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stats Inbox Placement Benchmark Report 2014 [PDF]

2014-09-17 ... Fact: One Out of Every Six Messages Never Reaches an Inbox Across the globe 17% of email marketing campaigns fail to reach consumers, going directly to junk folders, or -- more likely -- disappearing altogether. This report benchmarks email deliverability by industry, country, and season. Find out how your [...] [more] 
returnpath.com    Study, Deliverability

discussion A History of Email Changes

2014-09-17 ... Email clients make frequent updates to platforms that impact things like deliverability, engagement, and security. It’s important for email marketers to be on top of new changes and understand existing ones so that customers can receive the most comprehensive recommendations possible. Here are the major changes that email clients have made since 2010. [...] [more]
aweber.com    Design, Trend, Tool

strategy Email marketing: managing the ‘emotionally unsubscribed’

2014-09-17 ... One of the hardest decisions you’ll face as an email marketer is when to remove inactive or unengaged recipients from your communications. As email has matured as a channel, so has the way people interact with it. Although unsubscribe rates are usually low (for example, less than 0.1% per campaign), there can be upwards of 50% of a list who are ‘emotionally unsubscribed’. [...] [more]
econsultancy.com    Gallery, Segmentation

strategy Engaging contest keeps 80% of original list in CASL transition

2014-09-17 ... When the deadline for the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation started approaching, Vega marketers were anxious to show subscribers the value of confirming their subscription through personalized and engaging campaigns focused on education and the community. See how the marketers were able to confirm 80% of the original list with a "Vega Love" campaign. [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Law, Segmentation

tactics Six Must-Know Steps for Creating Dynamic Email Content

2014-09-17 ... The definition of dynamic email is changing. One disappearing definition refers to email content that's tailored to recipients based on pre-send rules and data points, says Matt Hayes, cofounder and CEO of Kickdynamic, a real-time, contextual email marketing platform. In other words, it's a term for the aspects of a website, ad, or email body that change based on each customer's interests or past behavior. However, the newly emerging definition of dynamic email content, Hayes says, refers to content [...] [more]
dmnews.com    Design, Trend

discussion Three Critical Issues Affecting Your Email Deliverability (And the Solution!)

2014-09-17 ... By aggregating email data from global ISPs and the world’s largest senders and processors of email – constituting over 90% of global email traffic – and making that intelligence available to Message Systems customers, Message Systems has just made the lives of email deliverability specialists that much easier. Let's look at some of the common problems faced when delivering email and explore what tapping into the Adaptive Email Network can do for your email operations. [...] [more]
messagesystems.com    Deliverability

discussion Who was the first ESP?

2014-09-17 ... Had a question posed to me by a colleague today asking who out there was the first ESP in the space. I seem to remember the topic coming up a little while ago on the list...but just wondering if anyone had a history of ESPs coming to market...Thanks. [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    ESP

discussion Stats on Clicks without Opening

2014-09-17 ... A client is looking for a benchmark statistic on how many people click an email but don’t open it. They are saying they’ve heard as high as 50% but my search is coming up short. Anyone have anything? [...] [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    Clickrate, Openingrate, Study

stats B2B Email Newsletter Advertising: Benchmarks and Trends

2014-09-16 ... Nearly one-third (31%) of companies that advertise in B2B email newsletters buy only email advertising, according to a recent report from MediaRadar. Just over half (54%) of the advertisers in B2B email newsletters also buy in print, and slightly smaller proportion (47%) supplement their email newsletter campaigns with other digital buys. [...] [more]
marketingprofs.com    B2B, Study

tactics How to write email copy that sells

2014-09-16 ... So you’ve got a great new product or feature that you’re about to launch. You sit down to write copy for the email campaign and you start drawing blanks. What am I supposed to write? How do I make this new product or feature appealing to my audience? [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Copywriting

discussion BVDW Infografik: E-Mail Whitelistings [GFX]

2014-09-15 ... 100 % E-Mail Zustellbarkeit wird oftmals als gegeben angesehen. Dass das weit an der Praxis vorbeigeht liegt daran, dass Mailbox Provider ihre Nutzer vor unerwünschten Spam schützen wollen und so auch eigentlich abonnierte Werbe- und Transaktionsmails mit ins Spam-Filter-Netz gehen. Ein Weg dies zu verhindern stellen professionelle Whitelists dar. Die Infografik zeigt die Marktsituation und damit einhergehende Probleme auf und stellt die Lösungsansätze der führenden Whitelistinganbieter gegenüber. [...] [more]
bvdw.org    Deliverability

discussion Die ganze Welt des Online-Marketings: E-Mail-Marketing

2014-09-15 ... Genau genommen, ist die E-Mail die „alte Tante“ im Umzug der Online-Marketing-Instrumente. „Erfunden“ wurde E-Mail nämlich vor über 40 Jahren, und zwar zum Zweck des Informationsaustauschs zwischen amerikanischen Hochschulen. Siehe dazu: [...] [more]
wifimaku.com    Marketing

law Google muss Mails zur Kenntnis nehmen

2014-09-12 ... Google muss das Impressum für seine Webdienste ändern. Das Landgericht Berlin fordert von Google, die angegebene E-Mail-Adresse müsse eine schnelle Kontaktaufnahme ermöglichen. Bislang antwortet Google auf eine Anfrage an “support-de@google.com” mit einer Mail, in der steht, dass Mails nicht zur Kenntnis genommen werden. [...] [more]
lawblog.de    Law

law LG Berlin: Google darf Support über E-Mail nicht verweigern

2014-09-12 ... Google darf User, die an die E-Mail-Adresse "support-de@google.com" schreiben, nicht einfach auf ihre Hilfeseiten und Kontaktformulare verweisen und jede weitere Kommunikation per E-Mail verweigern (LG Berlin, Urt. v. 28.08.2014 - Az.: 52 O 135/13). Schrieb ein User an die "support-de@google.com erhielt er von ", erhielt er eine automatisierte Antwort: [...] [more]
dr-bahr.com    Law

 strategy The Top 10 Ways To Re-Engage Dead Email Subscribers

2014-09-12 ... Seth Godin believes that “marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” Unfortunately, it is a contest that most email marketers are not winning. While many email marketers set up permission-based email lists, an average of 60% of the lists are “dead” email subscribers. This is not acceptable, and it’s something that must be fixed. Below are the top ten strategies email marketing experts are using to curb this disturbing trend. [...] [more]
kissmetrics.com    Listhygiene, Marketing, Segmentation
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