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discussion What You Can Learn From These 7 Online Education Emails [GFX]

Pretty much anything you want to learn, you can take a class online. When LinkedIn bought the online education website Lynda for $1.5 billion in 2015, it was clear that the e-learning industry was having a moment, and it’s still growing by leaps and bounds. So we got curious: how do online education emails measure up? We researched how seven prominent online learning companies approached their email design to improve our knowledge. [...] [more]
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discussion 3 Spellbinding Ideas for Your Halloween Email Design [GFX]

Boo! It’s the time of year for ghosts and ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, and candy corn. Our inbox is overflowing with Halloween emails, and we’re in the spooky spirit! If you haven’t nailed down your Halloween email design yet, don’t fret. We sized up all the witchy ways brands are celebrating the holiday this year and found three hot email design trends for you to try. They’re fang-tastic. [...] [more]
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tactics Upgrade Emails: How 5 Brands Invite Readers to Go Premium [GFX]

Most client-servicing apps and brands have tiers of service, from free to premium to business to pro. Think free Spotify vs. Spotify Premium, or Hulu with limited commercials vs. with no commercials. Enticing clients to convert to higher-paying levels of service is a process, and upgrade emails are an essential step along the way. Upgrade emails invite readers to upgrade their service or subscription, often by free trial or special promotion. And like in any promotional email, good design helps [...] [more]
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discussion Eclipse Email Designs We're Over the Moon For [GFX]

We’re still buzzing with excitement about the solar eclipse, and so is our inbox! As you might guess, brands took the opportunity to promote more than just eclipse glasses. Our inbox was full of special promotions and eclipse-themed content. Quite a few really impressed us! Check out our roundup of our favorite eclipse email designs. If you weren’t already inspired by the celestial bodies above, maybe you’ll take something away from the designs that eclipsed the rest. [...] [more]
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tactics Anchor Links in Email: New Data on Rendering Across ISPs

Keep this table in mind when choosing whether or not to include anchor links in email. For easy reference, the email clients that support anchor links are: Samsung email app (Android), Windows Mail (Windows 10), Outlook (desktop), Gmail (Web), Gmail (Android app), Inbox by Gmail (Android app), Yahoo! Mail (desktop). [...] [more]
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discussion 7 Brands That Get Email Personalization Right [GFX]

Email personalization is a must-have email marketing technique. It’s a strategy that presents readers with relevant content based on their behavior. Email personalization is also a great way to cut through the noise—and it’s effective. In fact, email personalization can increase open and click-through rates, boost interaction, and generate revenue. Refresh your approach to personalized emails by taking a look at how some brands do it best. [...] [more]
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discussion Design Report Card: The Best Valentine’s Day Email GIFs [GFX]

In the world of email design, special occasions have come to mean one thing: Getting animated! As in, including an animated GIF in your email design. The big takeaway: email marketers increasingly see animated GIFs as a must-have for volume-heavy email days. This Valentine’s Day was no exception. In fact, we saw so many Valentine’s Day themed animated GIFs in emails that they’re going to be our primary focus today. Check out how brands are using animations, and consider these email design GIF tips [...] [more]
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discussion 7 Design Tips for Birthday Emails [GFX]

Birthdays are an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary with your email design. But “out of the ordinary” doesn’t have to mean complex or costly. Changing the color scheme of the email, for example, is a simple way to show the reader that the day (and the email) is special. ZocDoc typically employs a bright, white color palette with yellow and turquoise—its primary brand colors—as accents. The emails usually look like this: [...] [more]
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discussion Sending Apology Emails: 3 Design Tips for Saying "Oops!" [GFX]

Wrap-up: Creating apology emails Issuing an apology doesn’t have to be painful. When you’re designing your apology email, follow these simple steps: Start with the subject line. It should be clear in just a few words that your email is a correction and an apology. Try words like “Correction,” “oops,” and “sorry.” Position your correction, update, and apology at the top of your email. Try a call-out box like CNET, Ouidad, or Uniqlo so your readers see it immediately. You only need 1 or 2 sentences [...] [more]
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tactics Halloween Email Campaigns: 6 Design Tricks and Treats

Halloween is on the horizon, and spine-tingling sends have been making their way into our inbox. From ghosts to ghouls, it’s clear that brands are having fun getting into the spirit with Halloween email campaigns. But, should everyone send Halloween email campaigns? Yes! If you’re not sure what to send or you’re still putting finishing touches on your campaign, consider these six tricks and tips to put your Halloween email design above the rest. As usual, we’ve rounded up some spook-tacular examples [...] [more]
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discussion What's the Best CTA Button Color for Emails?

When it comes to choosing a CTA button color, what's the best one to pick? Take a look at how some brands are choosing colors, and how you can be inspired. [...] [more]
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tactics Tutorial: How to Add Anchor Links in Emails

Have you ever wanted to add a table of contents at the top of a long email? Technically speaking, those links are called anchor links and are incredibly useful for newsletters that are long and content-rich. They give readers’ thumbs a break from scrolling, letting them directly skip to what they want to read. Here’s a quick example from Mobile Marketing Watch, which uses anchor links at the top of their daily newsletter so readers can quickly navigate to sections of interest. [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Design Tips for Cart Abandonment Emails [GFX]

It’s easy to leave an online order. We’ve all been there. In fact, 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned, according to research from the Baymard Institute. As a result, email marketers are presented with the challenge—and opportunity—of saving sales via email. Enter cart abandonment emails. [...] [more]
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tactics 4 Ways to Send Better Survey Invitation Emails [GFX]

It takes time to design the perfect survey. If your survey invitation emails are ready to go, you’re probably wondering: will your subscribers respond or completely ignore them? To engage your readers and boost response rates, follow these tips for sending well-designed survey invitation emails. You’ll be sure to get feedback in no time! [...] [more]
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tactics 3 Design Tips to Make Email Fonts Stand Out [GFX]

In order to have your text stand out, you need to choose the right email fonts, styles, colors, and sizes. Read these best practices to optimize emails. [...] [more]
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