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tactics Psychology of Email Marketing: 7 Examples for Better Sales

Why does it seem that no matter what you do, your email marketing campaigns are just not converting? The open rate is low, the click rate is lower, and the sales are almost non-existent. That can be really frustrating, especially when your sales are beginning to slump and you really need to kick your ecommerce into high gear. [...] [more]
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discussion How Google Seemingly Cut My Audience in Half Overnight (Update)

After hundreds of shares on Twitter, Facebook ads targeting Google staff and even hitting the homepage of Hacker News, four days ago Google personally reached out to me (!). After sending a product manager at Gmail the email headers of some incorrectly marked messages, I received a response yesterday which said... "...some of your devoted subscribers saw the emails go to spam. This was due to a one-off bug that was subsequently fixed." In other words, I wasn't going crazy, and there really was an [...] [more]
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discussion How Google Seemingly Cut My Audience in Half Overnight (And Possibly Yours Too)

If you were to offer me a Facebook page with 10,000 genuine fans or an email list of 1,000 people who want to hear from me, I would take the email list without hesitation. Even if you sweeten the deal by adding 1,000 Youtube subscribers and 10,000 Twitter followers, I’ll still take the email list. [...] [more]
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discussion Microsoft launches new email marketing and invoicing tools for small businesses

Microsoft Connection allows its users to create Mailchimp-like email marketing campaigns. The new service, which is available on the web, Android and iOS, will offer the usual trappings of an email marketing campaign tool, including the ability to manage subscribers, monitor campaign performance (open rates, clicks, new customers, redemptions, etc.) and, of course, create the actual campaigns. While the details about how exactly the service works (and how much it will cost) remain sparse, Microsoft [...] [more]
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discussion The Email Service Provider (ESP) Buyer’s Journey

With hundreds of ESPs to choose from, the buying process can be overwhelming. Throw in a couple T-Rex’s with laser guns on top of it and things get totally out of control. If you’re lucky, it’s a process you only have to experience once during your career. For others, it can feel more like Groundhog Day, as it’s not uncommon for marketers or product teams to switch ESPs every two years. So, regardless if you’re shopping for your first ESP or looking to switch, I want to help. [...] [more]
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discussion Machine vs. Marketer — Who Reigns Supreme?

Here’s how it worked: Using their phones, attendees were presented with one of 204 Unbounce-built landing pages. Analyzing only the copy, the AI technology predicted whether the page had an above or below average conversion rate, as benchmarked against thousands of landing pages built in Unbounce. Participants analyzed the pages at the same time and were asked to make their own predictions. Not even the expert marketers were able to beat “The Machine”. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #69] Should We Stop Inlining CSS or Using Tables? [MP3]

Email Client Market Share: See which email clients are the most popular and get a snapshot of industry trends with our free tool. Why Litmus didn’t inline CSS for its first newsletter of 2017: Learn why we chose not to inline our CSS, and why it might be a good idea for you, too. Using CSS Grid for Litmus newsletter: Get an overview of how to use a CSS grid in an email using one of our newsletters as a case study. [...] [more]
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discussion AOL: Reputation corrected and request denied

Check out the reply I received in response to a recent AOL Whitelist Request submission: Subject: Reputation corrected and request denied. Your Whitelist request, with the confirmation code X, has been denied. The requested IP address(es) is receiving temporary failures due to poor reputation. We have corrected the reputation and this should help in better delivery of mails. Please monitor the spam complaints via the feedback loop and re-apply for Whitelist after you have built a good 20-day history [...] [more]
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strategy How Ladder Rebuilt Their Sales Email Automation from the Ground Up

As a growth marketing agency focused on driving ROI for businesses of all sizes and industries, Ladder is constantly focused on building and optimizing campaigns for our clients. From ads to emails, CRO to list building, and beyond, our focus is always on looking at performance and making data-driven decisions on what we do next. [...] [more]
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tactics Using Gmail EmailMarkup

The most common mean of communication between a provider and its customer is the email. Yet, few people care enough to customize it. And that’s a shame, because there are many nice tips that make them more qualitative. Of course, many of them implies Google… but who does not use Gmail today? You should have seen it in your Gmail mailbox, in some cases your mails have a different display or even an extra button (like a call-to-action). [...] [more]
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tactics Creating a Profile Image for Your Gmail Subscribers

I love profile images. As a consumer, I can quickly glance over my messages and see who they’re from. And as an email marketer, it’s a great way to build trust with subscribers and create engagement. Many of the brands I subscribe to use this feature. If a sender doesn’t select an image, the default is a brightly-colored circle with the first letter of the sender’s name. We recently added our logo for Gmail users for our email marketing efforts (if you’re not on our newsletter list, fix that here). [...] [more]
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stats E-Mail-Marketing Benchmark 2017 [PDF]

„Wie hoch ist die durchschnittliche Öffnungsrate?“, „Ist meine Klickrate im grünen Bereich?“, „Sind unsere Bounce-Raten zu hoch?“ – diese und vergleichbare Fragen umtreiben viele Marketer. Unternehmen haben erfahrungsgemäß großes Interesse daran, sich mit Wettbewerb und anderen Marktteilnehmern zu vergleichen. Aus gutem Grund: Der Vergleich zeigt wo die Unternehmen stehen – und wo eventuell noch Optimierungspotenzial besteht. Diese Benchmarkstudie bietet Orientierung. Hierzu wurden mehr als 13 Mrd. [...] [more] 
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tactics 10 E-Mail Betreffzeilen, die garantiert geklickt werden

Jeden Tag bekomme ich unzählige Newsletter und E-Mails. Kurz mal über die Betreffzeilen geschaut und schon landen sie im Papierkorb. Kennst du sicherlich auch, oder? Trotz alledem gehört das E-Mail Marketing zu den wichtigsten Marketing-Kanälen. Zudem ist es laut Campaignmonitor auch der profitabelste Kanal. Mit einem ROI (Return-On-Investment) von 3800% muss sich das E-Mail Marketing auf keinen Fall verstecken. Das heißt im Umkehrschluss, dass für jeden Euro, den du investierst, 38 Euro zurück [...] [more]
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tactics The New Yahoo! Mail and How to Target It

Yahoo! Mail released an update two weeks ago that came with a new UI, a few new features and some performance improvements. Yahoo! Mail also made some tweaks on how they process CSS as well. The significant change is that the new Yahoo! Mail no longer strips display:none styles when applied inline. You should note that since Yahoo! is taking an opt-in approach to the new UI, a large portion of the user base will still be using the old version. [...] [more]
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discussion Interactive Email Marketing Trends

With increasing competition in the online marketing world, it is becoming essential for businesses to innovate creative ways to appeal to customers via email. Learn some of the newest interactive email marketing trends to take advantage of. As opposed to traditional emails that would only contain plain text and occasional attachments, interactive emails are packed with exciting add-ons to appeal to their customers. Below are characteristics as well as advantages of using interactive emails for your [...] [more]
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