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discussion Spamtraps and GDPR

When we talk about transactional mail, we talk about the mails like order and shipping confirmation, online tickets or boarding passes and ToC changes. These mails are cool, aren’t they? And the answer is of course … yes and no. Certainly a clean confirmation mail will not cause a huge blacklisting or at least you can talk to the Provider to resolve that issue faster than normal. [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail auto unsubscribe and pilot FBL

tarting from last week, gmail has implemented an auto list unsubscribe in the header of the email. See illustration below: gmail auto unsub After clicking the link, the user will then need to click to confirm you want to unsubscribe from the mailing list: unsubscribe-supported If for example, the client doesnt support this setup with gmail or the email is spam, then gmail redirects the member to navigate the clients unsubscribe or gmail policies to see the best way to be removed from the mailing list [...] [more]
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