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stats Studie: Der ideale Versandzeitpunkt Ihrer Newsletter [PDF]

Wir von mailworx haben in unserer Studie zum idealen Versandzeitpunkt über 360 Millionen E-Mails im Zeitraum von April 2017 bis Mai 2018 analysiert sowie ausgewertet und sind dabei nicht nur auf die optimalen Wochentage mit den höchsten Öffnungs- sowie Klickraten gekommen, sondern haben unter anderem auch erneut bestätigt, dass der Zeitpunkt des Versandes den Erfolg Ihrer Kampagnen enorm beeinflussen kann. Beinahe die Hälfte aller Öffnungen geschehen innerhalb der ersten 4 Stunden nach dem Versand, [...] [more] 
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stats E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2018 [PDF]

Die Öffnungsrate von 60,7 Prozent bei Transaktionsmails ist damit mehr als dreimal so hoch wie bei Newslettern. Die Klickrate schneidet mit 14,4 Prozent im Vergleich sogar noch besser ab (Newsletter: 3,6 Prozent). Besonders erfolgreich zeigen sich in diesem Zusammenhang "Artikel-wieder-verfügbar"-Mails mit einer Öffnungsrate von 88,6 Prozent und einer auffallend hohen Klickrate von 68,2 Prozent. [...] [more] 
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stats Top Email Marketing Software in 2018

mail marketing is designed to help a company maintain communications with customers. This builds loyalty, increases brand recognition, and drives sales. The challenge with email marketing is to strike a balance between efficiency and personalization so that you can: Maximize a one-to-one sense of connection with individual customers. Reach out to hundreds or thousands of customers at once, at minimum cost. [...] [more]
trustradius.com    ESP, Study

stats Umfrage: Nur jeder zweite E-Mail-Marketing-Manager ist zufrieden mit seinem E-Mail-Marketing [PDF]

Laut einer Umfrage des Bundesverbands Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. ist nur jeder zweite E-Mail-Marketing-Manager (49 Prozent) zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen seiner Arbeit. Die Umfrage, die ausschließlich unter E-Mail-Marketing-Experten durchgeführt wurde, ergab zudem, dass E-Mail-Marketing bei den Unternehmen im Durchschnitt 17 Prozent des Marketing-Budgets ausmacht. Die Untersuchung hält auch Ergebnisse zu den wichtigsten KPI und den größten Herausforderungen bereit. Demnach ist Automatisierung [...] [more] 
bvdw.org    Study

stats Hitting the Mark email benchmark report 2018 [PDF]

Some of our findings echo last year’s report. There are still several brands out there failing to adopt simple automation programs, most notably a welcome program. Similarly, 56 of the 100 brands still aren’t utilizing cart recovery emails – crazy when you think about the massive opportunity for ROI presented by triggered campaigns. These are quick and easy wins that many companies continue to miss. However, our wider scope offers marketers some new insights too. We’ve found that B2C businesses are [...] [more] 
dotmailer.com    Study

stats Enterprise Email Priorities - What Email Marketing Professionals View as their Top Concerns [PDF]

What the results tell us is that enterprise marketers are focused heavily on the recipients of their emails — how to identify and engage with them in a meaningful way. They want to use email to deliver world - class customer experiences that surprise and delight, inspiring sales and — more importantly — long-term brand loyalty. They want to send the types of messages that make customers look forward to getting the next one. And, by and large, these marketers feel like their efforts have been effect [...] [more] 
ascend2.com    Study

stats Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence 2018 [PDF]

We wanted to learn more about their perspectives on: their most successful tactics, the challenges along the way, and the metrics they’re tracking to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. That’s why we teamed up with Smart Insights and surveyed 585 marketers from 181 countries, across 19 industries. A couple of months later, we’re now happy to share the results with you in the form of this new report – Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence 2018. [...] [more] 
getresponse.com    Automation, Study

stats Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, 4/2018

Gartner defines the multichannel marketing hub (MMH) as a technology that orchestrates a company's communications with and offers to customer segments across multiple channels. These include websites, mobile, social, direct mail call centers, paid media and email. MMH capabilities also may extend to integrating marketing offers/leads with sales for execution in both B2B and B2C environments. [...] [more]
gartner.com    ESP, Study

stats 2018 State of Email Workflows Report [PDF]

In this report, you’ll learn how nearly 3,000 marketers: Plan their email content; Allocate their time among tasks; Use technology in their workflow; Handle quality assurance; Review and approve emails; Send their emails; Deal with email mistakes; Use Litmus in their workflow. [...] [more] 
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stats SendGrid's Global Benchmark Report 2018 [PDF]

Each year, SendGrid leverages the knowledge and experience of our internal data scientists and deliverability experts to develop and publish our Global Email Benchmark Report . For 2018, we’re happy to provide this resource to email senders of all types. This year’s Global Email Benchmark Report features data and benchmarks from more than 50 billion emails from over 100,000 different senders to more than 2 billion different recipient addresses. As a sender, this report can help you: [...] [more] 
sendgrid.com    Clickrate, Openingrate, Study

stats The 2018 Digital Consumer Trend Report by MovableInk [PDF]

You’ll learn how consumers are interacting with emails from brands in retail (apparel), retail (non-apparel), travel, and media, publishing and entertainment — including customer journey data that leads to conversions — like the number of emails they see and number of times they visit your website before making a purchase. We’ve also included forecasting for 2018 and helpful tips for achieving your business goals this year and beyond. We hope you find this report insightful, and that you use it to [...] [more] 
amazonaws.com    Study

stats The Best of the 2017 State of Email Survey Research Series

More than 3,500 marketers responded to Litmus’ 2017 State of Email Survey, which asked about all aspects of the email marketing program and powered a year-long series of reports, webinars, and blog posts. As we gear up to release the findings of our 2018 State of Email Survey, it seems like a fitting time to review the major findings from last year’s three major reports: [...] [more]
litmus.com    Study

stats Practicology & Google Omnichannel CX Review 2018 [PDF]

Practicology and Google collaborated to produce this cross-channel customer experience benchmark report reviewing 145 retailers from five European markets. [...] [more]
practicology.com    Multichannel, Study

stats Retail customer experience benchmarking - Best practices & best-in-class retailers

For our omni-channel customer experience benchmarking project we put together a list of principles across a range of categories such as store details, personalisation, customer service and cross-promotion. In this article, we share some of the best-in-class examples from each category of customer experience principle. [...] [more]
thinkwithgoogle.com    Multichannel, Study

stats Transactional Email Benchmark Report 2018 [PDF]

SparkPost recently conducted a survey of more than 1800 businesses to assess how they’re using transactional messages and other email notifications. In this report, we present a snapshot of the state of transactional email in 2018. The results include eight key findings that provide insight to: The types of businesses that use transactional email; Transactional email sending patterns; Goals and objectives for transactional email; Roles and responsibilities for sending transactional email; Delivery an [...] [more] 
sparkpost.com    Study
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