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discussion Studie: "Millennials sind von E-Mail besessen"

Wer Millennials erreichen möchte, muss auf WhatsApp und Facebook Messenger setzen? Eine aktuelle Studie von Adobe kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass diese Altersgruppe tatsächlich intensiv per E-Mail kommuniziert. Forbes berichtet über die Studie: Connecting with millennials requires a strategy that works, one that’s proven to consistently engage people in a way they prefer. This survey [...] [more]
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law GDPR Journal: What I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Data Protection Officer

In getting ready for GDPR and putting in place the measures to make Mailjet 100% compliant, one question I had to ask was: should we to nominate a DPO? [...] [more]
mailjet.com    Law

law Newsletter-Abonnements von Minderjährigen – Elterliche Einwilligung notwendig

Denkbar wäre jedoch, dass Anstelle des VideoIdent-Verfahrens eine zulässige Datenverarbeitung im Rahmen des Newsletters auch nach erfolgreicher Durchführung eines modifiziertes Double-Opt-In Verfahren möglich sein dürfte. Dieses Verfahren müsste aus drei Schritten bestehen: Ermittlung des Alters der Minderjährigen; Einholung der Einwilligungserklärung des Träger der elterlichen Sorge; Bestätigung der E-Mail-Adresse des Minderjährigen. [...] [more]
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stats The benefits and challenges of marketing automation [PDF]

In the benef ts of marketing automation one clearly surpassed the others: almost 70 % of the respondents mentioned that the improved targeting of messages is the most important benef t of marketing automation. Other answers that stood out were improved customer experience (45,9 %), improved quality of leads (37,7 %) and an increased number of leads (34,9 %). [...] [more] 
lianatech.com    Automation, Study

discussion UX Design for Email Newsletters: 5 Things to Know

The topic of UX in relation to email newsletters perhaps doesn’t come up that often in conversation. Not that I talk about email newsletters that much with my friends over a pint of beer anyway. But still. It seems niche. It seems like this one thing that’s “out there somewhere” that should just probably take care of itself. After all, emails are a one-off thing, right? Once you send them out, and people read them, they vanish, never to be seen again. So whatever mistake we make in email newsletter [...] [more]
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tactics Skip Labor Day For Back-To-School Email Promotions

Emails without “Labor Day” in the subject line generated a 128% higher click-through rate when compared to emails that did not reference the holiday, according to a GoDaddy Email Marketing analysis of emails sent from its platform between August 1 and September 30, 2016. Back-to-school email promotions, on the other hand, were shown to perform well throughout the month of September. Subject lines containing the word “school” declined throughout August and September according to GoDaddy, although the [...] [more]
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tactics SVG & co. - the future of images in email (Slidedeck) [PDF]

GIF est. 1987 Use for: at colours, animations, etc. JPG est. 1992 Use for: gradient colours, photos, etc. PNG est. 1995 Use for: transparent images, etc. IMAGE FORMATS The Future. SVG Scalable Vector Graphic est. 1999 [...] [more]
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 discussion Recap: Litmus Live London 2017

Some really great talks, generating interesting conversation points and ideas came from this?—?which is one of the best things about the Litmus Conferences in general. I was 100% on the Design & Dev track (as always) so here’s my 2 cents (pence): Accessibility?—?this was the overarching theme, which is positive, progressive and inclusive. Over the years it has been many things such as: mobile optimisation, task-runners, interactivity etc and this year was quite focussed on accessibility. [...] [more]
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discussion The Great Mess of Alternative Text

This week, I once again had the pleasure to speak at Litmus Live in London. I gave a short talk about an Email Camera. But I also gave a longer talk called “The Great Mess of Alternative Text”. It’s a mix of some of my previous articles like How webmails block images, but with a lot of new content and research. While I’m still working on a full text transcript, here are my slides and list of ressources and links mentioned during my talk or used to prepare my talk. [...] [more]
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tactics Female, Male, or Neutral? Filtering Based on Gender

Our gender-match filter requires that we first tag users, with our best guess at their gender preference, and items, with our best guess at their gender-specificity. [more]
retentionscience.com    Intelligence, Segmentation

stats Adobe Consumer Email Survey Report 2017 (US) [PDF]

Adobe Campaign released findings from its third annual consumer email survey, focused on consumers' habits and behavior related to personal and work email. The… [...] [more]
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stats Subject Line Benchmarks [PDF]

Emails with shorter subject lines tend to garner significantly higher open rates and click rates, according to recent research from Yes Lifecycle Marketing. The report was based on data from more than 7 billion emails sent in the second quarter of 2017 by Yes Lifecycle Marketing clients in a wide range of verticals. Messages with subject lines between 1 and 20 characters in length have the highest average open rate (18.5%), unique click rate (2.4%), and click-to-open rate (12.9%), the analysis found. [...] [more]
yeslifecyclemarketing.com    Subjectline, Study

tactics 10 Email Subject Lines That Drive Sales

The best way to ensure your email is opened and your content is seen is with a superb subject line?—?that’s what gets emails read. When crafting one, consider that they can be creative, simple, snappy, direct, informative or any combination thereof. Effective subject lines come in many forms and variations, but let’s take a look at 10 that have been proven to work for sales reps. 1. Email subject lines should use referrals to connect. Referrals are a powerful tool in the sales arsenal. They allow [...] [more]
medium.com    B2B, Subjectline

discussion We swore an oath to use plain-text emails

At the beginning of 2016, we decided to go with plain-text emails over HTML. We believed that it reflects our product, Newton Mail — the cleanest, most zen email service in the market. During the… [more]
newtonhq.com    Design

discussion Interview mit Nico Zorn: Warum E-Mail-Marketing immer noch die Online-Marketing-Geheimwaffe ist

Was sagst du Leuten, die behaupten, dass E-Mail-Marketing doch sowieso nicht funktioniert? Ich sage ihnen, dass für einen großen Teil unserer Kunden, insbesondere aus dem E-Commerce-Bereich, E-Mail-Marketing das mit Abstand wichtigste Instrument für die Ansprache der bestehenden Kunden ist. Im Gegensatz zu einigen Marketing-Trends und „Social Gimmicks“ bringt ihnen der Kanal plan- und messbaren Umsatz. [...] [more]
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