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discussion 5 Tips For Stand-Out Valentine’s Email Campaigns [GFX]

Valentine’s Day emails don’t have to be glittery and baby pink to get your point across! We’ve collected 5 easy tips for everyone who wants to impress their subscribers this year - with real-life examples. [...] [more]
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law Worst ePrivacy B2B fears averted

The European Commission today published its text for the replacement for the ePrivacy Directive, which will now be a regulation and apply equally to all member states. It softens many of the clauses that could have had a significant negative impact on many business-to-business (B2B) marketers. The DMA obtained a leaked copy of the Commission’s proposal before Christmas and was concerned about some of the proposed changes. [...] [more]
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tactics 7 Ways To Transform Your Transactional Emails In 2017

Nearly any company engaging in commerce online sends transactional emails, yet too many aren’t maximizing their opportunity to turn these emails into revenue-generating sends. For example, many companies are still sending IT-system-generated emails from their company servers, where they have little to no control over the content without a monumental project with IT. [...] [more]
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discussion Email Marketing – Emerging Medium of 2017

A dozen years ago, when working in a large B2B enterprise I made a pretty momentous move – I shifted across from a general marketing role to my first fully digital marketing role. This seemed like a big deal back then – a statement of career intent, an opportunity to position myself as some sort of marketing pioneer. I was tasked with assembling a new team from scratch, building processes, investing in marketing capabilities like search advertising, content and email marketing – capabilities that [...] [more]
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discussion Top 10 Valentines Day Email Template Inspirations [GFX]

The Cupid’s day to celebrate love is nearing as everyone is gearing up to drench themselves in the color of love and old love classics. For email marketers it’s the perfect time to say – “I just emailed to say I love you!” and we’re positive that most subscribers would love that. In 2016, an estimated total of 19.7 billion dollars was spent by Americans on Valentine’s Day in comparison to 18.9 billion dollars in 2015. Now that’s a whopping sum! With the number reaching an all-time high it’s no [...] [more]
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antispam Google and Amazon and B2B spam

And, for recipients, that’s a problem. Spam filters aren’t going to block this sort of mail, as they can’t easily tell it is this sort of mail. It’s coming from Google MTAs, just like a lot of legitimate mail does. In terms of sheer volume it’s dwarfed by botnet sourced mail or dubious B2B manufacturing spam out of Shenzhen. But, unlike most of that, it’s in your inbox, in front of your eyeballs and costing you time and focus. And that’s much more expensive than network infrastructure or mailbox [...] [more]
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tactics Top 5 Litmus Community Snippets of 2016

Spending less time building and troubleshooting emails and more time creating a better email experience for your subscribers is the dream. But this can be challenging given the complexity of email design. One of our favorite ways of cutting through the complexity and making email coding easier is using snippets—modules of reusable code. [...] [more]
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 tactics Troubleshooting Gmail’s responsive design support

Gmail had its biggest update ever last year, adding responsive design and media queries support. But there seems to be a lot of recurring questions from email developers having trouble to make responsive emails work in Gmail. Here are seven things to keep in mind to tame Gmail’s responsive support. [...] [more]
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discussion An Introduction To Building And Sending HTML Email For Web Developers

HTML email: Two words that, when combined, brings tears to a developer's eyes. If you're a web developer, it's inevitable that coding an email will be a task that gets dropped in your lap at some time in your career, whether you like it or not. Coding HTML email is old school. Think back to 1999, when we called ourselves "webmasters" and used Frontpage, WYSIWYG editors and tables to mark up our websites. Not much has changed in email design. In fact, it has gotten worse. With the introduction of [...] [more]
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mobile Unterschied zwischen Anonymisierung, Pseudonymisierung und Verschlüsselung

Immer wieder tauchen in Gesetzen, vor allem im Bereich Datenschutz, die Begriffe Anonymisierung, Pseudonymisierung und Verschlüsselung auf. Ich musste feststellen, dass diese Begriffe häufig von Juristen, Behörden und IT-lern unterschiedlich verwendet werden bzw. für die jeweiligen Beteiligten eine unterschiedliche Bedeutung haben. [...] [more]
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tactics Cart abandonment emails: Creating content that maximises conversions [GFX]

Though cart abandonment emails continue to be a hot topic, more focus needs to be placed on how marketers can build more impactful emails to prompt the right consumer actions. Simply activating an automated email with some lines of copy and a link back to a site is not an enough to lure consumers away from their busy lives and complete an action a retailer wants him/her to take. [...] [more]
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tactics Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder [PDF]

The new version of Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder is brimming tips and insight including: Why achieving perfect inbox rates is impossible. The importance of authenticating your email (time to hug a developer). How to monitor your sender reputation and what you can do if you see it slipping. How to optimize content for both machines (Internet Service Providers) and your recipients. Common spam myths: learn why what was a best practice five years ago may not be helping you stay [...] [more] 
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discussion Yesmail Email Design Lookbook [PDF]

Email marketing has matured. For years we assisted companies to go mobile with responsive templates. These days 8 out of 10 emails are mobile friendly. Now we see strong focus on three areas: value-added content, versioning based on audience segments and a more refined, simplified email design. We hope these pages will inspire your next campaigns and help you grow. [...] [more]
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discussion Data Sources

There are a variety of free and paid data sources available, covering different areas of network abuse. Check out our comprehensive list of sources. [...] [more]
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strategy Whitepaper: Kampagnenideen 2017 [PDF]

Das neue Jahr beginnt meist mit vielen guten Vorsätzen. Die Fitnessstudios sind voll wie das ganze Jahr sonst nicht. Viele Raucher schwören zum x-ten Mal den Glimmstängeln ab und so mancher Marketer nimmt sich - wieder einmal - eine Jahres-Kampagnenplanung vor, um im Dezember nicht schon wieder von Weihnachten überrascht zu werden. Bei den Fitness- und Nichtraucher-Vorsätzen können wir leider nicht helfen, für die Marketingplanung hingegen haben wir etwas: Das Inxmail Whitepaper Kampagnenideen 2017 [...] [more] 
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