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tactics Windows Display Setting Causes Outlook Image Bug

2014-07-22 ... One of our customers recently brought an email bug to my attention. When a Windows display setting of 125% or 150% is selected, emails viewed in Outlook 2007 and 2010 will often appear broken because images don’t scale up along with the rest of the email. The HTML Email Boilerplate code, which typically prevents major rendering problems, fails to fix this bug. Thankfully, code posted by Michael Muscat on Litmus Discussions offers a simple fix. [...] [more]
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stats Email Opens Have Increased While Clicks Remain Static

2014-07-22 ... Open rates rose to 32.9% in Q1 2014, but clicks haven't changed for the past couple of years, a study says. But why? 10 Email Marketing Musts Email Opens Have Increased While Clicks Remain Static Marketing services firm Epsilon has released the results from its 2014 Q1 Email Trends benchmark study. The study found that the open rates for business as usual (BAU) emails climbed as high as 32.9% by the end of March 2014, up 5.7% from the same period in 2013. However, click rates for these emails [...] [more]
dmnews.com    Study, Trend

discussion Preventing Bot Spam From Damaging Your Sender Reputation

2014-07-22 ... “Bot spam” or “web crawler spam”, as it is commonly referred to, is usually the result of website form fields that are not properly secured to prevent the transmission of spam messages. Typically, the bots that cause this issue are programmed to search the internet for website form fields and insert spam messages into them. These form fields are most commonly found on a “Contact Us” page. The spam messages generated are directed to the email address or addresses set up to receive messages from [...] [more]
socketlabs.com    Listbuilding, Deliverability

discussion Our favorite emails of Q2 2014 – just pick a winner! [GFX]

2014-07-22 ... As we fly past the halfway mark of 2014, we’ve taken a brief pause to round up some of our favorite emails from Q2. From the beautifully crafted to the perfectly timed, here are our picks from the months that saw Easter, Father’s Day and the World Cup. [...] [more]
alchemyworx.com    Gallery

tactics What you can learn from Basecamp's redesigned email newsletter

2014-07-22 ... It's no secret that we love Basecamp, by the same team behind Highrise, Campfire and other well-frequented apps. But as savvy as their services are, I personally tend to get just as excited about their email campaigns. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Design

tactics A Study of Colors and Shapes in Email Design [GFX]

2014-07-22 ... You include personalization in your copy, you keep a good balance of text and copy and pretty much tick all the best practice boxes for email marketing. But have you considered the power of shapes and colors in email design? I’ve looked at some examples of these subtle communication elements in different emails. [...] [more]
adestra.com    Gallery, Design

tactics Kickdynamic Rule Builder – Email’s most advanced contextual rule builder

2014-07-22 ... Use email’s most advanced rule builder to adapt content to the exact contextual situation of your customer at the time they open email. With Kickdynamic’s rule builder, you are able to define which content is displayed depending on the following: the time the email is opened, the location of the recipient when opening the email, the device used to read the email and the weather condition at open. As a result, email content is now contextually relevant to your customer’s surroundings and adapts every [...] [more]
kickdynamic.com    Design, Customization, Tool

tactics Top Four Tactics For Open-Time Email Personalisation

2014-07-22 ... Open-time personalisation is the process of personalising email content based on your customer’s surroundings at the time of opening, not at the time of send. As a result, email can be personalised and contextual based on the actual time of open, the location, what device is used and the latest social information. Email can now be in sync with your customer as they get on with their busy lives. So how can you use open-time personalisation today for an always moving, always relevant email? [...] [more]
kickdynamic.com    Design, Customization

strategy Inactive Email Addresses: To Mail, Not to Mail…or Something Else?

2014-07-22 ... If handled correctly, "inactives" still have the potential to convert and produce revenue. How can marketers best reconnect with these inactive email addresses? Inactive email addresses are people on your email list who haven't opened, clicked, or shown any sign of life in a while. Depending on your send frequency, "a while" could be a few months or a few weeks. It's basically the point where you go, "Oh my, why aren't they interested in my email anymore?" [...] [more]
clickz.com    Segmentation

discussion A Marketer's Field Guide to Mail.ru

2014-07-22 ... The Russian web-mail service, Mail.ru was launched in 1998. With more than 100 million active email accounts and 400 million total mailboxes, Mail.ru is the largest web-mail provider in Russia and on the European continent. The Postmaster and Anti-Abuse Team at Mail.ru are highly engaged with the public and have created an informative Postmaster page to help Senders understand what it takes to get their mail delivered. [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Deliverability

strategy A Beginner’s Guide: Email Campaigns From Start to Finish

2014-07-22 ... Creating an email campaign from scratch can be a daunting task. We're going to cover the basic steps of bringing an email campaign to fruition in this blog. We'll help you get your bearings and plan out the steps you need to complete before you hit the "send" button. [...] [more]
emailonacid.com    Marketing

stats Maximizing personalization [PDF]

2014-07-22 ... Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever before. Consumers want to have a consistent experience across channels, whenever and wherever they prefer. This situation has created a new strain on marketers who are fighting to keep up with the changing pace of technology. One area that is increasingly important as part of an omni-channel strategy is personalization. Personalization is defined as changing a user interaction based on data, such as purchases, demographics or preferences. [...] [more] 
cloudfront.net    Customization, Study

strategy Automatisierte Werbedruck-Optimierung im Verlag

2014-07-22 ... Big Data-Verfahren als Ansatz der Frequenz- und Zeitpunktoptimierung. Der Erfolg: Weniger Abmeldungen trotz höherem E-Mail-Volumen. Für die meisten Unternehmen gewinnt der E-Mail-Kanal im Werbemix immer mehr an Bedeutung: Versender stehen vor der Herausforderung, dass mit steigendem E-Mail-Versandvolumen auch die Abmelderaten steigen. Wie das Beispiel eines national tätigen B2B-Verlages zeigt, lassen sich mit automatisierten Mechanismen Werbedruck und Versandzeitpunkte so steuern, dass trotz steigend [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Frequency

tactics 25 Effective B2B, B2C and Non-Profit Email Sign up Forms [GFX]

2014-07-18 ... Email sign up forms (aka web forms or opt-in forms) are one of the most powerful tools you can use to continually grow your email list with engaged subscribers. We recently shared everything you’d want to know about sign up forms and how to grow your list using them. In today’s post, we’ve scoured the Internet for examples of effective email sign up forms from business-to-consumer, business-to-business and non-profits to inspire you. [...] [more]
verticalresponse.com    Listbuilding, Gallery

 discussion Benchmarks: Is One Ever Enough?

2014-07-18 ... The term “benchmark” is derived from the 19th-century practice of marking stones to indicate where “benches,” a type of bracket for mounting land survey equipment, should be placed[1]. Benchmarks allowed land surveyors to locate their equipment in exactly the same place from survey to survey and thereby ensure the accuracy of their work. [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Intelligence
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