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discussion Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Campaign Management Q1/2018

Emarsys has expanded its midmarket CCCM business globally, and now about 10% of its more than 2,000 customers are enterprise organizations. It focuses on life-cycle marketing and personalized recommendations for eCommerce organizations, and it embeds marketer-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in its intuitive UX. Its customers primarily use Emarsys for email and mobile retargeting today, but references indicated their plans to take advantage of its newer AI capabilities for [...] [more]
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 discussion AMP for Email: What You Need to Know

The email community was abuzz yesterday with Google’s announcement of Amp for Email at Google’s AMP event in Amsterdam. The development was met with excitement because AMP for Email allowed for fully interactive emails in Gmail. This article will go into some of the key information behind AMP for Email. [...] [more]
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discussion Round-up: The Future of Email

As you may already know, we have been running a series on ClickZ about the future of email marketing, featuring case studies, interviews, and insights into cutting-edge innovations taking place in the field. Here's a handy round-up of each article in the series. [...] [more]
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discussion Don’t Lose Your Email Subscribers with a Standard ‘Unsubscribe’ Link [GFX]

Providing your subscribers with options when they click ‘unsubscribe’ is a win-win situation. Here are 3 great options and 16 examples. [more]
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law EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung & E-Mail-Marketing [PDF]

Die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung wird das europäische Datenschutzrecht nicht völlig umwälzen, aber doch erheblich verändern. Neben altbekannten Pflichten bringt sie auch neue Anforderungen für Unternehmen im Bereich Datenschutz mit sich. Wir beleuchten speziell die darin festgehaltenen Regelungen rund um den Newsletterversand und stellen heraus, was Sie wissen müssen. [...] [more] 
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discussion Non-Trend Deliverability?

Als E-Mail-Marketer lohnt sich immer ein Blick auf die turnusmäßig zum Jahreswechsel veröffentlichten Trends und Prognosen. Auffällig ist, dass dort ein Thema zuverlässig fehlt: Zustellbarkeit. Dabei ist Zustellbarkeit elementar: Die beste Segmentierung, die ausgefeilteste Marketing-Automation-Strecke, die interaktivste E-Mail, der höchste Personalisierungsgrad und das mobiloptimierteste E-Mail-Design entfalten null Werbewirkung, wenn die E-Mail nicht beim Empfänger ankommt! [...] [more]
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stats DMARC Adoption Among e-Retailers (Q1 2018) [PDF]

Today we are publishing an exclusive 250ok report DMARC-Adoption-Among-e-Retailers-2018. We analyzed 3,033 top-level domains (e.g., www.brand.com), also known as root domains, operated by the top 1,000 U.S. and top 500 E.U. e-retailers to see if they met the minimum email authentication protocols that protect their brands and consumers from phishing attacks. The study revealed that nearly 90% of the domains reviewed did not meet that basic email security standard. In the report, we review the DMARC [...] [more] 
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tactics 13 Email A/B Testing Mistakes that Limit Your Success

1. Test your automated and transactional emails, not just your broadcast and segmented emails. Nearly 39% of brands never or rarely A/B test their broadcast and segmented emails, according to Litmus’ 2017 State of Email Creative report. That’s a missed opportunity, but there’s even more money left on the table when you look at automated and transactional emails. More than 65% of brands never or rarely A/B test their automated emails and 74% never or rarely A/B test their transactional emails. [...] [more]
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tactics [Podcast #93] Litmus Community Q&A Rapid Fire [MP3]

0:42) Need high quality responsive email templates for non-developer: For templates, we recommend Litmus Community Templates, sendwithus templates, htmlemail.io, and ThemeForest. For tools, many ESPs like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor have great drag-and-drop builders, but we also recommend Bee and StampReady for ESP-agnostic tools. (4:10) Does fixed positioning on mobile work? Though supported in the past, unfortunately fixed positioning is no longer supported in iOS Mail. [...] [more]
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stats Marketing 2018: Keine Chance für Virtual Reality

Content Marketing ist das Thema, mit denen sich die meisten Marketer in diesem Jahr befassen werden. Trends, wie digitale Assistenten oder Virtual Reality, werden dagegen kaum beachtet. Das ergibt die neue absolit-Studie „Digital Marketing Trends 2018“, für die Vertreter aus 1208 Unternehmen befragt wurden. Die Studie sowie eine kostenlose Kurzversion ist ab sofort als Download verfügbar auf digi-trends.de. 81 Prozent der Teilnehmer gaben an, sich 2018 mit Content Marketing beschäftigen zu wollen. [...] [more]
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law OLG Frankfurt: Vertrag über Adresshandel ohne Einwilligung nichtig

Der Verkauf von Adressdaten ohne Einwilligung nach dem BDSG ist unwirksam. Es bestehen keine Ansprüche trotz vertragswidriger Nutzung durch Dritte in Form anstößiger Werbemails (OLG Frankfurt, Urteil vom 24.01.2018, Az. 13 U 165/16). [more]
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stats Modeling Time to Open of Emails with a Latent State for User Engagement Level [PDF]

Email messages have been an important mode of communication, not only for work, but also for social interactions and marketing. When messages have time sensitive information, it becomes relevant for the sender to know what is the expected time within which the email will be read by the recipient. In this paper we use a survival analysis framework to predict the time to open an email once it has been received. We use the Cox Proportional Hazards (CoxPH) model that offers a way to combine various [...] [more]
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discussion AOL/Yahoo Transition Update: AOL DMARC & FBL Reports

AOL Postmaster Lili Crowley posted an update yesterday to the AOL Postmaster Blog regarding the future of DMARC and FBL reports from the AOL platform. Here's my summary of that information: For DMARC reports: AOL is saying that the MX records for their domains are in the process of being transitioned from AOL inbound email servers to new email servers. As each domain's MX record is transitioned, AOL will no longer send DMARC reports for that domain. Any DMARC reports for that domain will now come [...] [more]
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tactics Whitepaper: Kampagnenideen 2018 [PDF]

Wer in einen wirkungsvollen Dialog mit seiner Zielgruppe treten möchte, sollte kreative Kampagnenideen in der Hinterhand haben. Deshalb gibt das Whitepaper einen Überblick über Aktions- und Feiertage, die im neuen Jahr definitiv in den Marketing-Kalender gehören. Gleichzeitig liefert es Tipps und Ideen für das E-Mail-Marketing. [...] [more] 
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discussion Building Artificial Intelligence Into SendGrid: Our Journey So Far and What It Means For You

As we began our AI exploration, we started by asking ourselves how AI could help us, for example, to: Identify and block spammers who are attempting to open a SendGrid account; Encourage and guide all customers to use sending best practices; Deliver alerts and insights to customers when an aspect of their email program needs their attention [...] [more]
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