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strategy Email Design Podcast #28: Retina Images + German Webmails [VID]

In the 28th episode of The Email Design Podcast, hosts Kevin Mandeville and Jason Rodriguez dive into an SVG timer countdown clock, the webmail rendering of GMX and Web.de, and retina images in email. Be sure to follow along and join in the discussion on Twitter using #EmailDesignPodcast. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design

tactics Accessibility in email: Part II

Accessibility is not often talked about in relation to email but it should be. As email developers we spend hours getting an email to look just right in a client with less than 1% market share but very few of us will spend a few minuets making the email accessible. I'll admit, I've been guilty of this too in the past. So I've put together a quick guide to get you started with some basics. [...] [more]
rebelmail.com    Design

discussion 17 Best Practices für Personalisierung im Web [GFX]

Weshalb sind Amazon, Spotify & Co. so erfolgreich? Richtig, weil sie ihre Nutzer gezielt ansprechen. "Personalisierung im Web" ist eines der großen Trendthemen in 2016 und langfristig nicht mehr wegzudenken. Personalisierte Inhalte liefern ein hohes Maß an Relevanz und heben die Kommunikation mit den Kunden auf das nächste Level. [...] [more]
konversionskraft.de    Gallery, Customization

 antispam Massive Email Bombs Target .Gov Addresses

When Spamhaus lists a swath of Internet address space as a source of junk email, ISPs usually stop routing email for organizations within those chunks of addresses. On Sunday, Spamhaus started telling ISPs to block email coming from some of the largest email service providers (ESPs) — companies that help some of the world’s biggest brands reach customers via email. On Monday, those ESPs soon began hearing from their clients who were having trouble getting their marketing emails delivered. [...] [more]
krebsonsecurity.com    Spam, Deliverability

discussion Spamhaus comments on subscription attack

Steve Linford, CEO of Spamhaus commented on my blog post about the current listings. I’m promoting it here as there is valuable information in it. Excellent well summarized article Laura. No we’ve not changed SBL policy to require COI. It’s something we very strongly advise but we can not make a requirement. We’ll have [...] [more]
wordtothewise.com    Spam, Deliverability

discussion Microsoft Turns To Litmus Community For Email Design Feedback

Email testing company Litmus announced a partnership with Microsoft on Tuesday to collaborate on the development of Microsoft’s email services, including Outlook, Office 365, MSN and Hotmail. Microsoft will soon gain access to Litmus’ online community of email marketers and designers, who will be able to provide feedback on Microsoft’s email clients. The partnership will help identify and fix Microsoft bugs, as well as improving email rendering and mobile optimization. [...] [more]
mediapost.com    Design

 discussion Microsoft’s Slow March To Email Redemption

You might have tuned in to Litmus’ “industry changing” announcement at the Litmus Conference that Litmus will be collecting feedback and bug reports on Microsoft’s behalf for the various Outlook email clients. Its great to see Microsoft taking steps to embrace email designers in their email client development and I applaud the folks at Litmus for taking the initiative to establish a formal channel with the Outlook team. [...] [more]
freshinbox.com    Design

tactics What's the right length for blog or newsletter content?

I’d dump Q and maybe J. Because if attention spans continue shrinking, we’ll need to cut down the alphabet to make words shorter (shrtr). Given the online ADD epidemic, it surely makes sense to go short if you’re producing articles for a newsletter, blog or website? Not necessarily. [...] [more]
smartinsights.com    Copywriting

tactics Triggered Email Secrets Every Sender Should Know [GFX]

I have a secret: a few days ago, my lunch pretty much consisted of a stop at a hip ice cream shop to enjoy a cone with a scoop of my favorite flavor: “Secret Breakfast,” which mixes bourbon-flavored caramel and corn flakes in a sweet cream base. First of all, yum. But it also reminded me how important creativity and surprise can be as marketing tools. Every scoop shop offers bread-and-butter flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but it’s the other buzz-worthy varieties that define their brands. (And [...] [more]
sparkpost.com    Automation, Gallery

social Use Lytics To Make Your Facebook Ads up to 40% More Efficient

How many of you are running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook? Did you know that you can use Lytics to boost your return on investment? Facebook offers a wide variety of audience targeting options. Yet most advertisers we work with have been spending their money in the following priorities with varying degrees of performance: [...] [more]
getlytics.com    Multichannel, Social, Study

stats Everything You Wanted to Know About Email CTA Buttons

Since the button transitioned into the virtual world via Apple computers in 1986, there really hasn’t been that much of a development. Sure, there is a one less border (or maybe no border at all) and some color added, but it looks very much like it did back then. [...] [more]
medium.com    Design, Clickrate, Study

tactics 5 Email Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid + 1 Big Way to Boost Open-Rates

For an email marketer, there is nothing sadder in the this world than hitting send and hearing complete silence: dismal open rates that lead to low engagement, and ultimately time wasted on a campaign that doesn’t move the needle. If this is your worst nightmare (and it should be), it’s time to re-evaluate the language you’re using in your email subject lines. We teamed up with Grammarly to poll their blog readers about their most-hated and most-loved subject lines. Here are their comments, insights [...] [more]
movableink.com    Subjectline

discussion 5 Types Of Emails From Brands That Focus On Customer Experience [GFX]

You know that giddy feeling you get when you know the brand you’re dealing with cares about you? #Well that’s what happens when a brand focuses on Customer Experience (CX). One way of spotting this is in how and when businesses communicate with their customers. Find below a collection of emails from a few brands that have exhibited a focus on CX: [...] [more]
medium.com    Gallery

discussion The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing [PDF]

We reached out to four of our customers to get their email marketing experts to weigh in on different subjects. This guide is designed to help novice and other experts alike in improving their email marketing programs. The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing taps into the email knowledge of some of the industry's best senders. The companies and subjects within this guide are: [...] [more] 
sendgrid.com    Marketing

discussion Introducing EmaiLO, a new email marketing rating system

Long before I ever analyzed a single line of data for Experian or one of our clients, I was a sports fan. As a lifelong nerd, it just makes a certain kind of sense that my fandom is largely driven by stats. Winning percentage, passer rating, points per game – these were my beacons, the foundations to any great argument. As I grew older, my love for stats grew from basic to more advanced analysis. Sabermetrics, expectation models, and new methods for true evaluation were my muses, revealing deeper, [...] [more]
experian.com    Intelligence
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