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 tactics Your Emails (and Recipients) Deserve Better Context

Email sender, subject, preheader—small elements, but they’re the first seen and pack a huge punch. Always handle with care! [...] [more]
alistapart.com    Subjectline

tactics Breaking the Spell of Abandoned Carts

Abandoned cart emails are considered to be the most effective type of triggered emails. In our article, we'll tell how these emails work, how to restore the abandoned cart and top everything up with building our own triggered email flow using Automation 360. [...] [more]
sendpulse.com    Automation, Conversionrate, Study

tactics Personalized Calls to Action Perform 202% Better Than Basic CTAs

For this study, I analyzed more than 330,000 CTAs. There are three primary types of CTAs I looked at in this post: Basic CTA -- This is a call-to-action that does not change based on any attributes of the visitor. It's the same for every visitor that sees it. Multivariate CTA -- These are similar to Basic CTAs, but instead, there are two or more CTAs being tested against one another. Traffic is typically split evenly to each variation and then you [...] [more]
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tactics How to Create a Time-Saving Email Marketing Schedule That Works

Email marketing is effective in achieving your online marketing goals. While it's much work to manage, it shouldn't come to a point where you don't have any more time for other tasks and responsibilities. Here are ten things you should do to create a time-saving email marketing schedule that delivers results. [...] [more]
getresponse.com    Marketing

tactics 8 Copywriting Techniques to Boost Email Conversions

There’s one thing I hate about email marketing copy: You never know how it’s going to perform until the campaign goes live. What seemed like a rock-star line of copy could become the campaign’s kiss of death. Sure, you can A/B test every element of each email all month, but taking that time means you’ll probably start losing leads. Fortunately, I’ve taken that route and want to share with you some valuable copywriting techniques that have bolstered the performance of my emails. [...] [more]
contentmarketinginstitute.com    Copywriting

tactics How to take advantage of transactional emails to increase sales [GFX]

They have a very high open and engagement rate. So why not optimize them to promote, upsell, and cross-sell? The following are 7 practical examples of transactional email marketing. [...] [more]
mailup.com    Automation, Gallery

tactics 20 Unsubscribe Button Ideas to Prolong the Inevitable

The unsubscribe button is the only button in your email you don't want your subscribers to click. Get 20 free unsubscribe button examples to use! [...] [more]
moosend.com    Unsubscribe

tactics How Long Should You Wait Before Sending Cart Abandonment Emails?

Pro Direct Soccer US decided to do a split test on their first cycle emails. Originally they were emailing an hour after abandonment, but tested this against three other variables: 45 minutes, 30 minutes, >1 hour 30 minutes. The group who received their emails after 30 minutes saw an uplift in conversions of 19%, so the change was made implemented in their campaign. [...] [more]
salecycle.com    Automation, Conversionrate, Study, Sendtime

tactics Transaktionale E-Mails als Marketing-Instrument [GFX]

Wird der Kanal E-Mail im Online Marketing betrachtet, beschränkt sich dies meist auf Newsletter und andere Marketing-E-Mails. Der große Bereich der transaktionalen E-Mails wird damit zu Unrecht vernachlässigt. Dabei bieten gerade diese E-Mails ein hohes Potenzial, denn sie können im Durchschnitt deutlich höhere Öffnungs- und Klickraten vorweisen. Grund genug, sie als wichtiges Instrument der Kundenbindung und Markenbildung zu verstehen und einzusetzen. [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Automation, Gallery

tactics Die Bedeutung der Farben im E-Mail-Marketing

Der Erfolg im E-Mail-Marketing wird an harten Fakten gemessen. KPIs wie Click-Through-Rates und Conversions geben hier den Ton an. Strategisch gelten spannende Inhalte mit Mehrwert sowie attraktive Rabatte als Garant für Erfolg. Häufig übersehen Marketer allerdings ein Element, das großen Einfluss auf die Performance einer E-Mail haben kann: Farben. Rot, Blau oder Grün sind weit mehr als simple Designdetails. Farben haben ihre eigene Bedeutung und eine psychologische Wirkung auf den Betrachter. [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Design

tactics 7 Tips for Creating An Internal Newsletter That Isn't Boring

Create an internal company newsletter that gets opened and read. Campaign Monitor shares tips to improve company culture and keep employees informed. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Marketing

tactics Using predictions to get your customers to buy again

If you sell a consumable product, you want your customers to buy again and again. When a product gets used up or wears out, it makes sense to send a reminder to customers to refill, replace, or repurchase that product or a similar product. [...] [more]
retentionscience.com    Automation, Intelligence

tactics Vom Kunden sehnlichst erwartet: transaktionale E-Mails

Haben Sie jemals ihre Zugangsdaten für einen Online-Shop vergessen? Sie klicken auf die Schaltfläche „Passwort vergessen“ und dann gehen Sie in ihren Posteingang, um nach einer E-Mail zur Passwortänderung zu suchen. Sie warten, aktualisieren den Client und warten noch ein wenig länger. Nichts passiert! Frustriert gehen Sie zurück auf die Webseite und klicken erneut auf die Schaltfläche „Passwort vergessen“ und warten erneut auf die E-Mail zur Passwortänderung. Aus Misstrauen durchsuchen Sie Ihren [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Automation, Deliverability

tactics The Skimm launches a 1:1, bot-less (for now) texting service to help subscribers make decisions

If you’re thinking about cutting the cord on a cable TV subscription, would you Google the pros and cons? Post on Facebook? Call your parents? …Text The Skimm? If you’re one of their 7 million newsletter subscribers, you just might. On Wednesday, The Skimm pulled the curtain off a 1:1, Q&A texting service — no bots, just humans for now — to help its paid app subscribers contextualize the news of the day in their own lives. “Our product strategy is based on finding questions that [...] [more]
niemanlab.org    Multichannel

tactics A/B Testing Email Subject Lines: 4 Tests You Can Run (and Templates You Can Steal)

Have you ever had an email with an open rate of 104 percent? Wait, is that even possible? How can you have an open rate higher than 100? I have yet to achieve the mythical, 100+ percent open rate (my best is a unique open rate of 82%), but it is possible to do. If you’re tracking total opens instead of unique opens, if a ton of people open your email multiple times and forward it to their friends…you can record an open rate above 100%. [...] [more]
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