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mobile Deep Linked Email-App Links

Email marketing typically has the biggest ROI of any marketing channel. Today, 69% of emails are opened on mobile rather than on desktop, and year over [...] [more]
branch.io    Mobile, Tool

mobile The Evolution of Responsive Email Design [GFX]

In 2013 I wrote a blog post called “Responsive Email Design: 10 great examples” on Econsultancy, which you can read here if you’re interested. It’s been four years since that was published, so I [...] [more]
medium.com    Gallery, Mobile

mobile Don't let Gmail break your emails

We’ve all heard of responsive email design, but have you heard of hybrid email design? Hopefully the answer is yes. Although hybrid coding is still quite new in the email industry, it could save you the headache when experiencing issues on email clients, such as Gmail, that don’t process media queries. Responsive design works by triggering a media query, which then makes tables and images fluid. With hybrid design, tables and images are fluid by default and then use CSS widths and Microsoft condition [...] [more]
communicatorcorp.com    Design, Mobile

mobile Gmail Features v/s Non-Gmail ID Fallbacks

Statista has forecasted that by 2019, worldwide smartphone users will reach a massive 2.5 billion. This reaffirms the need for email marketers to focus on building responsive emails.As per statist [...] [more]
emailmonks.com    Design, Mobile

 mobile 3 Keys to Understanding Email Rendering on Android

Google’s Android operating system currently holds over 60% of the market share of mobile and tablet devices. That’s a lot! The second most popular mobile operating system is Apple’s iOS, which has 33% of the market. But understand Android is hard, even for the savviest email geek. That’s why many marketers feel uncomfortable troubleshooting email and talking through Android strategies with clients or developers. To help you facilitate those conversations, here are three keys to understanding email [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Mobile

mobile Media Queries Demystified: CSS Min-Width and Max-Width

A media query consists of an optional media type (all, handheld, print, TV and so on) and any number of optional expressions that limit when the query will trigger, such as width, pixel-density or orientation. Media queries are part of CSS3, and enable developers to customize their content for different presentations of their content. At a basic level, media queries enable an email developer to create responsive email by detecting the width of the display. For this purpose, the most commonly used [...] [more]
emailonacid.com    Design, Mobile

mobile Email Newsletter Popups Hurt by Google’s New Algorithm Update

A prospect’s email address is by far the most valuable piece of intel a company could hope to gather. And for years, email newsletter popups and other website sign-up forms have been the Golden Goose for marketers to collect them. Not just newsletter popup forms… …but live chat windows and Facebook “like our page” popups have been vital tools as well to an inbound marketer. [...] [more]
delivra.com    Listbuilding, Mobile

mobile Nie wieder Native Apps?

In der App-Sphäre streitet man sich: was ist denn jetzt mit PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)? Native App Befürworter behaupten, PWAs können einfach nicht mithalten - Features, UI, Geschwindigkeit: alles viel schlechter als bei Native Apps. Doch technisch hat sich viel getan. Und was ist mit App Install Friction? Wir nehmen die neusten Entwicklungen unter die Lupe. [...] [more]
pinuts.de    Mobile

mobile Unterschied zwischen Anonymisierung, Pseudonymisierung und Verschlüsselung

Immer wieder tauchen in Gesetzen, vor allem im Bereich Datenschutz, die Begriffe Anonymisierung, Pseudonymisierung und Verschlüsselung auf. Ich musste feststellen, dass diese Begriffe häufig von Juristen, Behörden und IT-lern unterschiedlich verwendet werden bzw. für die jeweiligen Beteiligten eine unterschiedliche Bedeutung haben. [...] [more]
datenschutz-notizen.de    Law

mobile Fluid Retina Images for Email

"Retina" images are actually just ordinary images displayed in such a way that they become more crisp on Apple's retina displays. For the basics of retina images, check out our blog from last year, Mobile Optimization: Retina Images in Email. This blog will cover the challenges of coding images that are fluid and retina ready, but won't break your email's display in Outlook. If you're not interested in why it's challenging, just skip down to the code! [...] [more]
emailonacid.com    Design, Mobile

mobile CRO für Non-Profit-Organisationen

Non-Profit-Organisationen optimieren ihre Websites durch den Einsatz von Behavior Patterns, wirkungsvollen kognitiven Verhaltensmustern, seht selbst! [...] [more]
konversionskraft.de    Copywriting, Conversionrate

mobile iOS 10 Update: Puts ‘Unsubscribe’ on Top in email

In this fast-paced world, everyone is always on the move. Most emails are read on mobile devices; most emails are opened during the 8:00pm – 12:00am timeframe and most importantly an average person spends 15-20 seconds reading an email. If an email marketer doesn’t have enough hoops to jump through, Apple’s new iOS 10 update has been making waves in the email marketing world. [...] [more]
emailmonks.com    Unsubscribe, Listhygiene, Mobile

mobile iOS 10: What it means for email marketing

With the recent release of iOS 10 comes a new “feature” to the native mail app – a grey bar at the top of every email that tells consumers if an email message is from a mailing list, with a link to easily unsubscribe. This isn’t the firsappe1t time Apple has made moves to limit the amount of marketing messages iPhone users see. In 2015 with the introduction of iOS9, Apple sparked controversy over allowing users to download ad blockers for Safari. Apple also introduced a “Limit Ad Tracking” feature [...] [more]
emailexperience.org    Unsubscribe, Listhygiene

 mobile Things I've Learned About Responsive Email Design

This is the third post in a series of things I’ve learned about email, including sending emails and building HTML email templates. I’ve spent the last few years designing developer tools, 2 of those years having been Design Lead at Mailgun by Rackspace, the email service for developers. Here’s a brain dump of things I’ve learned about responsive email design. [...] [more]
leemunroe.com    Design, Mobile

mobile Responsive-Aware & Mobile-Aware Design See Gains

Mobile-aware and responsive-aware emails grew in popularity because they are easier to produce than hybrid emails and fully responsive emails. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Mobile, Study
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