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tactics Summer Showcase: Virgin America GIF Animations [GFX]

2015-09-04 ... With summer almost over, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favourite campaigns from this summer and (slightly) beyond. First up, Virgin America. Recognised as one of the most innovative companies of 2015, it came as no surprise to me when these little gems began to pop up in my inbox. I’ve been following these animations closely this year, even the emails with static images are awesome – but that’s for another post. [...] [more]
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discussion Watch out: Is Gmail's Cache Breaking Animated GIFs?

2015-09-04 ... I've experienced something quite strange. Gmail's cached version of an animated GIF of mine is super broken, it altered some frames dramatically. I already knew their GIF recompression was terrible, changing whites to off-whites and introducing noise, but this is really quite a big change: [...] [more]
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discussion Oops: WHSmith Just Sent Out Spam Emails With Customers' Private Information

2015-09-04 ... High street retailer WHSmith said a website “bug” was to blame for hundreds of emails being sent to customers containing other customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers in the early hours of Wednesday morning. [...] [more]
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tactics Images - Eyecatchers with Effect

2015-09-04 ... A picture says more than a thousand words – and that also applies to newsletters. After all, an appealing image can capture the attention of the reader in an instant. Do you want to make best use of this effect? Then read on to find out how you can guide the gaze of your subscribers. Have you ever asked yourself if your readers prefer to receive emails that are text-heavy or liberally peppered with images? A study has revealed that a 2/3 majority of respondents was clearly in favour of images. The [...] [more]
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discussion The Forrester Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q3 2015 [PDF]

2015-09-04 ... We uncovered a fragmented market in which marketing cloud vendors focus on digital channels, while vendors with analytically driven campaign tools or decision engines lack widespread adoption. Pegasystems and teradata distinguish themselves as enterprise leaders for both their marketer-focused analytics and cross- channel orchestration [...] [more] 
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 tactics Litmus Community Contest: Emails Worth Forwarding

2015-09-04 ... I made an email that evolves as you forward it between the desktop webmails of Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com and AOL. And it's also a game where you need to find the correct order in which to forward it so everything works correctly. I'm super hyped for the release of Super Mario Maker next month, so I've called this… Super Mail Forward! [...] [more]
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 discussion Look Book: 15 Innovative Campaigns from Leading Retailers [PDF]

2015-09-03 ... Since the channel's inception, email has been a key tool for retailers. While some brands have failed to evolve, many companies have embraced new email tech and are sending standout campaigns. Our latest lookbook celebrates 15 brands that have gone above and beyond to innovate - just in time for your holiday 2015 campaigns. [more] 
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discussion Look Book 2015 - Showcasing the Latest Trends [PDF]

2015-09-03 ... As Einstein found, often the best and most creative ideas come when we stretch the imagination and push the envelope. Each year Oracle compiles examples of the latest digital marketing trends that do just that. Presenting Look Book 2015: a visual guide to the industry’s best branding and marketing campaigns of the year. Browse the book and see how designs, content and out-of-the-box execution can inspire and transcend. Then get ready to stretch your own imagination! [...] [more] 
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stats Yesmail Email Benchmarks 2Q15: Engagement Is Higher Than Ever

2015-09-03 ... Despite increased email volume, consumers are opening and engaging with emails more than ever before, according to a recent report from Yesmail. The report was based on 2Q15 Yesmail data for marketing campaigns sent by brands in a wide-range of industries. Email volume for subscribers increased 11% year-over-year between 2Q14 and 2Q15, the analysis found. Simultaneously, email open rates increased 10% year-over-year. [...] [more]
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tactics Video in email markeitng increases ROI 280%

2015-09-02 ... Should you add video in your emails? The infographic graphic below claims video in email increases ROI an impressive 280%. But just throwing a video into your email is not enough. Why? Check out the advice and examples below the infographic to find out. [...] [more]
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tactics Leitfaden "Bewegtbild in der Unternehmenskommunikation" mit Schwerpunkt Newsletter-Marketing [PDF]

2015-09-02 ... Bei Nutzern wie bei Unternehmen erfreuen sich Online-Bewegtbild und interaktive Inhalte (Rich Media) großer Beliebtheit. Und sie entfalten, gerade im werblichen Bereich, große Wirkung. Was bei ihrem Einsatz im Kundendialog zu beachten ist, erläutern Experten der Fokusgruppen Bewegtbild und E-Mail im BVDW im neuen Leitfaden „Bewegtbild in der Unternehmenskommunikation – Schwerpunkt Newsletter-Marketing“. Der Leitfaden ist ab sofort auf der BVDW-Website als Download verfügbar. [...] [more] 
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discussion Google Launches Native Ads In Gmail To All Advertisers

2015-09-02 ... Google is rolling out a new ad format in Gmail to all advertisers today. A few years ago, Google launched a new kind of native ad in Gmail that sat at the top of the inbox and mostly looked like a regular email. For the most part, that was a pretty unobtrusive way of displaying ads (though some people were rather annoyed by them). Starting today, Google is making it easier for all advertisers to buy these ads. [...] [more]
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tactics Chart: How send frequency impacts read rate

2015-09-02 ... There is no single ideal email send frequency that will fit all brands' needs. Therefore, marketers face the challenge of finding and fine-tuning the optimal frequency for their brands with rigorous testing and evaluation. Read on to discover the relationship between email send frequency and engagement among apparel retailers and how to optimize your send frequency for customer engagement, regardless of industry. [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Frequency, Study

discussion Notablist - A Search Engine For Email Newsletters

2015-09-02 ... While social may be driving many marketing to-do lists, email is still a priority. Less than a year ago, a study from Pew Research Center revealed employees with online access rated email as their most important working tool, the majority of respondents ranking email more important than internet access, a phone line, a smartphone or social networks. As the Pew research proves, email remains an effective way to engage your target market. And while there are countless tools to design, implement and [...] [more]
marketingland.com    Tool

law Interview: Abmahnung wegen Verknappung bei Zalando

2015-09-02 ... "Zunächst einmal ist es nur eine Abmahnung. Überschriften a lá „Zalando muss Psycho-Tricks stoppen“ sind (jedenfalls derzeit) falsch. Nach allem was bekannt ist, hat Zalando bisher weder eine Unterlassungserklärung abgegeben, noch ist ein Urteil gegen den Online-Händler ergangen. Ich halte auch nicht für ausgeschlossen, dass sich Zalando mit Erfolg gegen die Abmahnung wehrt. Der Vorwurf ist eine Irreführung über wesentliche Merkmale der angebotenen Ware. Das Gesetz zählt auch die Verfügbarkeit der [...] [more]
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