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strategy Leading from the Back: Making Data Science Work at a UX-driven Business [VID]

2014-12-19 ... Leading from the Back: Making Data Science Work at a UX-driven Business, by Office Mix, [Speaker: John Foreman] How does a company whose business is not data, use its massive data set? John Foreman, author of the Excel-based data science book Data Smart and Chief Scientist for MailChimp, discusses what it means to "lead from the back" in data science, even if that sometimes means breaking out a spreadsheet in favor of Hadoop from time to time in the Microsoft Research Visiting Speaker Series. [...] [more]
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law Kaufabbruch-E-Mails als zulässiges Werbemittel im E-Commerce?

2014-12-18 ... Nicht selten kommt es vor, dass sich Verbraucher im Online-Handel für ein Produkt entscheiden und einen Bestellvorgang einleiten, diesen aber nicht zu Ende führen und mithin die Vertragsanbahnung abbrechen. Der derzeit vorherrschende Usus im E-Commerce, Mailadressen der Kunden möglichst zu Beginn des Kaufprozesses abzufragen, könnte werbewirksam dafür genutzt werden, sie bei vorzeitigem Abbruch der Bestellung mit Gutscheinversprechen oder Erinnerungspost zu einem nachgeholten Vertragsschluss zu [...] [more]
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stats Get Ready to Receive More Personalized Emails

2014-12-18 ... Marketers are more likely to increase spending on email than any other marketing program next year, according to research. Personalization will be a theme here, with triggered and transactional emails as well as lifecycle campaigns the top two email [...] [more]
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discussion Game Changing 2015 Email Marketing Insights

2014-12-18 ... Inspiration from the 2015 Email “To-Do” Lists of Leading Brands. I’m just back from the MediaPost Email Insider’s Summit at Deer Valley in Utah ski country. Boasting record attendance and the active participation of big brands, the event is always a nexus for email marketing growth, expansion and innovation ideas. With attendees from Wendy’s, Office Depot, Amazon, Bank of the West, Angie’s List, American Airlines and countless other marquee brands, this time didn’t disappoint. In short: everyone’s [...] [more]
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discussion Assists in Inbox: An extra helping hand for your Reminders

2014-12-18 ... During the busy holidays, who can say no to a little extra help? Inbox makes it easy to focus on your priorities by adding Reminders right to the top of your inbox, but we all know how easy it is to "save" to-dos for later. This is why Inbox provides over twenty different types of Assists–handy pieces of info to help you with the next step. Below are a few ways to give them a try, as well as a quick look behind the scenes. [...] [more]
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tactics How to Capture your Subscribers’ Date of Birth for Awesome Birthday Emails

2014-12-18 ... I speak to far too many email marketers who put off birthday email programs because they don’t have enough data to justify setting them up. This seems like a poor excuse for not taking advantage of a trigger email which has been proven to be super effective for many companies in the past. It’s also a fairly simple problem to rectify! So let’s look at a couple of best practice ways to capture this valuable piece of information. [...] [more]
lyris.com    Automation, Customization, Listhygiene

tactics Typography Tips for Email Designers

2014-12-18 ... If we’ve learned anything as email designers over the past few years, it’s that image-based emails are unreliable at best and lead to frustration, anger, and unsubscribes at their worst. As recent studies show, upwards of 43% of subscribers have images disabled. While styled ALT text can mitigate some issues, the only bulletproof method of getting your message across to subscribers is to use real text in the HTML of your campaigns. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design

law Mythen rund um das Newsletter-Marketing

2014-12-17 ... Obwohl für viele nach der Double-Opt-in-Entscheidung des BGH (NJW 2011, 2657) endgültig festzustehen schien, unter welchen Voraussetzungen rechtskonform per E-Mail-Newsletter geworben werden darf, halten sich in der Praxis hartnäckige Mythen, die juristisch gefährlich und wirtschaftlich nachteilhaft sein können. Die Populärsten im Überblick. [...] [more]
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discussion he 10 most innovative emails of 2014

2014-12-17 ... At The Relevancy Group, we live and breathe email marketing. We work with some of the biggest email marketers in the industry, as well as all of the top ESPs. And while we try to act as honest brokers in the work we do, we are still consumers when the work day is over. As consumers who receive a lot of commercial email, we are just as likely as anyone else to engage with great emails and ignore those that aren't so great. So once again, as the year approaches its ending, we bring you our list of the [...] [more]
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stats Marketing Research Chart: When to ask for customer reviews

2014-12-17 ... Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute (parent company of MarketingSherpa), said it best: "Let someone else do your bragging."Customers are rightly skeptical of your marketing, but they are much more receptive to transparently hearing the pros and cons of your product from their peers. According to MarketingSherpa data, customer reviews may be an overlooked opportunity for many marketers.This week, we look at data from 1,035 U.S. and UK businesses to discover when in the [...] [more]
marketingsherpa.com    Automation, Study

tactics Securing Your Image

2014-12-17 ... You put a lot into picking the best images for your email creative. You make sure they look great in mobile and desktop client layouts. You even include a tracking pixel to gain valuable insight into how subscribers engage with your email. Your subscriber opens your email, and sees a browser warning icon in the address bar. They click the icon and see this: [...] [more]
returnpath.com    Design

discussion The Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns of 2014

2014-12-16 ... Looking for fresh ideas on how to improve the design and performance of your emails? Get inspired with this collection of 2014’s best email marketing campaigns! [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Gallery

social How to use Facebook for email address capture

2014-12-15 ... Plus a clever Facebook cover image trick With ever lowering Facebook reach, fan acquisition on Facebook is increasingly less of a desirable goal. Yet I do. Marketing topic(s):Email list management and ECRM, Facebook Marketing. Advice by Marie Page. [...] [more]
smartinsights.com    Listbuilding, Social

law Datenschützer gehen mit Bußgeld gegen unzulässige Werbung vor

2014-12-15 ... Wer Werbe-Mails ohne Einwilligung verschickt, kann sowohl vom Empfänger als auch von Mitbewerbern abgemahnt werden. Das ist mittlerweile sicher ausreichend bekannt. Neben dem Wettbewerbsverstoß liegt aber gleichzeitig auch noch ein Verstoß gegen das Datenschutzrecht vor. Das Bayerische Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht hat nun angekündigt, in Zukunft verstärkt mit Bußgeldern gegen unerwünschte Werbung vorzugehen. [...] [more]
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tactics A Bulletproof Guide to Using HTML5 and CSS3 in Email

2014-12-15 ... Due to their “limited” support, this is a commonly-held notion throughout the email design industry. However, we’re calling it a complete myth. While support certainly isn’t universal, many of the leading email clients support HTML5 and CSS3. In fact, about 50% of the total market and 3 out of the top 5 email clients support them. Support may be even bigger for your particular audience. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Trend
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