until September 2016, Gmail required the use of inlined CSS and didn’t support responsive email. A major update to the Gmail rendering engine rolled out support for embedded styles and media queries. However, post-update there still remains a lot of rendering fragmentation, causing a lot of confusion in the email community. In this webinar, Product Manager and resident email hacker Kevin Mandeville provides a detailed walk through Gmail [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Mobile

 discussion Adidas apologises for 'you survived Boston Marathon' email

Adidas has issued an apology after a marketing email to customers who participated in Monday's Boston Marathon was branded 'insensitive' and 'extremely inappropriate'. [...] [more]
telegraph.co.uk    Subjectline, Marketing, Social

 mobile 3 Keys to Understanding Email Rendering on Android

Google’s Android operating system currently holds over 60% of the market share of mobile and tablet devices. That’s a lot! The second most popular mobile operating system is Apple’s iOS, which has 33% of the market. But understand Android is hard, even for the savviest email geek. That’s why many marketers feel uncomfortable troubleshooting email and talking through Android strategies with clients or developers. To help you facilitate those conversations, here are three keys to understanding email [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Mobile

 tactics Bug: Outlook.com and Office 365 have added a little something for images...

The way they did this was to place that button around all non-linked images. This, paired with the div around every image, prompted the Lords of CSS to add that space to them all. Good thing email designers are a resourceful lot! Various ways to counteract this effect were bandied about in the rest of the forum, but with a bit of testing we found that this solution on the Litmus Community Forum by Mark Griffioen [...] [more]
newzapp.com    Design

 discussion People are freaked out that Unroll.me sold email data to Uber

Sorry not sorry. That's the tone of the apology posted by Unroll.me, an email decluttering service which takes a look at the subscriptions clogging up your inbox and rolls them neatly into one digest email. It turns out that Unroll.me also takes a peek at your other emails — like email receipts — [...] [more]
businessinsider.com    Marketing

 stats 2017 Email Industry Census [PDF]

As usual, the Census takes an in-depth look at email practices being adopted, the resources being dedicated to email, and the channel's effectiveness compared to other types of marketing. Personalisation, marketing automation, optimisation for different devices and the future of email are all themes that are revisited in this year's Census, and there are also new questions about the use of metrics, the application of artificial intelligence and the impact of Brexit on how companies are [...] [more] 
adestra.com    Study, Trend

 discussion The Truth About Email Panel Data

we believe that email panel data is attractive in theory, but not in today’s practice. We fully support data and tools that increase transparency and improve the email sender-receiver relationship, when these tools are unbiased and can be consistently relied upon. We simply don’t believe the current generation of offerings are accurate, nor effective, tools for marketers. Given what we now know about these data sets, we challenge the industry put a stop to the spread of inaccurate information. And [...] [more]
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 stats Gmail Categories: Analysis of consumer adoption and placement accuracy [PDF]

Now that four years have passed, we decided to see what impact Gmail’s tabbed inbox is having on both users and marketers. Are marketers still asking subscribers to move their messages to the Primary tab? If not, should they? Are Gmail’s classifications accurately classifying messages? If not, what can a marketer do? We’ll answer these questions and more in our latest look at Gmail’s categories and tabbed inbox. [...] [more] 
returnpath.com    Study

 discussion 7 Inspiring Automation Emails [GFX]

Email automation is not the panacea for email marketing that many articles seem to suggest. The story goes “buy a leading edge automation platform” and your email marketing is no longer spam and strategy is improved double quick. I’ve never seen this to be true and have certainly spoken to too many email marketers who have found out it’s not true - the hard way. Email strategy is not created by buying some cool tech. But more about email automation strategy later. Let’s start with 7 examples of [...] [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    Automation, Gallery

 tactics Troubleshooting Gmail’s responsive design support

Gmail had its biggest update ever last year, adding responsive design and media queries support. But there seems to be a lot of recurring questions from email developers having trouble to make responsive emails work in Gmail. Here are seven things to keep in mind to tame Gmail’s responsive support. [...] [more]
hteumeuleu.com    Design

 discussion The Future of email marketing

Email is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing audience. Join me in a leap forward into the future of email marketing in the 6th annual review of email marketing trends, changes, predictions, and constants. [...] [more]
emailmonday.com    Trend
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