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discussion 2014 Email & Mobile Testing Awards Replay [VID]

2014-07-30 ... Check out the 21 best email & mobile tests of 2014?s. Let these 21 amazing tests inspire your email and mobile testing campaigns. Each award category is clearly marked for our ‘on-the-go’ viewers. In this webcast you’ll: [...] [more]
whichtestwon.com    Gallery, Test

strategy 4 Answers to Moving From Ad-Hoc Email to a Solid Email Calendar

2014-07-29 ... Want to develop an email strategy, but don’t know how to break free from purely Ad-Hoc email blasts? Planning your emails is a great first step in bringing more structure (and a bit of breathing room) to your email marketing. Last time I wrote about the email marketing calendar, I got some questions. [...] [more]
getresponse.com    Marketing

strategy Mit diesen 4 Tools kannst du deine Content-Strategie einfach planen

2014-07-29 ... Auf einem Redaktionsplan tragt ihr ein, wann welche Themen von welchen Autoren bearbeitet werden und veröffentlicht werden sollen. Mit ihm habt ihr ein praktisches Werkzeug in der Hand, um eure Content-Strategie zu planen und einen Überblick über die Themen zu behalten, die bereits bearbeitet werden oder noch bearbeitet werden sollen. [...] [more]
t3n.de    Tool

tactics How to Stop Your Welcome Email From Being a Dead End [GFX]

2014-07-29 ... Your landing page rocks and leads are pouring in. Great! But what’s next? Before that first email newsletter or promo, your subscribers receive a welcome email – the beginning of a new relationship. Welcome emails get leads acquainted with your brand and set expectations for what you’ll give them and how often. They should get people excited for what’s to come. And like your landing page, they play an important role in your growth funnel. [...] [more]
unbounce.com    Automation, Copywriting, Gallery, Design

tactics Email Design Podcast #1: The Gmail API, CASL and Your Favorite Hacks [VID]

2014-07-29 ... Welcome to the Email Design Podcast—the only podcast devoted to the art of email design. In the inaugural episode, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez take a look at Gmail’s new API, what you need to know about Canada’s new anti-spam law, your favorite email hacks and one of the coolest emails we’ve ever seen. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design

tactics Easy Email Copywriting with the PAS Formula

2014-07-29 ... When you enter into the world of copywriting, there’s no perfect system for fashioning killer copy. There are, however, various copywriting frameworks and guidelines that can help get your creative juices flowing. One writing formula that has proved its value a thousand times over when I’ve been staring at a blank page is a little something called the PAS formula. [...] [more]
emailonacid.com    Copywriting

strategy Cheat Sheet for Back-to-School Ecommerce Success [PDF]

2014-07-28 ... Ready for the second-biggest shopping season of the year? Study up and learn how to school the competition with our handy back-to-school retail guide. [...] [more]
monetate.com    Event, Marketing, Multichannel

strategy Six Steps to Better Marketing Data [PDF]

2014-07-28 ... To deliver better marketing you need better marketing data. Here's how to ensure it. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. The fuel that drives engine of personalization is data, and the better the data, the better the results. But with so much data on offer, how can marketers ensure that their data is authoritative, [...] [more] 
dmnews.com    Intelligence, Listhygiene

discussion 2014 Essential Guide to Omnichannel Marketing [PDF]

2014-07-28 ... Back in the day all the industry hype was around integrated marketing. The goal of integrated marketing as you’ll recall if you were in marketing at the time was to connect your marketing channels to deliver a holistic customer experience in terms of offers, messaging, and the like [...] [more] 
dmnews.com    Multichannel, Trend

tactics We Analyzed Nearly 1 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned

2014-07-28 ... Here at CoSchedule, we help our customers plan their blog and social media content on a single drag and drop calendar. This is cool, but what it really means is that we have access to a ton of data about blog headlines, including where those headlines get shared online. [...] [more]
okdork.com    Copywriting, Social, Recommendation

discussion So clever macht Deichmann den Onlinehandel zum Erfolg

2014-07-28 ... Geben Sie es zu: Wenn Sie an Deichmann denken, dann kommen Ihnen nicht als erstes Begriffe wie sexy, innovativ und E-Commerce-Gigant in den Sinn. Solcherlei verbinden Sie vermutlich eher mit Zalando. Dabei hat sich der größte Schuheinzelhändler Deutschlands still, leise und unaufgeregt (das verbindet man eher mit Deichmann) seinen festen Platz im Web erobert. Deichmann verdient prächtig an seiner Multichannel-Strategie. Dahinter steckt solides Handwerk. Ja, auch Freude an Innovationen und einige [...] [more]
etailment.de    Listbuilding, Marketing

tactics How to Write a Killer Sales Email

2014-07-28 ... Most sales emails have a response rate of around 1 percent. In other words, if you send out an email to 100 potential customers, only one will get back to you. Let me explain how to write sales emails that get much higher response rates. Let's get started. First, some basic concepts. There are three parts to every sales email: [...] [more]
inc.com    B2B, Copywriting

social Understanding Your Social Media Personality and Audience

2014-07-28 ... Whenever I find myself doing research for new social media tips, the studies and resources I find are always fascinating. Not only is the intense depth of academia inspiring, the methods that researchers use for collecting information are so intriguing. I often wish I could be involved in studies like these, just so I can take the tests, try the quizzes, and see how I’d be evaluated. [more]
thenextweb.com    Social, Recommendation

mobile Creating a centered, responsive design without media queries

2014-07-28 ... This was a technique discovered while we were working on Canvas. While it didn’t make it into the final product, we think it’s worth sharing anyway. Getting responsive emails to look nice in the Gmail app is a never-ending challenge because of its infamous lack of support for media queries. I've previously blogged and written about ways to get a fluid email to look great in the app, but it comes at a design cost; you have to keep one column fairly narrow so that the other column will be wider than a [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Design, Mobile

tactics The power of the resend

2014-07-28 ... We set out to investigate on a sign-up campaign for our subject line prediction tool Touchstone. Being an email marketing agency, we knew a simple email campaign would boost sign-ups and decided to add a re-send 5 days later. The results are below: [...] [more]
alchemyworx.com    Automation, Study
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