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discussion 3 hot email companies you should follow

2015-01-27 ... It's a brand new year. And it's a new opportunity for you to take your email marketing to another level of sophistication and effectiveness. With that in mind, it's important to remember that great email marketing doesn't begin and end with your email service provider (ESP). No doubt about it, having the wrong ESP is like that hangover you woke up with on New Year's day -- it's hard to get rid of, and it makes everything else hurt. But even if you've got the ri [...] [more]
imediaconnection.com    Copywriting, Intelligence, Tool, Trend

stats E-Mail-Marketing Studie 2014 [PDF]

2015-01-27 ... Wie hoch sind die aktuellen Performance-Kennzahlen (Öffnungs-, Rückläufer- & Klickrate) und welche E-Mail-Clients werden verwendet? Diese Marketing Studie zeigt's Ihnen! Um im E-Mail-Marketing erfolgreich zu sein ist es wichtig, seine Newsletter auszuwerten und kritisch zu hinterfragen. Das mailworx Team hat dafür aktuelle Newsletter-Kennzahlen vom Jahr 2014 erhoben und liefert mit der brandneuen mailworx Studie Antworten auf Fragen wie diese: Wie hoch liegen die durchschnittlichen Öffnungs-, Klick- [...] [more] 
mlwrx.com    Study

tactics Microsoft Changes List-Unsubscribe Requirements

2015-01-26 ... Microsoft recently confirmed changes to how they support the list-unsubscribe header in their webmail interfaces, and now only accept the mailto URI. The updated Outlook.com postmaster page states: [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Unsubscribe

discussion Valentines Day eBook 2015 [PDF]

2015-01-26 ... Step-by-step instructions for building key segments. Real world email examples. Best practices, tips, and tricks. [...] [more]
hubspot.net    Event, Design

discussion Is Double Opt-In Really A Best Practice For Europe?

2015-01-23 ... Let me start by saying I’m a big fan of best practices for email -- when they are actually useful. But over the years I’ve come to question some of the tactics touted as being best practices, as I feel they don’t reflect the current landscape of email marketing. Best practices generally begin as a response to a challenging situation. The solution is then picked up as a trend -- and before you know, it’s been promoted as being a best practice. [...] [more]
mediapost.com    Law

discussion Angst essen Liste auf – Abonnententod durch Double Opt-in?

2015-01-23 ... Die Publicare eCommerce-Studie zeigt: Fast 90% der untersuchten Online-Shops setzt zur Newsletter-Anmeldung auf das Double Opt-in - trotz großer Nachteile. [...] [more]
publicare.de    Law

discussion The Top Email Marketing + Design Thought Leaders on Twitter

2015-01-23 ... Email marketing and design used to be a dark art riddled with secrets, mystery, and confusion. Now it feels more like a tight-knit family. Between conferences, social media, meetups, the Litmus community, and other events, the industry is coming together more often to share and learn from one another. When one of us succeeds in pushing the limits of email—like using HTML5 video in email—or finally convinces Gmail to think about supporting responsive design, it’s a win for all of us. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Marketing

strategy The evolution of our email marketing strategy [GFX]

2015-01-22 ... See how our email marketing strategy has evolved over 10 years of email marketing. Learn best practices and add these campaigns to your own strategy. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Gallery

law Warenkorb-Erinnerungen – wettbewerbsrechtlich unzulässig und datenschutzrechtlich mehr als bedenklich

2015-01-21 ... Die Wettbewerbszentrale ist wiederholt mit Fällen konfrontiert worden, in denen an Verbraucher, die bei Online-Weinhändlern den Bestellvorgang bis zum Bestell-Button durchlaufen und sich dann gegen den Kauf entschieden hatten, Warenkorb-Erinnerungs-E-Mails versandt wurden. Der Betreff der E-Mails lautete beispielsweise „Ihre Bestellung bei (…) wurde unterbrochen“ oder „Warenkorb-Erinnerung: Ihre Wein-Auswahl“. Die E-Mails wurden sogar an Verbraucher versandt, die kein Kundenkonto angelegt hatten, ab [...] [more]
wettbewerbszentrale.de    Automation, Law

tactics How content and testing boosted revenue 114% at IAC subsidiary HomeAdvisor

2015-01-21 ... When HomeAdvisor rebranded itself in 2012, the marketing team was able to rescue its low deliverability rate and completely relaunch its consumer email marketing program. With sends in spam folders across major ISPs, the team set up a strict send segment and began testing relevant content that would grow engagement. Read on to see how they were able to increase email-generated revenue by 114%. [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Study

mobile 223 Free Responsive Email Templates

2015-01-21 ... BAM. Here you go, 223 email templates (not exactly, but close) we've scraped from all over the web -- right HERE. Sourced from 15 of the best resources for email templates, they're all here for your viewing and email campaign sending pleasure. Enjoy! Litmus [...] [more]
knowtify.io    Design, Mobile

stats 2014 Research Report and Look Book [PDF]

2015-01-21 ... This is our sixth annual research report and the scope has shifted to include more than just the shopping cart abandonment data This report also includes acquisition tactics, responsive design stats, product recommendations, ratings and reviews and other data points But the heart of the guide is still the shopping cart recovery tactics that the Internet Retailer Top 500 and Second 500 are using to re-engage and remarket to their customers [...] [more] 
listrak.com    Study

tactics How to turn your plain-text email into a conversion machine

2015-01-20 ... We’re pretty big fans of beautiful HTML emails over here at Campaign Monitor. We recently compiled the top 100 of them from 2014, we launched a free tool to help you create them, and we regularly write about how to structure them, code them and optimise them for conversion. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Design

discussion Smartwatches and Email: What You Need to Know

2015-01-20 ... Desktop. Mobile. Smartwatch? Roll your eyes if you must, but as a digital marketer you have likely noticed that it’s getting harder to ignore the buzz about wearables. The market is finally catching up with Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget's Penny, creating another shift in the landscape for digital marketers. This post explores some of the available information on smartwatches to put things in perspective, provide some hard-to-find specs and offer a few tips to optimize the wearable email experience [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Design, Trend

strategy How we built out our onboarding email flow to drive active users

2015-01-20 ... This is the process we used to build out our onboarding (or lifecycle) email flow for our app - Knowtify. Converting new users into active users. [...] [more]
knowtify.io    Automation
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