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discussion Legitimate vs Spam Messages: Breaking Down Microsoft’s Rating System

Our deliverability expert breaks down what Microsoft's SCL, BCL, and PCL ratings mean when sending messages to one of their domains. As soon as an email message hits Microsoft’s servers, their proprietary Exchange Online Protection (EOP) filtering service scans the message and then inserts an anti-spam report into the message headers. You can read more about all of the different fields and filters they use here, but the three fields that I’m going to focus on today that have helped us understand how [...] [more]
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discussion 4 Tips from the Litmus Live Email Conference

Personalize to engage and retain users. “The BI [business intelligence] of today is the AI of tomorrow,” said Amazon’s Vicky Ge during her session, “Experimenting with Personalization.” She noted that businesses that personalize messages experience a 27% conversion lift. In fact, 79% of customers expect personalized experiences from the companies with which they interact—and 60% of them don’t mind sharing data if it improves their experience, such as quicker shopping or other incentives. [...] [more]
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discussion Initial Renders Metric for Better Engagement Tracking

A consequence of this approach is the possibility of underreporting engagement because some mailbox providers—notably Gmail—truncate message content that they consider too long. This means a recipient may open and read part of the content, but the open pixel would not render and would therefore not record the open. To help our customers get a more accurate picture of who is opening and reading their email, we’re adding an additional open pixel at the top of the message. It drives a new metric labeled [...] [more]
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antispam DKIM Validation: An Email Authentication Best Practice

DKIM is referred to as “content-based” authentication, rather than “path-based”, because whether or not a message passes DKIM validation is based solely on whether or not the content has changed between the time it was signed and the time validation was attempted. [...] [more]
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discussion Best Black Friday Email Campaigns 2016 [GFX]

The results are in and here are the best Black Friday email campaigns 2016 that hit our inbox. From B2C to B2B, these campaigns stood out. [...] [more]
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tactics Triggered Email Secrets Every Sender Should Know [GFX]

I have a secret: a few days ago, my lunch pretty much consisted of a stop at a hip ice cream shop to enjoy a cone with a scoop of my favorite flavor: “Secret Breakfast,” which mixes bourbon-flavored caramel and corn flakes in a sweet cream base. First of all, yum. But it also reminded me how important creativity and surprise can be as marketing tools. Every scoop shop offers bread-and-butter flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but it’s the other buzz-worthy varieties that define their brands. (And [...] [more]
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discussion Gartner's Market Guide for Email Marketing Services [PDF]

Email marketing offers one of the most efficient, effective and measurable ways to connect with customers, making it a priority for multichannel marketers. Gartner's guide discusses current market dynamics, and where marketers can go to execute or optimize their email campaigns. [...] [more] 
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tactics The Developer’s Survival Guide to Email [PDF]

Email can be a pretty strange beast with conventions, dependencies, and quirks unlike anything else, and many of us have a love/hate relationship with making it work. We love email because it ’s ubiquitous, open, flexible, and effective; we hate—or perhaps have learned to treat it with a wary respect—because getting an email from point A to inbox B has so many variables outside our control. In short, it’ s easy to feel like “I Knew How Email Worked Until I Started to Build an App that Sends Email.” [...] [more] 
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tactics 3 Email Testing Tools To Save You Time

Signing up for email newsletters is fun. I usually spell my email address correctly. Sometimes, when I don’t, someone else with a clever typo in their email doesn’t understand why they’re getting the messages I signed up for. With SparkPost’s handy testing tools (and double opt-in), be protected from Mayhem like me. We protect our users by detecting negative feedback from email receivers and automatically suppressing future messages from your account to those addresses. It can be difficult to test [...] [more]
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discussion 7 Effective Triggered Emails For Any Retail Digital Strategy [GFX]

Triggered emails are essential for your retail digital strategy. Here are seven essential triggered emails every retail marketer should implement. [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Inbound Email Processing Use Cases For Your Apps

When people think of email, images of inboxes flooded with unread messages instantly spring to mind. That’s because the focus is always on receiving email—but there’s a lot of power in sending an email too. At SparkPost, we give you the ability to not only send email, whether it be a transactional 1-to-1 message or a message sent to a list of recipients, but also the ability to receive messages you can programmatically take action on. By utilizing inbound email processing, specifically inbound relay [...] [more]
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discussion 10 Email Industry Organizations Every Email Marketer Should Know

M3AAWG, ESPC, APWG, EEC, DMA, OTA, OI, EIS, IAPP, Sherpa — Acronyms got you down? Are you starting to strain your eyes as if you’re at an optometrist’s office being fitted for a new pair of glasses? Fear not, in this post we’ll break down the various organizations and what you need to know if you want to get involved in the industry as a whole. Part of my job at SparkPost is to work with these email industry organizations and ensure that we stay abreast of changes in policy, industry accepted best [...] [more]
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antispam Three DKIM Challenges You Might Not Know About

The big ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail are pushing senders to authenticate their email through a carrot/stick approach: Do it well, and you’ll achieve higher deliverability rates. Authenticate poorly, and your email will be downgraded, degrading your overall deliverability. Other symptoms might include warnings or a lack of graphics and identifying logos. [...] [more]
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law Top 10 CASL Myths: Sending Email to Canada Legally

Developers and marketers responsible for sending email are expected to understand and comply with anti-spam legislation like Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL). This can be particularly difficult when myths and misconceptions abound. In an effort to eliminate the confusion, we dispelled the top 10 CASL myths regarding CASL compliance. [...] [more]
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 discussion 16 Predictions for Email in 2016

What will that progress look like? I asked some of the most plugged-in email experts on the planet to share their predictions about email marketing, technology, and best practices in 2016. The sixteen bold-faced phrases below highlight what they’ll be looking for in the coming year. [...] [more]
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