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discussion Five ways Emerald Street is delivering irresistible email content [GFX]

Usually a mixture of random newsletters and shopping confirmations, most are instantly deleted or ignored. But I recently realised that since signing up to Emerald Street, Stylist’s free daily subscription, I have more or less read every single one. For me, it is a welcome distraction on any given day. Here are the reasons why. [...] [more]
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discussion 53 Graphic Design Terms and Definitions for Non-Designers

In 2016, it’s become obvious and even necessary for all of us marketers to have some at least basic design knowledge. Here are 53 tips and terms to help you master design. [...] [more]
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discussion Should brands ever use ‘do not reply’ email addresses?

Why no-reply is annoying. A few reasons: It can increase spam reports. It implies a certain arrogance from the sender. We, the brand, can contact you this way, but don’t expect to reply to us on the same channel. It turns email into a one-way communication channel. People are unlikely to add such addresses to their address book. It’s bad for customer service (see below) [...] [more]
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discussion How Machine Learning Takes Email Marketing to New Heights

The possibilities and potential for machine learning never fail to amaze me, whether they could make my personal life easier (now my kitchen appliances can talk to each other, but do I want to know what they're saying about me?) or open up new vistas for email marketers. In case you're wondering whether machine learning (alternatively called "cognitive computing," "deep simulation" or "artificial intelligence") is real or just the latest distracting shiny toy, no less an expert than Steven Sinofsky, [...] [more]
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stats Email Service Providers Most Commonly Used by U.S. Online Shops

Our study showed that MailChimp is followed by email service providers that are known for providing the equivalent of heated seats and more options for professional services, strategic advice and customization – Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) with 10.1% and Bronto with 8.8% of the market share as we measured it. While we counted a surprising number of platforms in use – 117 of them! – the top three captured the lion’s share of the websites in our study. These top three were used by [...] [more]
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discussion Apple iOS 10 to support List Unsubscribe?

Various online sites are reporting that Apple's iOS operating system version 10 is going to add support for the list unsubscribe header found in many email messages. In case you're wondering, it does sound like this unsubscribe feature supports the "mailto" version of the list unsubscribe functionality. A reddit user posted an example of a generated unsubscribe request here. I'm unclear as to whether or not it will support the "http" version of the list unsubscribe functionality. The beta version of [...] [more]
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law Pflichtangaben in geschäftlichen E-Mails

Meist enthalten E-Mails am Ende nur ein nettes, abschließendes Grußwort. Eine Signatur mit Name und Anschrift fehlt häufig. Doch E-Mail-Signaturen erleichtern nicht nur die Kontaktaufnahme potenzieller Kunden für telefonische Rückfragen. Oftmals sind sie in der Regel gesetzlich vorgeschrieben. Die IT-Recht-Kanzlei erläutert im heutigen Beitrag, wann eine Pflicht zur E-Mail-Signatur konkret besteht und wie sie zu erfüllen ist. [...] [more]
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mobile Optimierung für hochauflösende Bildschirme

Full HD und Retina-Displays sind immer verbreiteter. Wir, als E-Mail-Designer und Programmierer, sind damit vor die Herausforderung gestellt, die E-Mails nicht nur für unterschiedlichste Endgeräte und E-Mail Clients (zB Outlook) sondern auch für verschiedene Bildschirme optimieren zu müssen. [...] [more]
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law 60 Urteile rund um E-Mail-Marketing

In Vorbereitung unseres neuen Seminars habe ich einmal die von deutschen Gerichten bereits gefällten Urteile zusammengetragen. Demnächst wird sich mit der neuen EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung die Situation erheblich verschärfen. Höchste Zeit, das Thema anzugehen. [...] [more]
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tactics Abmeldung – wie leicht muss ein Newsletter-Versender es den Empfängern machen?

Es ist wichtig, im eigenen Unternehmen für einen internen Prozess zur Umsetzung von Opt-outs zu schaffen. Sicher deutlich mehr als die Hälfte der gerichtlichen Auseinandersetzungen um unaufgeforderte Werbung per E-Mail kann durch ein besseres Abmelde-Management verhindert werden. In sehr vielen Fällen entsteht eine Auseinandersetzung erst, weil Austragungswünsche ignoriert werden. Zu einem vernünftigen Prozess für die Umsetzung von Werbewidersprüchen gehören mindestens folgende Punkte: [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Inbound Email Processing Use Cases For Your Apps

When people think of email, images of inboxes flooded with unread messages instantly spring to mind. That’s because the focus is always on receiving email—but there’s a lot of power in sending an email too. At SparkPost, we give you the ability to not only send email, whether it be a transactional 1-to-1 message or a message sent to a list of recipients, but also the ability to receive messages you can programmatically take action on. By utilizing inbound email processing, specifically inbound relay [...] [more]
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discussion Single vs. Double Opt-In: The Verdict on Email Permission

We’ve heard the case for single opt-in (SOI) and the case for double opt-in (DOI). And we have also heard public opinion on the matter, which is nearly evenly split. Before we proceed, let’s quickly review the key points that have been made about SOI and DOI. Reviewing the Evidence. Let’s start by clearly defining the two major approaches to email permission one last time: [...] [more]
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discussion 3 Ways The Job of An Email Marketer Will Change By 2020

Email marketers never complain about a lack of change in their industry. And there’s plenty of change on the horizon, as our 20 expert contributors highlighted in our Email Marketing in 2020 report. Some of those changes are bigger than others, and indeed a few of the changes predicted will fundamentally change the job of email marketer. Here’s how: [...] [more]
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tactics 8,5 Regeln für Produkttexte, die verkaufen

Auch wenn der Exit an anderer Stelle passiert, können Produktbeschreibungen der eigentliche Conversionkiller sein. Mit diesen 8,5 Regeln kannst Du Produkttexte kinderleicht optimieren und die Conversionrate erhöhen. Zonk! Es passiert immer und immer wieder: Ich bin auf der Produktseite eines Shops gelandet, die exakt den gleichen Produkttext enthält, wie der Shop einen Klick davor. Wort für Wort. In meinem Kopf geht der Sound einer altmodischen Alarmsirene los. Ich denke mir: [...] [more]
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tactics About unexpected scrollbars in the Yahoo webmail

Every single webmail system has its way to handle email rendering: to avoid security issues and to prevent css inconsistent transformation of the whole interface, webmail systems cut and transform many css instructions. One of the most strict is Gmail: no style, no mediaquery, and many css properties being deleted. [...] [more]
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