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social Instant Articles Generates 2M Email Subscriptions To Date

Since Facebook expanded Instant Articles with call-to-action ad units in April, the social media company has generated over 2 million email sign-ups. A company representative also asserts that the current rate of subscriptions is over 25,000 per day across all publishers on Facebook. Facebook has over 10,000 publishers using Instant Articles as of June, and the company says it pays more than $1 million per day to publishers via its Facebook Audience Network. [...] [more]
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social Testing Your Way to Better Facebook Ads

Who you target matters. When you build Facebook ads in MailChimp, you can create an audience with the list of contacts you already send to. According to our data, using your list to find and target similar people on Facebook can more than double an ad’s ROI. For Feminist Apparel, targeting similar people alone wasn’t generating sales; they needed to get more specific. So they used our list segmentation tools to target people with similar interests to their best and most-engaged customers. “It’s incre [...] [more]
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social LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms and Marketing Automation

If done right, the new features have a huge potential to create a more seamless experience for your customers, especially Lead Generation Forms. They not only make it easier for marketers to convert and generate more leads with automatically populated mobile friendly forms, but they also make it possible to throw a marketing automation tool into the mix! By adding the right marketing automation tool to the mix, this feature will basically enable digital marketer to create a seamless journey for [...] [more]
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social The Zapier Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

With more than a quarter of the world's population as users, Facebook has one of the largest online audiences in the world—and an advertising platform to match. Facebook's ad platform lets advertisers integrate hyper-targeted ads into users' daily news feed experience. Facebook Lead Ads, launched in late 2015, takes it a step further. While the initial ad looks like any other ad, it is combined with a form that's pre-filled with information the user has shared with Facebook, allowing a business [...] [more]
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social How to get more subscribers by using Facebook Lead Ads

Last week we gave some tips on how you can get your newsletter out there by linking to your Revue subscribe page on your social media accounts. This time around, the focus will be specifically on [...] [more]
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social How to Build Up Your Email Subscriber List on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook marketing, we usually recommend starting with powerful Dynamic Ads. They’re the fastest and easiest way towards positive ROI. However, there’s another powerful type of ad that can result in both immediate sales and build lifetime customer loyalty: Facebook Lead Ads. In this post, we’re going to cover what lead ads can do for your business. [...] [more]
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social Facebook challenges email for control of your online identity

Facebook wants replace email as the hub of online identity management in the process. Facebook security engineer Brad Hill announced today at the USENIX Enigma conference that his company is launching an account recovery feature for other websites called Delegated Recovery. Facebook will let users set up encrypted recovery tokens for sites like Github, and if a user ever loses access to her Github account, she will send the stored token from her Facebook profile back to Github, proving her identity [...] [more]
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social 19 Facebook Marketing Predictions for 2017 From the Pros

Are you wondering what 2017 might look like for Facebook marketing? If the Facebook changes in 2016 are an indicator, 2017 will be an interesting year for Facebook marketers. To get a grip on what the near future may look like, we tapped the knowledge of 19 social media pros. [...] [more]
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social Social Integration in Email Marketing [GFX]

Subscribers and customers typically interact with brands in many different ways, whether that’s by signing up for their email program or following them on social media. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, there are currently 2.3 million active social network users and 91 percent of retail brands have two or more social media pages. With social media on the rise, having grown by 176 million users in the last year, brands must ensure social media integration is a key component of their [...] [more]
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social WhatsApp steht bei Jugendlichen am höchsten im Kurs

Facebook verliert an Bedeutung. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr konnte insbesondere Snapchat mit 45 Prozent regelmäßigen Nutzern (2015: 31 Prozent) zulegen. Doch auch Instagram (2016: 51 Prozent, 2015: 44 Prozent) und WhatsApp (2016: 95 Prozent, 2015: 89 Prozent) wurden mehr benutzt. Einzig Facebook musste Federn lassen und kam 2016 nur noch auf einen Anteil von 43 Prozent (2015: 51 Prozent). [...] [...] [more]
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social LinkedIn Sponsored InMail goes self-serve

In March, LinkedIn launched Sponsored InMail, an ad solution that allows marketers to send promotional messages to the InMail inboxes of LinkedIn users. At the time, it required that marketers work through a LinkedIn account representative to execute campaigns, but last week, LinkedIn, which Microsoft is buying for $26.2 billion, opened Sponsored InMail to self-service campaigns that marketers can set up and run through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Marketers can target their Sponsored InMail [...] [more]
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social Guide to Getting Conversions From Twitter Ads

Will anyone actually click my ad and buy my product? It’s a terrifying question, but an important one. Turns out that everyone (including you) wants to get more conversions from a Twitter ad campaign. Here's how. [...] [more]
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social Introducing MessengerChimp 2.0- The next generation Marketing

Another important metric tracked in Email campaigns is the “Click through Rate”. The Industry average CTR is ~3% (Source: MailChimp). Messenger campaigns have seen a 28% Click through Rate (CTR) on an average (~10x of Avg Email click through rates) [...] [more]
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social 10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is blowing up, but you may not think it's right for you. Think again. Check out 10 things to know about Facebook Instant Articles. [...] [more]
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social How to analyze and segment an email list with Facebook Audience

It’s incredible what you can achieve in online marketing just by being smart and using the right tools properly. Keep reading to learn how you can look into a random list of emails and understand who these people are. A dear friend of mine, a successful entrepreneur and the best brand marketer I know called me yesterday and asked for some help with an Email Marketing issue. [...] [more]
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