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tactics Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices Illustrated with Examples

It's frustrating when you watch the customer filling up their online shopping cart and hold your breath until they check out. But sometimes customers just disappear without finishing the purchase process. Leaving you with plenty of questions. What happened? What is cart abandonment? Cart abandonment is an e-commerce term describing the event that happens when a customer visits your website, start placing items into their online shopping baskets but eventually they don't buy anything, they leave [...] [more]
chamaileon.io    Automation, Conversionrate

discussion SUBJECT: Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail

Draft emails quickly with confidence. From your greeting to your closing (and common phrases in between), Smart Compose suggests complete sentences in your emails so that you can draft them with ease. Because it operates in the background, you can write an email like you normally would, and Smart Compose will offer suggestions as you type. When you see a suggestion that you like, click the “tab” button to use it. [...] [more]
blog.google    Intelligence, Marketing

discussion AOL: No More Whitelisting

As AOL and Yahoo continue their transition into one platform, things were bound to change over time. As a result of this ongoing consolidation, AOL no longer offers whitelisting of sending IP addresses. Though the form still seems to be up at the moment, any submissions seem to get a reply from the AOL Postmaster robot saying, "Whitelisting is no longer offered or needed for mailing to AOL. If you see delivery issues please sign up for a Feed Back Loop at: https://postmaster.aol.com/fbl-request" [...] [more]
spamresource.com    Deliverability

tactics How to Keep Your Emails out of the Gmail Promotions Tab

Avoid: Lots of images in your email: Anything with more than one image looks like a promotion. Stick to emails that look like plain text, as if you sent it from an email software platform. Definitely avoid a masthead and stick to a common, even ordinary email signature. More than one or two links in your email: One link per email. (Not including an Unsubscribe link.) Opinion is divided whether repeating the same link more than once impacts your inbox placement. Tests prove both, so test your own [...] [more]
infusionsoft.com    Marketing, Deliverability

discussion Internet and e-mail policy and practice

Recently I've been working on EAI mail, looking at what software is available (Gmail and Outlook/Hotmail both handle it now) and what work remains to be done. A surprisingly tricky part is assigning EAI addresses to users. In traditional ASCII mail, the local part of the address, what goes before the @ sign, can be any printable ASCII characters. Although an address like %i()/;~f@examp1e.com is valid, and mail systems will handle it, users don't want addresses like that. A good address is one that [...] [more]
jl.ly    Marketing

law GDPR and PECR and getting salty and "Re-permissioning"

Apologies to those who have heard me say this five hundred times already, but avoiding the repetition is the reason for this post. It is possible that I may just have pointed you here. I’m writing with my personal hat on, rather than my work hat on. Actually, I’m not wearing a hat at all right now – I’ve taken it off to the veritable swarm of newly minted ‘GDPR Consultants’ who have suddenly appeared at every networking meeting going. There’s quite an overlap in that swarm with those who were [...] [more]
benjaminellis.org    Law

discussion E-Mail-Award 2018: Gold für Ex Libris und Focus

Im Rahmen der Fachkonferenz DialogSummit wurde der E-Mail- & Data-Driven-Marketing-Award für die besten E-Mail-Kampagnen verliehen. In der Kategorie „E-Mailing“ konnte sich Ex Libris mit Epoq gegen alle Konkurrenten durchsetzen. Data-Driven E-Mail-Marketing bei Focus, umgesetzt von Sendeffect, gewann in der Kategorie „Newsletter“. [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Event, Marketing

law ICO: Lawful basis interactive guidance tool

How does the ICO legal basis tool work? Much like the Information Commissioner’s Office GDPR Self Assessment, (which we thoroughly recommend if you’re starting out), the lawful basis interactive guidance tool takes you through a series of questions about the data subject and your situation. [...] [more]
ico.org.uk    Law, Tool

discussion Inkredible 5: Best of Year-in-Review [PDF]

A year-in-review email is one of the best ways to surprise, delight, and celebrate your most loyal customers. That’s why the Wall Street Journal created a personalized year-in-review campaign to capture the attention of their readers. This email was personalized with the number of articles each member read in 2017 and their most-read section. In addition to leveraging customer data, the campaign promoted three unique newsletters. Not only did this campaign drive social engagement with people tweeting [...] [more] 
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discussion [Podcast #98] Email Foundations for 2018 and Common Myths [MP3]

In the 98th episode of The Email Design Podcast, Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez discuss what you need to know for email design foundations in 2018, along with common myths and unnecessary practices that have persisted in the email community. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design

tactics UBER: 2 Powerful Examples of Using Subscriber Data in Your Email Images

It’s no secret that email personalization is a sure-fire method of improving email campaign success. Whether it’s an increase in open rates, conversions or sales, personalizing your emails to be [...] [more]
niftyimages.com    Gallery, Customization

tactics How these 10 Trendsetting Companies use Product Tutorials to Activate Every Single Sign Up [GFX]

Ever tried to use a product without any instructions? It’s not a fun process, is it? Product tutorials solve that problem by helping current and future customers understand the value of what you’re selling because they showcase exactly how to use it. [...] [more]
kissmetrics.com    Automation, Gallery

tactics 5 Easy Automated Campaigns Most Retailers Aren't Doing [GFX]

Marketing automation is a powerful asset for retailers. Not only does it save marketing teams time and allow them to be more efficient, but it's an effective way to target prospects and customers with personalised content and across channels. When used in combination with email marketing, it's a really potent tool. This blog looks at the 5 most underutilised automated email campaigns retailers should be doing: [...] [more]
enchantagency.com    Automation, Gallery, Conversionrate

tactics Five A/B Tests To Optimize Your Cart Abandonment Emails

In a world where more than 75% of baskets are abandoned you need to be doing the most you can to get opens, clicks and conversions from your abandoned carts. In comes the A/B test, or split testing if you like, where you can experiment with areas of your emails and see what works best with your audience to recover sales – without reinventing the wheel (or bursting the tyre). The most important rule to remember with A/B testing is that you should only test one thing at a time. Otherwise, how will you [...] [more]
salecycle.com    Automation, Conversionrate

discussion Stay composed: here’s a quick rundown of the new Gmail

Email is a necessity for most of us. We use it to stay in touch with colleagues and friends, keep up with the latest news, manage to-dos at home or at work—we just can’t live without it. Today we announced major improvements to Gmail on the web to help people be more productive at work. Here’s a quick look at how the new Gmail can help you accomplish more from your inbox. [...] [more]
blog.google    Design
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