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tactics Mit Verknappung und anderen Tweaks die Konversionsrate optimieren

Viele Kunden brechen den Kaufprozess auf der Produktseite ab und sind nur mit Mühe und Kosten – zum Beispiel durch Retargeting – wieder zurückzugewinnen. Vielleicht helfen kleine Tweaks am Kaufknopf und daneben. [...] [more]
etailment.de    Marketing

discussion What's the Best CTA Button Color for Emails?

When it comes to choosing a CTA button color, what's the best one to pick? Take a look at how some brands are choosing colors, and how you can be inspired. [...] [more]
beefree.io    Design, Clickrate

tactics Win big on Black Friday [PDF]

We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest (or biggest) online shopping days of the year. In 2015, consumers spent over 4.45 billion dollars over the course of the Black Friday and Thanksgiving period, with a huge 61% of that coming from e-commerce sales. Compared to the previous year, E-commerce sales increased a whopping 14% year on year (from 2014 to 2015), as consumers turned to online shopping over braving the crowds in store[...] [more] 
kickdynamic.com    Event, Customization

discussion 4 Frighteningly Good Halloween Email Trends [GFX]

Ready to boost sales with Halloween email marketing? Check out these 4 Halloween emails for strategies to get your emails opened, read and clicked. [...] [more]
aweber.com    Event, Gallery

strategy Getting off the Blacklist: How a publishing company cleaned and optimized its database to increase online revenue 8% [VID]

In this quick takeaway session, Laz Tyrekidis, Digital Marketing and Audience Director, Metropolis International, shares how his team overcame the biggest obstacle to the company’s success — a deliverability blacklist that resulted in no email marketing activity or online revenue through this channel for two months. Tyrekidis set out to ensure email deliverability, optimize the email database and enhance online performance across all 24 B2B brands. He set up a plan featuring six action points that [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Spam, Study, Deliverability

tactics Sender Name Best Practices & Pitfalls

You wrecked your brain to come up with the best layout of the email. Whether to use the header image or to simply go with the text heading. What size of call-to-action button is big enough, and which color is the most appealing to the eyes? You are confident that your marketing piece will bring you tons of leads. [...] [more]
leadsparrow.com    From

discussion 8 Really Good Welcome Emails [GFX]

Before signing up for your email list, new subscribers bypass millions of other websites to land on yours. They spend time exploring your products or services and decide they’d like to hear more—so much so that they give you one of their most closely-guarded possessions: their email addresses. That means they actually want you to, you know, send them some emails. But in the case of many small businesses, no email ever arrives. Companies send a robotic response like, “You are [...] [more]
infusionsoft.com    Automation, Gallery

discussion 5 Brands That Are Using GIFs to Elevate Their Email Marketing [GFX]

As email marketers, we are constantly asking ourselves what makes an email great. Witty copy? Stunning design? Eye-catching imagery? Sure, all of these combine to create powerful email campaigns, but nailing those elements down to an exact formula across industries is impossible. Universally, great email all boils down to one element: level of engagement. The goal of email marketing is to establish a business relationship with a prospect and eventually convert them into a customer, so catching and [...] [more]
emailonacid.com    Gallery, Design, Video

tactics Making Emails Not-So-Scary Looking

1. Not Enough White Space. 2. No Hierarchy. 3. Unclear Layouts. 4. Contradicting Fonts. 5. Boring Images. 6. No Clear Call-to-Action (CTA). [...] [more]
medium.com    Event, Design

discussion Why It’s Time To Say Goodbye To “The Fold” In Email Marketing

Before the rise of the Internet and everything mobile (now up to 56% of opens in September), the news used to take time. We’d have our coffee and read the paper page by page. And we knew exactly what to focus on: what was above the fold. That’s where the biggest stories broke each day. If you weren’t sure you wanted to buy the paper, what was above the fold would also serve to entice you to buy, since most newsstands displayed them like so: [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Previewpane

 stats 6 Shocking Myths About Subject Lines

Subject lines are the most written about email marketing element—and they’re the most misunderstood as well. The internet is full of bad subject line advice that gets endlessly echoed until it has the ring of truth to it. Here are six myths about subject lines that you may believe are true: [...] [more]
litmus.com    Subjectline, Study

law Kopplungsverbot – der Einwilligungskiller nach der DSGVO

Wenn die DSGVO im Mai 2018 in Kraft tritt, wird man sich umgewöhnen müssen. Die Einwilligung wird nicht mehr der “Königsweg” sein, um eine Datenverarbeitung rechtssicher auszugestalten. Denn der Weg zu einer rechtssicheren Einwilligung wird durch die DSGVO zu einem Hindernislauf. Eines der größten Hindernisse ist das Kopplungsverbot, das in Art. 7 Abs. 4 DSGVO angelegt ist: [...] [more]
cr-online.de    Law

tactics Guide to Holiday Email Marketing [GFX]

See the guide to holiday email marketing. Campaign Monitor shows how to create holiday emails that resonate with your subscribers and drive revenue. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Event, Gallery

tactics Ask Logan: Coding for DPI Scaling in Outlook

For those who may not have the 411 on this (as I'm assured youths somewhere still say), Outlook 120 DPI is what happens when Outlook tries to evolve with growing technology — in this case, high pixel density screens. [...] [more]
myemma.com    Design

stats 2016 Adestra Consumer Adoption & Usage Study - A comprehensive survey of consumers across the U.S. on their digital usage [PDF]

What happens to your email campaigns as soon as you hit "send?" Do you know who's reading? What devices are they using? Do they even read your messages at all? Email marketers are like big-game hunters. We're always trying to track where our customers are going and what they're doing. We scroll through spreadsheets of statistics but we're usually mystied by a lot of them. What we really want to know is how consumers interact with, and think about, the email messages they receive. So, we asked 1,200 [...] [more] 
adestra.com    Unsubscribe, Mobile, Study, Sendtime
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