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tactics Live Email Optimization From MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015 [VID]

2015-07-30 ... "The first and most important principle of all communication is clarity," Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, said at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015. The number one obstacle we face with our emails is not a lack of brilliant copywriting, the right graphics or an understanding of personalization. The real enemy of underperforming emails is confusion. In this session Flint McGlaughlin gave live feedback on several emails submitted before the audience. Learn with the [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Copywriting, Gallery, Design, Clickrate, Conversionrate

law Wollen Sie einen Online-Shop (ver-)kaufen? Lieber ohne Kundendaten!

2015-07-30 ... Immer wieder liest man in Foren, dass ein Unternehmer – aus den verschiedensten Gründen – seinen Online-Shop verkaufen möchte. Oft wird auch damit geworben, dass der Shop über einen großen, treuen Kundenstamm verfügt. Mit kaufen darf man diese Daten jedoch nicht. Datenschützer haben jetzt Bußgelder gegen diese Praxis verhängt. Das Bayerische Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht weist in einer Pressemitteilung darauf hin, dass es unzulässig ist, zusammen mit einem Online-Shop auch die E-Mail-Adressen der [...] [more]
shopbetreiber-blog.de    Law

social Facebook-Chef Zuckerberg: Lockvogeltaktik auch bei Messenger und WhatsApp

2015-07-30 ... Während Instagram langsam für Werbetreibende geöffnet wird, müssen Messenger und Whatsapp noch warten. "Die gleiche Strategie wie bei Facebook", verriet nun Mark Zuckerberg. [...] [more]
heise.de    Social, Trend

stats 2015 Holiday Research Study [PDF]

2015-07-30 ... Listrak recently sponsored a consumer research study through Harris Polls and conducted a survey of online and omnichannel retailers to compare and contrast their plans for the coming holiday season. Find out what shoppers want, what retailers are prepared to deliver, and where retailers need to do some work to shine brighter this holiday season. Download the study from the whitepaper section of our website or find it, along with other valuable holiday planning materials. [more] 
listrak.com    Event, Study

stats GetApp GetRank Q2 Research for Marketing Automation [PDF]

2015-07-30 ... This report is part of GetApp’s quarterly product ranking, GetRank. The report, ‘Marketing in the Cloud: Key Trends for 2015’, highlights key trends in the cloud-based marketing app industry. The aim is to provide valuable information to make the initial task of finding a cloud-based marketing application easier. In the report, you’ll find: * Marketing industry trends, with expert analysis and industry commentary, providing insight into some of the most notable developments in this space in Q2 of [...] [more]
getapp.com    ESP, Tool, Study

discussion Why You Should Quit Coding Emails

2015-07-30 ... The email design and coding process is broken for many companies. Email marketers are spending a disproportionate amount of their lives trying to figure out why Gmail has absolutely destroyed their HTML, rather than working on the things that can actually make a measurable impact on the performance of their email program. [...] [more]
marketingland.com    Design

tactics Best Practices for Cart Abandonment Emails

2015-07-30 ... There are only 147 days until Christmas, and only 119 days until Black Friday. Does that send a chill down your spine? If you’re in ecommerce, it should. Holiday sales are what moves many retailers from the red into the black. The next 119 days will go fast. But there’s still enough time to get ready. There’s even enough time to get better. One of the best ways to spend your precious time before the holiday sales season would be to get your cart abandonment emails up to snuff. [...] [more]
getresponse.com    Automation, Gallery, Conversionrate

discussion 50% Of Your Emails Are Tracked And Trackbuster Wants To Stop It

2015-07-29 ... More than half of the 200 billion emails sent each day have trackers that expose information ranging from location and IP address to the device and software used to open the email. Sales teams, PR firms, recruiters, and governments are behind much of the tracking, but today pretty much anyone [...] [more]
forbes.com    Intelligence, Tool

discussion They Never End: Another Bad List Deal

2015-07-29 ... Yet another marketer has approached the Magill Report claiming to have been ripped off in an email list deal. Anyone who has read this newsletter for any length of time knows I counsel against buying email lists. Buying email addresses is not illegal in the U.S. and from what I have been told by multiple sources, purchased lists can work quite well. [...] [more]
magillreport.com    Listbuilding, Listhygiene, Spam, Deliverability

discussion Unboxing the preview tool Email on Acid [GFX]

2015-07-29 ... Today we are going to unbox the email technology company that, without a doubt, has the coolest name: Email On Acid. Founded by web programmer John Thies and designer Michelle Klann in 2009, Email On Acid (based in Denver) is primarlily an email visualation tool but also has analytics capability and provides tools to increase inbox delivery and help blocked images render properly in the email client. The first step is to go to the Email on Acid website and create an account: [...] [more]
onlyinfluencers.com    Tool

law BayLDA Infoblatt "Datenverwendung für persönliche Werbung" [PDF]

2015-07-29 ... Beschwerden von Verbrauchern über belästigende Werbung werden nicht wirklich weniger. Besonders die unerwünschte Telefon- und E-Mail-Werbung sowie die Nichtbeachtung von Werbewidersprüchen sind bei den Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörden ein Dauerthema. Das Bayerische Landesamt Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA) hat in einem kurzen Papier für Unternehmen, Vereine und selbständige Gewerbetreibende, aber auch Bürgerinnen und Bürger, die wesentlichen Rahmenbedingungen für zulässige Werbung zusammengestellt. [...] [more]
bayern.de    Law

social Twitter: How to Use Live Feeds in Email Campaigns

2015-07-29 ... Maximizing your reputation is key on Twitter. Showing what you tweet about in email and filtering this feed for specific topics means your tweets live longer and more people will see them. Being able to add dynamic and real-time social feeds to your email means you could report on what’s happening right now, in an email sent before it’s happened! Mind. Blown. [...] [more]
avari.io    Customization, Social

tactics Do your subject lines suck? Here’s how you can answer that question with actual statistics.

2015-07-29 ... Writing email subject lines is hard. Writing good email subject lines is even harder. Writing good email subject lines based upon quantifiable metrics is harder still. Parry Malm explains why AB testing is perhaps too simplistic to truly get subject lines right, and introduces a better way: By understanding the emotions that need to be transmitted in a subject line and using Phrasee to figure out what's best. [...] [more]
avari.io    Subjectline, Copywriting, Intelligence

tactics An In-depth Look at Email Client Support of the CSS Border Property

2015-07-29 ... Within my tests, I applied the CSS border property at the following markup levels: body, table, table cell, div, and paragraph. On these elements, borders of various widths were tested: 1px, 2px, 8px, 9px, 20px and 50px. Litmus offers previews in over 40 email clients; I tested the border property in all of them. All border properties were inlined on their respective HTML element. For instance, here is the code used to apply a 50px border to a table cell element: [...] [more]
mailermailer.com    Design

discussion LinkedIn addresses frequency issues

2015-07-29 ... Yesterday LinkedIn announced they’re decreasing the amount of mail they’re sending to users. For every 10 emails we used to send, we’ve removed 4 of them. Already, member’s complaints have been cut in half. And this is just the beginning. Less Email from LinkedIn This is good news for a lot of people, as LinkedIn’s [...] [more]
wordtothewise.com    Frequency, Social, Deliverability
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