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tactics New Research in the Epic Battle Between Double and Single Opt-in

2015-02-26 ... Email marketers are generally agreeable people. But there is one issue that divides us: Double versus single opt-in. Some of us think double opt-in is unnecessary. Others think single opt-in creates a less responsive list. While I can’t resolve the dispute in one post, I do have some new information to help you make the decision for yourself. [...] [more]
getresponse.com    Listbuilding

 discussion 2015 MarketingSherpa Awards eBook [PDF]

2015-02-26 ... Out of 500 speaking submissions and email case studies, the judging panel selected two campaigns for the Best B2C Email Campaign and Best B2B Email Campaign. To bring in a fresh perspective, we created a new category to share the process with the MarketingSherpa Blog readers, creating the MarketingSherpa Award – Readers’ Choice category. The five finalists chosen by the judges for the Readers’ Choice Award are listed below. From those (all incredibly worthy) five finalists, Microsoft Store was chosen [...] [more] 
meclabs.com    Gallery

strategy 10 'must have' features you need for your enewsletter service

2015-02-26 ... A review of essential features for newsletter software Despite the flourishing technical capabilities of email marketing programs, a huge percentage of ema. Marketing topic(s):Enewsletter marketing. Advice by Expert commentator. [...] [more]
smartinsights.com    ESP

tactics Analytics: Beyond Opens and Clicks [PDF]

2015-02-26 ... Email marketing metrics and Web analytics give us insight into how audiences are interacting with your marketing efforts. But if you’re only looking at opens and clicks you are missing the boat. [...] [more]
jeannejennings.com    Intelligence

law Werbung in Status-E-Mails – ECC-Rechtstipp von RA Rolf Becker [PDF]

2015-02-26 ... Gerade hat das LG Stuttgart in einem überraschenden Urteil entgegen der I. Instanz eine automatische Eingangsbestätigung, wie sie häufig als Antwort auf eingegangene Mails versendet wird trotz werblichem Inhalt als nicht persönlichkeitsrechtsverletzend angesehen (LG Stuttgart, Urteil vom 04.02.2015, Az. 4 S 165/14). Die Begründung: Die E-Mail sei eine nur unerhebliche Belästigung. Der Empfänger, der hier persönlich geklagt hatte, habe schon aus dem Betreff („automatische Antwort auf Ihre Mail“) und [...] [more] 
ecckoeln.de    Law

tactics Der Sender Score - Reputation als Schlüssel zur Zustellbarkeit

2015-02-26 ... Wenn Sie Ihre Inbound Marketing Strategie aufpeppen möchten, wirkt E-Mail Marketing wie eine einfache Option. Sie müssen lediglich eine interessante Nachricht schreiben, ein paar schicke Bilder einfügen und sie an Ihre Opt-In Liste versenden - und die Kunden laufen Ihnen von selbst in die Arme. Oder? [...] [more]
hubspot.de    Deliverability

discussion Email Summit 2015 According to Twitter

2015-02-26 ... Well, maybe not in a break-the-Internet scale of Kim Kardashian, but your marketing peers have been tweeting their hearts out with all the good information they’ve learned at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015. [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Event

tactics Six Email Deliverability Facts From EEC15

2015-02-25 ... Earlier this month I attended the Email Experience Council’s Email Evolution Conference where email experts converged to share success stories and opinions on the industry. The last session of the conference proved to be the most interesting. It included a panel of deliverability experts from some of the major email clients – can we agree not to call them ISPs anymore because most customers do not obtain their internet service through these providers – including Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Outlook.com [...] [more]
degdigital.com    Deliverability

antispam Chart: Email Service Providers hitting spamtraps

2015-02-25 ... Here’s how the various email service providers (ESPs) rated on our “hitting spamtraps” scale in January 2015: [...] [more]
spambouncer.org    Spam, Study, Deliverability

tactics 8 Things The Top Mailbox Providers Really Want Email Marketers To Know

2015-02-25 ... There’s nothing more valuable than assembling some serious industry brainpower in one room for a good discussion around immediate and future challenges, and we were recently able to get up close and personal with two — two, count ‘em! — panels that brought members of ISP brain trusts together. [...] [more]
marketingland.com    Deliverability

stats Chart: How email influences purchases (online and off)

2015-02-25 ... Email is an avenue to communicate with your customers for many different reasons — content for nurturing, transactional emails for information and, of course, promo emails to get the purchase. So how does email influence that ultimate goal — a purchase? Especially those hard-to-track offline purchases? Read about this week’s chart to get a look at the latest discoveries of our research with 2,057 American adults. [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Study

discussion Google Launches Invite Program To Bring Inbox To Google Apps For Work Customers

2015-02-24 ... Last Fall, Google started its (slow) rollout of Inbox, its completely redesigned email experience for Gmail on the web and mobile. Even today, it’s still an invite-only service (but invites are pretty easy to come by these days). Until now, however, it wasn’t possible to use Inbox with Google Apps for Work accounts. That’s changing today. Google has now launched an invite process that allows Google Apps for Work admins to request access to the service. [...] [more]
techcrunch.com    Trend

stats Which ESPs Give Email Marketers ESP?

2015-02-24 ... Marketers love email marketing for its many benefits—including its impact on revenue. Just ask the 37% of the more than 350 marketers surveyed by The Relevancy Group for its report “The Relevancy Ring: ESP Buyers Guide 2015” who attribute more than 20% of their revenue to email marketing. [...] [more]
dmnews.com    ESP, Study

tactics How to Grow a Massive Email List

2015-02-24 ... Where do email subscribers fall on your list of priorities? We’ve recently pushed email toward the top of our most valued sources, and it doesn’t seem like we’re alone in that. While social media might be the hot place to push your marketing efforts, there are many who choose to rely instead on building a valuable email list. And they couldn’t be happier. [...] [more]
bufferapp.com    Listbuilding

tactics Buffer's formula for adding 1000+ new email subscribers each week

2015-02-24 ... If you’ve spent much time browsing the internet lately, you will have no doubt come across a blog post or two from popular social media sharing tool Buffer. They are one of the biggest success stories in content marketing, and frequently get over 1 million pageviews per month on their blog. They have over 70,000 followers on Twitter alone, and their posts are often shared more than 10,000 times across social media. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Listbuilding
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