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stats Experian Email Benchmark Report Q1 2015 [PDF]

2015-05-29 ... We are pleased to provide you with Experian Marketing Services’ Q1 2015 Email Benchmark Report detailing overall email marketing trends for the first quarter of the year. Key findings in the study include: As email volume increased for all industries, open and click rates remained consistent and revenue rates dropped only slightly YOY. One-third of brands had significant increases in transaction rates in Q1 2015. Multi-channel retailers saw declines in average order values YOY. One source of this [...] [more] 
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discussion Gallery: Selligent Award Winners [GFX]

2015-05-29 ... The 2015 Edition of the Selligent Awards has come to an end. Selligent is pleased to announce the winners of this 3rd Edition and would like to thank all customers & agencies who submitted their cases as well as voters and the jury who took part in electing the campaign of the year. [...] [more]
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discussion The Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2015 [GFX]

2015-05-29 ... Out of the 4 million email marketing campaigns sent with Campaign Monitor this year, we've hand picked some of the most effective email marketing campaigns that have delivered results for our customers. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Gallery

stats Gmail Now Has 900M Active Users, 75% On Mobile

2015-05-29 ... Google’s senior vice president of products Sundar Pichai today announced that Gmail now has a total of 900 million users at the company’s annual I/O developers conference. That’s up from 425 million in 2012, the last time the company updated its official Gmail users stats. Pichai also noted that 75 percent of these Gmail users now access their accounts on mobile devices. [...] [more]
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strategy How to use email to enhance your marketing events

2015-05-29 ... While there's the glamorous "champagne and canapes" side of organizing events, everyone who has planned a gathering of any size knows that the majority of the work is exactly that - work. With a million moving parts to coordinate, it's easy to forget that events are about community and connection, not just mixing up spreadsheets. [...] [more]
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discussion Inbox by Gmail is now open to everyone

2015-05-29 ... No more invites: Inbox is now open Finally, you’ve asked for invites. And we’d like to say yes to all of you, all at once. So as of today, Inbox is open to everyone—no invitation required. All your Gmail messages are ready and waiting. So if you haven't tried Inbox yet, download the app today, and start getting back to what matters. While we’re still in the early stages of bringing Inbox to work, today we’re also expanding the Inbox early adopter program so any Google Apps for Work customer who wants [...] [more]
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tactics Help! The emojis are coming

2015-05-29 ... Since the end of last year, Twitter has offered a set of 872 open-source emojis. The mobile operating systems iOS and Android (from 4.1) support these emojis, and more and more marketers are taking advantage of them. In most cases the interpretation differs slightly, but the aim of the visual is essentially the same. So it’s not surprising that a great number of messaging apps, including Whatsapp, make use of them. Recently, Coca Cola launched a campaign in Puerto Rico that referred to a web address [...] [more]
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tactics Using Domain Delegations To Smooth Email Deliverability

2015-05-29 ... Just like the unknown visitor in a knock, knock joke, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be leery of who is trying to contact their users’ inboxes. While it is important to focus on IP reputation, ISPs also look for consistency in domain use. Sending an email from an unauthorized domain can come across as suspicious and might affect delivery rates. Many ISPs are known to pay close attention to domains to identify trusted brands from spammers. [...] [more]
degdigital.com    Design, Deliverability

discussion Deliverability and IP addresses

2015-05-29 ... Almost 2 years ago I wrote a blog post titled The Death of IP Based Reputation. These days I’m even more sure that IP based reputation is well and truly dead for legitimate senders. I touched on the increase in computing power in my 2013 post. The power and the complexity of filters in even greater now than then. Filters can sort through all sorts of variables faster than ever. They’re now fast enough to keep up with the high volume of email received at most incoming servers. [...] [more]
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 law BVDW-Whitepaper: Rechtssicheres E-Mail-Marketing [PDF]

2015-05-28 ... Das Whitepaper gibt Werbungtreibenden durch eine praxisorientierte Erläuterung aktueller Rechtsfragen und Sonderfälle eine wichtige Orientierung für die Umsetzung eines rechtskonformen E-Mail-Marketings. Als ideales Instrument zum Aufbau langfristiger Kundenbeziehungen durch personalisierte Ansprache gilt es beim Versand von Werbenachrichten oder Newslettern per E-Mail in Deutschland zahlreiche gesetzliche Vorschriften zu beachten. Insbesondere die Vielzahl der in letzter Zeit zu diesem Thema [...] [more] 
bvdw.org    Law

discussion Über E-Mail-Hipster, Instagram und E-Mail Only Startups

2015-05-28 ... Die E-Mail, mit ihren 44 Jahren ältestes Kommunikationsmittel der Internet-Ära, ist nicht nur höchst lebendig, sie erlebt gerade ihren zweiten Frühling. Da kann ein Internet-Unternehmen noch so mobil, volldigital, socialdings und so weiter sein – ohne E-Mail kommen sie alle nicht aus. Im Gegenteil, jetzt legen sie erst richtig los. [...] [more]
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discussion 4 Email Metrics that Really Matter

2015-05-28 ... How are you measuring the success of your emails? Even if you optimize your campaign to the T (read: mobile-friendly, compelling copy, optimally placed CTA, etc.), the only way to know if you are achieving your goals is by identifying and analyzing the relevant data. [...] [more]
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tactics Eye-Tracking Analyse: Sehen vs. Merken

2015-05-28 ... Für langjähre Eye-Tracking Spezialisten ist es keine neue Erkenntnis, dass die Erstellung einer Heatmap allein längst keine vollwertige Analyse darstellt. Doch zusätzlich zur quantitativen Auswertung der wichtigen Metriken und der richtigen Fragestellung (mehr dazu in Torsten Huberts Artikel “Eye Tracking Armageddon”), stellt das Postinterview für das Erfassen des Ersteindrucks einen wesentlichen Bestandteil dar. [...] [more]
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tactics Have You Optimized Sending Frequency for Your Subscribers?

2015-05-28 ... One of the current apps is Frequency Finder, which allows you to break down your subscriber lists into three different categories (primary, secondary and dead accounts) based on how they interact with all mail streams in their inbox. Primary accounts read all or most emails every day, secondary accounts read a small percentage of email they receive, and dead accounts rarely if ever check their mail. Once each segment is broken out, Frequency Finder shows what percent of your read rates are accounted [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Frequency, Tool

discussion Buyer’s Guide: How to navigate the email marketing landscape

2015-05-28 ... It’s been a long time since any of us have waited for the whir of the modem to finish making those other-worldly noises, revealing the three magical words. But the potency of the feeling of a full inbox remains the same. We, as consumers and business users alike, are obsessive checkers of email - with near pathological frequency. [...] [more]
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