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discussion What you need to know about Apple Mail in iOS 10

Apple just released iOS 10, and with it, a new version of Apple Mail. I have been playing with iOS 10 since the very first beta back in June. And here are some of the things I think are noteworthy about this new update for email developers and email designers. [...] [more]
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discussion What does Responsive Gmail mean for Email Design?

The key benefit is that we can finally provide an optimal mobile experience for almost the entire mobile audience?—?a cursory look at the email client usage stats show that 16% of emails are opened in Gmail, and a further 10% in Google’s various Android apps. It means that some of the code aspects of email design just got a whole lot easier, allowing designers to focus on creating great email campaigns. [...] [more]
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stats Email Continues to Deliver Strong ROI and Value for Marketers

A June 2016 survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric found that email had a median ROI of 122%—more than four times higher than other marketing formats examined, including social media, direct mail and paid search. Agency professionals and in-house marketers worldwide are in agreement about email’s effectiveness, according to March 2016 polling from Econsultancy. Both groups named email marketing most frequently as a tactic able to provide a strong [...] [more]
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law CRTC Hammers Spammer with Righteous Justice!

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has used the awesome powers vested in it by the country’s magnificent anti-spam law to protect us from massive spam attacks from what has to be the worst, most unrepentant spammer in the history of ever. It is truly jaw-dropping that the CRTC could possibly marshal the massive resources and coordinate them all to locate, identify, catch and punish this latest oh-so-elusive spam king. [...] [more]
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law EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung: Stand und Auswirkungen [PDF]

Fünf Dinge, die Sie über die Datenschutzgrundverordnung wissen sollten. 1. Die DSGVO ist nicht die erhoffte (bzw. gefürchtete) Revolution... aber sie ist ein Game Changer. [...] [more] 
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tactics iOS 10 Updates that impact email marketers

Apple is currently beta testing the iOS 10 software update that will be rolling out soon to iPhone and iPad, and a few changes have been noted that will have an impact on email marketers and subscribers. One-Click Unsubscribe. The most noticeable change is an unsubscribe banner that will now appear at the top of marketing emails. [...] [more]
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tactics 7 email hacks every developer should know

Learn different email hacks. Campaign Monitor shares a few email developers and their favorite email hacks to craft the perfect email. [...] [more]
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 tactics The Definitive Guide to CSS Animation in Email [PDF]

Animation is a CSS property that allows us to animate individual HTML elements such as img, span and div. This eliminates the need to use an external scripting language such as JavaScript or Flash, which are not supported in email. It also eliminates the need to generate animated GIF [...] [more] 
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tactics 5 Design Tips for Cart Abandonment Emails [GFX]

It’s easy to leave an online order. We’ve all been there. In fact, 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned, according to research from the Baymard Institute. As a result, email marketers are presented with the challenge—and opportunity—of saving sales via email. Enter cart abandonment emails. [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail accepts media query support in next Update

Sometimes prayers work real fast. On 14th September 2016, Monks had released an article on various HTML email hacks while coding for Gmail and we were hopeful for a miracle. As a recent update, Developer page of Google came out with news that sent shockwaves around the email marketing world. Google Announced Embedded Styles and Media Query Support [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail to Support Responsive Email Design

Email designers, it’s time to rejoice. Gmail is changing—big time. On August 31, 2016, Gmail began supporting the CSS property display: none;. And today, Gmail announced they will begin supporting STYLE and media queries later this month. [...] [more]

tactics List Unsubscribe in Apple's iOS 10

As I mentioned before, Apple has provided support for the "list-unsubscribe" header in the built-in mail client on the latest version of their mobile platform, iOS 10. Now that iOS 10 has been released to the world, I've reviewed how this process works and put together what I think you need to know. Most ESPs that already support the list-unsubscribe header are going to support this new functionality automatically. If you're already seeing "unsubscribe from this mailing list" in the Gmail user [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail to Begin Supporting Responsive Design

More than ever before, people are relying on their mobile devices for web browsing. In fact, a recent study from Hitwise found that almost 60% of U.S. online searches are conducted via mobile, and according to Litmus, 56% of emails were opened on mobile devices in April 2016. With so many potential customers opening emails on mobile, it’s essential that marketers optimize their sends for tablets and smartphones in addition to desktop computers. Luckily, Google has made that easier with their [...] [more]
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discussion Recent Mail Client Improvements

There’s been extensive and ongoing development of email through the years, but much of it has been behind the scenes. We were focused on the technology and safety and robustness of the channel. We’re not done yet, but things are much better than they were. The good part of that is there is some space [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail goes down for some users, prompts social media freakout

Gmail experienced an outage for several hours during the U.S. workday Wednesday, and social media predictably freaked out. Users in the UK and U.S. appeared most affected during the period, with work-based Gmail proving an issue for some office-based workers. [...] [more]
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